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Fans asked for new FTR fighters, and Filsinger Games delivers them to you via Promoter Prime!
Chameleon is an opportunistic Aniwoman who prides herself on blending in easily with any partner and team.
Will she join Mayham and King Tux or go her own way? It’s up to you, promoter!
Chameleon is not big, strong or fast. But she uses her natural chameleon abilities to easily blend into the ring and its surroundings. This gives her great advantages when she is thrown into the ropes, turnbuckle, out of the ring, or when an opponent attempts a deathjump, where she can quickly disappear into the landscape.
Wait until you hear about her tag finisher – BLENDING IN. It works with ANY tag team partner!
FTR is back! Look for a big update to an existing FTR hopeful next week!

It’s Official! The Fabulous Team of Tom and Darryl Will Bring 2135 This Summer!

You’ve been warned!

Your favorite creative team (at least we HOPE it’s your favorite creative team) will be back in action to bring you KINGDOM COME 2135 in July! We’re not positive it’ll be called KINGDOM COME, but you get the idea.

Tom and Darryl have worked together for so long now on CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY it’s hard to count the years, but Darryl has certainly surpassed past artists like Brian Michael Bendis and Chuck Carter in terms of longevity.

It’s only going to get better! What happens next with GODSEND? Are MARAMUS and NIGHTMARE set to take over? If you’re not sure about the last reference, get with it! Get your copy of the KINGDOM COME: UPRISING expansion pack that was released in December.

The names of Tom and Darryl are writ large alongside other legendary duos in history from Lennon and McCartney to Holmes and Watson, hey even Batman and Robin or peanut butter and jelly!

Get psyched for the summer because Tom is busy plotting the next great expansion and Darryl will provide new amazing card drawings! When you add in coloring by Werner Mueck, presto—instant classic!

Dark Menace Has Some New Tricks Up His Sleeve in 2134!

The Dark Menace is up to his old tricks. Or are they new ones?

The upcoming KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING 4-pack will include new cards for MARAMUS and NIGHTMARE and now add the nefarious DARK MENACE to the list!

His work on genetic engineering is still going strong and now that he’s the manager of the AniMen he’s working on some new ways to help his wrestlers. But will Wolf be open to these ideas? Does Wolf trust the DARK MENACE? Or has the DARK MENACE turned over a new leaf now that he’s on the Hero Side? He’s a mysterious one, that DARK MENACE. He plays 5-D chess and is moving pieces around the board. Should Godsend be worried?

One guy that trusts the DARK MENACE is Monolith, so the DARK MENACE has the right man in his corner. How far will this team go?

Our special middle of the year KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING is coming this holiday! You don’t want to miss it!


Creeper Will Creep Into INVASION 2088 Pack!

Well, at least the Mutant will be happy!

His partner in mutated weirdness will be arriving with the rest of the gang in INVASION 2088—and that’s none other than the CREEPER himself!

They may not get along all the time, but GWF fans love having them around!

Don’t hesitate! The full color remake of INVASION 2088 is coming in a few short weeks. Pre-order now and make the CREEPER and Mutant happy as they await in their comfy little caves.

Give the Smashing Gift of Our Starter Sets This Holiday!

It’s going to be a Filsinger Games holiday!

Are you interested in starting to play our games? GREAT IDEA! Our three most popular Starter Sets are described below along with a handy link in case you want to order.

Are you thinking of giving the awesome gift of our games to a friend or family member? SUPERB! This will make you extremely popular and they’ll love you once they’re hooked!

All our Starter Sets include EVERYTHING a new player will need including instructions, dice, charts, game handbook, and of course the cards!

Here’s where to start:


First, there’s our LEGENDS Starter Set featuring some of the all-time greats of wrestling history. This would make a great gift for a wrestling fan and especially the popular era of the 1980s. Go here!

Then there’s BEST OF Starter Set for fans of indie wrestling and the current scene. Several stars that are currently active are included in this game. Go here!

Finally there’s our flagship game, CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY, the game that started it all! You can’t go wrong with our cool Starter Set, it has stood the test of time! Star Warrior, Wolf, and Thantos await you! Go here!

Our official holiday mascot, Santa Wolf, is feeling savage this year! It’s a perfect time to spread Filsinger Games madness this holiday season!

New INVASION 2088 Game Cards Will Pack a Punch!

Look out for some TKO action as legend BILLY JO BOXER will get his new color card in the upcoming INVASION 2088 game!

BOXER is not only a singles star, he also formed a legendary tag team called TitanPower with none other than Lord Nexus!

Now is the time to re-visit some classic feuds like BILLY JO BOXER and Lord Nexus against Invincible Krakan and Ghengis Khan!

Don’t miss the new INVASION 2088 game pack plus handbook. This holiday season will be our best ever!

Godsend’s Greatest Nightmare is Returning in 2134 Game Pack!

There are going to be some sleepless nights ahead for Godsend! Two big enemies—MARAMUS and NIGHTMARE are making their unexpected returns in the upcoming KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING game pack!
The mysterious NIGHTMARE will arise once again from the Shadow Mist to wreak havoc in the GWF. To make matters worse for Godsend, NIGHTMARE will be led by MARAMUS and MARAMUS feels he has a score to settle with the leader of the Dominion! What does it all mean?
KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING will be a 4-card pack and should whet your appetite as loyal fans await the next amazing expansion, KINGDOM COME 2135, which is due in July, 2019.
Two more cards for this special 4-pack will be announced in the days ahead but for now be careful that you don’t lose any sleep tonight—NIGHTMARE will haunt everyone’s dreams and in particular, the dreams of Godsend!
Preorder KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING now along with all our holiday releases now HERE.  Games begin mailing December 14th.

Hey Mom! Is the Babysitter Here Yet?

Do you remember that classic ad headline from the history of Champions of the Galaxy?

The ad appeared in 1988 and heralded the coming of SPIKE to the GWF! Spike was the first Gladiator recruit and became an all-time favorite among the fans.

The ad appearing below is a different ad from the “babysitter” one, but still featured SPIKE in the pages of Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine. SPIKE was always one of the great advertising stars of the GWF!

The new and updated full color version of INVASION 2088 is coming out next month! You won’t want to miss it and SPIKE  would be very unhappy if you did…


Are You Ready for a Hot Winter?

This guy will warm up your winter quite a bit!

It’s time for the return of BISHOP HELL, one of the most infamous villains in Champions of the Galaxy history.

BISHOP HELL debuted in 1988 in INVASION 2088 and took his rightful spot in the pantheon of dark GWF villains, joining forces with none other than Thantos! They were a formidable team and gave Star Warrior and the hero side many nightmares.

Now you can relive the drama with the coming release of INVASION 2088 in full color in our new playing card style and featuring card art by Werner Mueck!

Do you remember the famous “Are You Ready for a Hot Summer?” full-page ad for Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine? Well, this time Bishop Hell is coming during the winter months and he’s going to heat up game action in your fed!

Pre-orders begin on Black Friday (appropriately) so get psyched!

First Appearance of AniMen Team Featured in INVASION 2088!

Battering Ram. Incredible Badger. Reptillo.

They are legends all and they’ll get new game cards courtesy of Werner Mueck this December!

INVASION 2088 is the first expansion in the CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY game mythology and was originally released in 1988. Which makes this release a 30th anniversary spectacular! INVASION 2088 also marked the beginning of the classic AniMen vs Gladiators feud, which still rages on in KINGDOM COME 2134.

Finally, after 30 years, INVASION 2088 gets the full-color game treatment it deserves! This will be a big part of your CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY collection. Watch for more card art coming soon!