New World Champion Tyler Black Game Card Tops ROH Pack!

Debuting in blood and controversy, Tyler Black made an immediate impact on the Ring of Honor landscape when he, along with The Age of The Fall, strung Jay Briscoe up from the ceiling in Chicago Ridge.  From that day until their parting, Black & The AotF reigned terror over ROH and the likes of the Briscoes and Steen & Generico.  Yet in the midst of the chaos, as he stood alone in matches against Bryan Danielson, Austin Aries, and perhaps most importantly, ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness, it became evident that Black was something special.

Now celebrate one of the greatest all-time ROH World Title reigns with the newly updated Tyler Black playing card, representing his dominant reign as ROH World Champion!

You’ve enjoyed Tyler Black during his Age of the Fall era. Now prepare your fed for one of the best game cards in our ROH game series with Tyler Black’s awesome ROH World Champion update! Relive history and create new legacies when Tyler Black goes head-to-head with the very best in your ROH fed beginning this winter. The new RING OF HONOR pack is set for release on December 14!

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