Kevin Sullivan and BJ Whitmer Bring Evil to ROH Excellence

Pure evil has made its way to Ring of Honor in the form of one of the most evil minds in the history of professional wrestling, Kevin Sullivan!

It all started during a bloody Fight Without Honor match between Steve Corino and BJ Whitmer at Best in the World in the summer.  At the conclusion of the match the lights went out and when they came back on Kevin Sullivan appeared and attacked Corino with his trademark Golden Spike.  Whitmer won the match and then went about a bizarre transformation to the dark side.  The two recruited newcomer “The Punishment” Damian Martinez and now form a formidable group that many fear to face head on.

BJ Whitmer and the Kevin Sullivan manager card are available as part of the Ring of Honor Excellence 8-Pack that will begin shipping on Decemeber 16th.  You can preorder the set now and be the first to get this game edition. Or order the 2016 Holiday Package and get the ROH Excellence set along with the new Legends Color set, and Limited Edition Legends of Wrestling and Champions of the Galaxy cards.

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