Lord Nexus Brings Kenji and Giant Azuma to the GWF in 2129!

The legend, Lord Nexus, is back! And he’s not alone.

Nexus makes his dramatic return to the GWF after a decade-long absence. Wait till you hear the reasons for his return!

Lord Nexus will introduce a new tag team to the GWF. It’s KENJI and GIANT AZUMA in a team called Titan Samurai! KENJI is a master of martial arts in the style of Rising Sun.  He is also a master of submission finishers and uses no less than three to finish off opponents! Imagine a feud pitting KENJI against Thantos in a battle of finishers!

Then there’s GIANT AZUMA, a sumo wrestler who will be very hard to get off his feet. His giant splash, ZENSHO, will finish off many an opponent. How will the “new look” STAR WARRIOR compete with this huge mass of humanity?

BLACK DEATH 2129 starts mailing on July 16 and it’ll rock! Order now and get your fed ready for big-time action!