MultiVerses Are the Rage as Future Shock 2131 Looms

There’s something in the air…or in the ether. I had the idea for the FUTURE SHOCK story arc several years ago. It was around 2012 and viagra otc I was having conversations with my son, Alex, about a future Champions of the Galaxy story where the GWF is invaded by characters from a parallel universe where things are somewhat the same, but also different in major ways. At the time I was focused on the BLACK DEATH trilogy, which had rejuvenated my interest in the game. BLACK DEATH saw a far-reaching story about beings from another dimension trying to take over our universe by possessing people that harbored excessive anger. The lower emotion of anger was their entry point for infection. I loved writing BLACK DEATH, which represented the years 2127-2129 in GWF time, but I also knew I had an ace in the hole with FUTURE SHOCK, which would trump BLACK DEATH. No game fan could have expected to see a story that would bring characters like Chaos (with a working Alpha Stone), Crossfire (who didn’t die in his parallel world) and Lope (a devolved, more savage version of Wolf) to the GWF. It was all top-secret. For the first time I released no sneak previews of card art and released no clues about what was coming. It all worked great and FUTURE SHOCK has been a hit. What’s been

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interesting in the past year is the popularity of the multiverse concept in comic books. As an avid reader I have been drawn to the same themes in Marvel and DC precio de cialis en mexico comics. I just finished reading The Just and Thunderworld, which are part of the Multiversity series from DC Comics. The Just #1 is amazing. Imagine a world where super heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have taken care of business so well that Earth is a safe place. Their children, not having much to do, become superstars of the tabloid kind instead of super heroes that need to save the planet. It’s a wild ride and a great concept. I hadn’t been reading Spider-Man for several years, then along came Superior Spider-Man (where Doctor Octopus takes over the body of Spider-Man and replaces him). I didn’t think the concept would have staying power, but it did and I enjoyed it. But what came next intrigued me even more where the Spider-Men of different universes are forced to come together to defend themselves against the threat of a terrifying family called the Inheritors, who travel around the multiverse “feasting on the life-essence of the spider-people.” This new story arc is called Spider-Verse and features among other things Spider-Gwen, a super hero that comes from a universe where Gwen Stacy never died. There are all kinds of weird and wild Spider-Men. It’s pretty mind-boggling and I’m enjoying it. On a related note I’m also reading three Doctor Who comics featuring the ninth, tenth, and eleventh doctors, produced by Titan Comics. The Doctor Who concept, at its core is about the multiverse, as well as traveling across space and time. I’m thrilled to have the current Champions of the Galaxy story as part of this speculative wave of multiple universe books. How can it not be interesting to examine what might have been in another world if things were a little (or a lot) different? Plug time: I have speculated about parallel universes in my new book, Shadows on the Road, but the focus is on our own personal lives instead of the lives of fictional characters. Imagine YOU in a different universe where you took a different road in terms of your job, relationships, or where you live, to say nothing of the myriad other “small” choices that branch out and create an entirely different set of circumstances in our lives. I believe in multiple universes as do many theoretical physicists. For scientists this belief is a by-product of String Theory and grounded in empirical speculation. Beyond that the concept of multiple universes is the cornerstone of mystical religious beliefs although couched in different language. An example is buy cialis online Hindu Puranic literature where it is said: “After separating the different universes, the gigantic universal form of the Lord, which came out of the causal ocean, the place of appearance for the first puruṣa-avatāra, entered into each of the separate universes, desiring to lie on the created transcendental water.” I look forward to continuing the multiverse concept and story in FUTURE SHOCK 2131, which is due for release in July, 2015. I’m proud that my creative outlet (at least game-wise), Champions of daily dose cialis reviews the Galaxy, continues to thrive, moving along hand-in-hand with cutting edge ideas in popular medicaid viagra culture. I hope You in this world and universe have enjoyed this blog. I also hope the multiverse versions of You have enjoyed it too, at least those that have access to it. Until Wolf of this universe meets Lope (oh gosh, is that a hint?)… TOM