My Favorite Comic Books of the Moment

Okay, time to go off-topic. As many of you know I am a huge comic book fan as well as wrestling fan. In the last “Brain” I talked about my Champions of the Galaxy federation. Now it’s time to let you know (as if you care!) what comic books I’m reading.

First, I’ve got to say I’m a “rankng” junkie. I love making lists. Every week I rank my top ten favorite books. This “Brain” is a snapshot in time; my ratings for the moment.  The list could be totally different a year from now. I’m not loyal to titles, I like change. I go with what intrigues me.

I’ve been a Marvel man all my life but DC’s “New 52” got me hooked because I like reading a title from the ground floor. As a result, DC dominates my list and another reason is the incredible “Before Watchmen” releases. I’m bummed these are limited run titles.

So here goes, my Top Ten for 12-20-12:

1. DR. MANHATTAN #3 – I can’t help it, I love metaphysics and philosophy! This title is incredible. Plus, Dr. Manhattan is all blue, aesthetically speaking I love the look.

I contacted writer J. Michael Straczynski (try spelling that without looking) to tell him how impressed I am with his handling of the book and he told me it gives him a chance to delve into interesting areas. No doubt! Everything from Schrodinger’s Cat to parallel universes…this is my kinda stuff! Dr. Manhattan has been #1 in my rankings since the first issue.

2. BATMAN #15  – Man, this “Death of the Family” stuff is intense! I love Greg Capullo’s artistic rendering of the Joker. I’m not normally a Batman comic book fan but this story arc is just fantastic. Batman debuted in my rankings with the “Death of the Family” story arc.

3. OZYMANDIAS #4 – Another Before Watchmen title; it’s great to see veteran Len Wein writing such a cool book. Ozzy’s personality is really cool (pun intended).

4. NITE OWL #3 – Great writing yet again by J. Michael S. The interaction between Twilight Lady and Nite Owl is a lot of fun. Plus there’s Rorschach!

5. MAR ATTACKS #6 – IDW Publishing jumps into the Top 5 on my list with another enjoyable issue of a martian attack on earth! This comic book even comes packaged with a facsimile trading card from the classic trading cards from the 1960s. What’s not to like about that??? This title has consistently been in the #9 and #10 spot and jumped forward this week.

6. DETECTIVE COMICS #15 – The “Death of the Family” story arc has drawn me in so I bought this book. The relationship between Clayface and Poison Ivy was neat. This is the first time Detective Comics has made my Top Ten.

7. GREEN LANTERN #15 – Initially I was disappointed to see Hal Jordan and Sinestro dropped from their top spots on this book, but the new direction is starting to grow on me. This used to be a Top 3 title for me then totally dropped off my list, but it’s coming back.

8. JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 – This one has been dropping also. The battle with Cheetah was boring to me, but the backup feature, Shazam, has been great. Also enjoying the emerging relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman. JL had been a Top 3 book for me but has been slipping lately.

9. FLASH #14 – This book won’t last long on my list, but I love Grodd (the ape villain) and the Rogues, and they’re all here! Even though I’m not a big fan of the Flash, I always thought he had one of the best villain rosters in comics. When they all band together, all the better!

10. MINUTEMEN #5 – This is my fourth Watchmen title in the Top 10 (3 out of the top 4 spots). Thought it was cool how Bluecoat and Scout were comic book heroes turned real in this issue.

Marvel is bubbling under the Top Ten. I picked up FF #2 (it’s okay) and Indestructible Hulk #2, but both weren’t strong enough to crack the Top Ten. We’ll see next week what the rankings will bring! Mollock is also close to breaking the Top Ten.

Thanks for reading and support your local comic book store!

Until Dr. Manhattan meets the Guardian…