Matt Riddle Leads the Evolve Roster

Coming this April will be the very anticipated 3rd game pack for the EVOLVE

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Wrestling Series. Leading the charge is the current #1 contender to the EVOLVE championship Matt Riddle! Riddle is a former professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor on the highest level, before he moved over to professional wrestling. Riddle trained at the World Famous Monster Factory before he caught the eye of a number of wrestling officials, including EVOLVE Promoter Gabe Sapolski.

Since arriving on the scene at EVOLVE Riddle has taken the promotion by storm. He is undefeated, even picking up a win over Evolve veteran Drew Gulak. Gulak was so impressed he asked Riddle to join his Catch Point group. Riddle has most recently won the 2016 Style Battle, defeating Peter Kaasa, Fred Yehi and Tracy Williams. After the big win, he confronted EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher at EVOLVE 55. Riddle was named top contender for the title and the two will face off at EVOLVE 56.

Will Riddle be able to capture the EVOLVE title in your fed? Find out, when EVOLVE 3 is released on April 20 as part of our incredible SPRING FEVER game releases!

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