Marty Jannetty is Set to Rock Legends Madness!

Look out: LEGENDS MADNESS is going to rock! Here’s come Marty Jannetty!

He’s teamed with Al Snow. He’s engaged in a bloody feud with “Playboy” Buddy Rose. He’s even battled in the rings of Chikara. Now, the high flying, tag specialist Marty Jannetty is coming to a LWF arena near you! Will he form a team with Snow, or will he seek out new allies? It’s up to you promoter, in LEGENDS MADNESS, coming on December 16 from Filsinger Games!

You can pre-order LEGEND MADNESS on November 29 and the game starts mailing on December 16. And don’t forget, if you pre-order between 7 pm and 11 pm est on November 29 you’ll be part of the Black Friday Lottery meaning you might get card #1 (of 500) for Macho Man Randy Savage! Or maybe #2 or #3 or whatever!

LEGENDS MADNESS is going to rock, Marty Jannetty promises!