Justice Gets Darker in Future Shock 2131

Star Slayer didn’t travel alone.

He escaped from his universe with three known passengers (four if you count…) and one is Darkest Justice. Yes, that’s Dark Justice from the other universe. And he’s got his own agenda and going his own way in 2131!

Incredibly, upon stepping on Deimos soil Star Slayer and Dark Justice have parted ways! Why did they travel so far together only to ignite a feud that will tear up the GWF in 2131?

Dark Justice is bringing a female companion with him. Who is she? Is she someone we know, or another newcomer like Fhanna?

Dark Justice will bring two finishers to the GWF: SHOCK PROBATION and ROD OF INJUSTICE. In a battle of hardcore illegal finishers, how will ROD OF INJUSTICE fare against Star Slayer’s THE APOCALYPSE? This is a feud that will get ugly!

In another surprise, Dark Justice is NOT joining Future Shock. Why not? And which team is he joining? In fact, one of his first acts in the GWF will be a run-in sneak attack on an established GWF star. Who could it be?

Many questions and many answers are coming when FUTURE SHOCK 2131 starts mailing on July 24! Get psyched! This party will rock hard! Go to New Releases to order NOW!