Look Who is Taking Over Legends Prime in Q3!

On the heels of Legends Expansion Pack IV released this summer, comes a trio of wrestlers with history with many of the wrestlers from the hardcore based game edition.  Decked out in their trademark blue attire is the Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards and Nova!  This is the first ever Filsinger Games card for Nova and completes a group that many Filsinger games fans have clamored for for years!  While this 3 man group may not take over all your feds titles, they are certain to be a fun addition to your Legends fed’s tag team division.

Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards and Nova are exclusive to Legends prime and are part of the Q3 release for Promoter Prime shipping soon.  Also be on the lookout for Jupiter, Honos and Cupid for COTG Prime, and Su Yung, Alexander Hammerstone and Cymbal Monkey for Indies Prime.  Promoter Prime can be ordered by clicking HERE.

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