New Killer Queen Brings Shock Rock Values to COTG!

Get ready for a different approach! Killer Queen is a tormented and violent child of Glam Rock and Shock Rock. He’s right out of Rocky Horror Picture Show. That was the character originally conceived by Tom way back in the 80s. And now he sees the light of day! The “new old” version of Killer Queen joins alternate original versions of Commander Sam and Lord Nexus in the upcoming COTG 30th Anniversary pack coming in July! You’ll realize very quickly that this is a different Killer Queen with moves like Rocky Horror Reverse Slam and Nightmare Leap, and his finisher, BLACK WIDOW. This hardcore strange-o will add a new dimension to whatever fed you put him in! There is still one more “new old” game card drawn by Darryl Banks plus two “old new” characters created by Tom and drawn by Chuck Carter! The 30th Anniversary pack might be the most interesting COTG release of all time!    

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