New Commander Sam Kicks Off 30th Anniversary Pack!

What if Tom stuck to his first concept of Commander Sam that he envisioned for the original Champions of the Galaxy starter set? Here is the result!

Commander Sam was originally conceived as a young, athletic, super hero type. He changed to the classic version we all know and love as the character evolved.

The new Commander Sam card (drawn by Darryl Banks and colored by Werner Mueck) features new card stats befitting a totally different character, you could imagine he is from a parallel universe! His finisher STAR SPANGLED SPIN is a grueling airplane spin into a pinning combination and the rest of the moves and stats on the card are also different from the original Sam card.

How will the ORIGINAL Commander Sam fare against the CLASSIC Commander Sam? You’ll find out in July when the 30th Anniversary game pack is released! There are three more “original concept” cards by Tom and Darryl in this game pack as well as two “new” 1986 characters by Tom and Chuck Carter. HISTORIC!

2016 features the Summer of Champions of the Galaxy with the 30th Anniversary pack in July and amazing 2132 to follow. The celebration is on!

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