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Santa Wolf Returns to Beckon New Holiday Releases!

Wow, what a magical holiday season it is for our fans! So incredible in fact that Santa Wolf is making his triumphant return, this time with art courtesy of Wondrous Werner Mueck.

Every year our staff at Fed HQ plans ahead for our end-of-the-year releases and we always want it to be special. This year offers a major release in three of our most popular game lines.

First there’s the cornerstone of our company, Champions of the Galaxy. We are continuing our proud tradition of releasing fan-made characters with FTR: The Return.  You can’t beat wild characters like Mayham, King Tux, Moonlight, and in a continuing nod to our illustrious game history, Astarte (look him up!). I even got in on the party and created would-be conqueror Murtak the Merciless. It will be fun for all involved to add this enhancement talent to the GWF!

But there’s more! We continue to release new game expansions with our fantastic partner, Ring of Honor. Look for new playing cards for the likes of Jay White, Caprice Coleman, Kenny King, and more! Your ROH fed will be better than ever!

At this point I could say I’m saving the best for last, but our awesome COTG and ROH releases are too good for that, so I’ll simply say that I’m proud that we are bringing new life to our classic Legends game series with Legends Expansion Set 1! This continues our tradition of adding legendary wrestlers to this game line, this time with a focus on great tag teams. There’s the Rock N Roll Express, Sheepherders, Fantastics, and more! Your Legends fed will be alive with more thrilling action than ever!

The card art for all these sets spills off the cards courtesy again of Werner. Thanks as usual to our amazing staff of writers that works hard to make these cards as realistic and fun as ever.

After three decades plus Filsinger Games is still on the move and it’s all because of our amazing fans! Our goal is to give you game-playing thrills till the end of time. So far, so good.

Have a great dice-rolling, elbow-smashing holiday season! Until Santa Wolf crashes into Rudolph…




FTR Teaser #7: ASTARTE

GWF fans still talk about the time legendary manager Doomsayer kidnapped a man named Astarte from Eridanus and swapped bodies with him. Many years later the story comes full circle as the son of Astarte enters FTR!

FTR fans brace for a natural feud between Astarte and Disciple of Terror! “Disciple of Terror pays tribute to a fightee who took shortcuts and aligned himself with the lowest scum in the GWF! It is my mission to show you the errors in your misplaced faith!” Battles between Legacy of Astarte and Disciple of Terror are sure to rock the FTR!

Astarte is created by promoter winner Pete Beck! Awesome creation, Pete! Learn Astarte’s full shocking story when you order FTR 2!
FTR Set 2 is available to preorder by clicking HERE.  You can also order the complete 2017 Holiday Package including Ring of Honor Top Prospects, Legends: Expansion Pack I, and 2 Legends SE cards by clicking HERE.  Games will begin mailing on December 14th.


The spotlight shines on our 6th FTR teaser – MOONLIGHT! Moonlight is the great granddaughter of Genghis Khan. She is the historic first-ever FTR female competitor! Can she also become the first FTR female to graduate to the GWF? Learn Moonlight’s incredible tale when you order FTR 2!

Moonlight is created by promoter winner Shane Sullivan! Wait until you read Shane’s story for Moonlight. You’ll love it! Great work, Shane!

FTR Set 2 is available to preorder by clicking HERE.  You can also order the complete 2017 Holiday Package including Ring of Honor Top Prospects, Legends: Expansion Pack I, and 2 Legends SE cards by clicking HERE.  Games will begin mailing on December 14th.

FTR Teaser #5: MASS

Make room for our third staff creation in FTR set 2 – MASS!

Kroll scientists have been trying, and failing, to recreate the success of Thraxx and Zygon for years, but without the lead of the Dark Menace, they just keep punching out duds. Persistent still, they send their best of their worst to FTR in hopes of getting the Dark Menace’s attention and impressing him. MASS is a massive reminder of just how cruel life can be when genetic engineering goes wrong.

Mass is massive and powerful, but he’s mostly just a big, slow, clumsy, deformed mass of muscles. Where many FTR fighters have promising futures, Mass is terrible now and will probably only get worse. Sometimes the most entertaining thing about Mass are the Kroll scientists who frantically dart around ringside as they study the failings of their genetic creation.

FTR Set 2 is available to preorder by clicking HERE.  You can also order the complete 2017 Holiday Package including Ring of Honor Top Prospects, Legends: Expansion Pack I, and 2 Legends SE cards by clicking HERE.  Games will begin mailing on December 14th.


Bow down, fools! Here comes a new character created by Tom – and your new leader and master – MURTAK THE MERCILESS! MURTAK is a self-proclaimed “galactic conqueror” from the planet Dreeze, a planet no one has ever heard of, and people question if it even exists. Unfazed by his doubters, Murtak has put the galaxy on notice. He is here to take over FTR, and then the GWF. “The puny humanoids who mock me now will make fine slaves later when I’ve conquered their pitiful planets. Nobody mocks Murtak!”

Get MURTAK, Mayham, Vacant, Captain Crossbones and four more cool new FTR wrestlers by ordering now!  FTR Set 2 is available to preorder by clicking HERE.  You can also order the complete 2017 Holiday Package including Ring of Honor Top Prospects, Legends: Expansion Pack I, and 2 Legends SE cards by clicking HERE.  Games will begin mailing on December 14th.

FTR Teaser #3: Captain Crossbones!

If you thought the FTR was lacking in undead pirates, fear no more! CAPTAIN CROSSBONES arrives from Pirate World on Brymstone, ready to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents! No one really knows if Captain Crossbones is truly undead or just an alien, but everyone agrees that he’s scary!
Captain Crossbones has a cult fan following thanks to his colorful look and personality. He is the ultimate loner in FTR, welcoming battles with both heroes and villains alike. His signature catch phrase is popular with his fans on Brymstone: “When you see the BLACK SAILS, then end is near!”
Captain Crossbones is created by FTR Madness winner Richie Newman. Scary good creation, Richie! Check back soon for another new promoter created FTR character!
Preorder for FTR, along with the latest Legends of Wrestling and Ring of Honor sets is this Friday November 24th!  Shipping starts December 12th!

FTR Teaser #2: VACANT

Last week we met MAYHAM, the first of four promoter creations, brought to life by FTR Madness winner Broc Atkinson. This week we’re introduced to the first of four Filsinger Games staff creations – VACANT!

Vacant is rumored to be one of Cannibal’s many illegitimate children growing up and running wild in the dark jungles of Neptune. He is a savage fighter, raised among beasts, untamed and void of normal human behavior. Named for his primitive nature and wild eyed thousand yard stare, Vacant is a fearless hardcore rookie!
But the fans aren’t sure what to think of the Neptunian newcomer. Is Vacant a heroic Space Cropper? Or is his destiny to follow in the sadistic footsteps of his villainous father?
In the ring, Vacant uses SPINE CRACKER – a familiar finisher used by Renegade at the start of his career.
Check back next week for another incredible promoter creation when the second of four FTR Madness winning characters is revealed!

FTR Teaser #1: MAYHAM

The first FTR teaser of the season is MAYHAM! Mayham is an Animan who also happens to be a cowardly Aethran sympathizer. Mayham believes that the Gladiators of Aethra are going to take over the galaxy and wants to be seen as an ally when they do. Mayham’s main goal in FTR is to be noticed by the Aethran Overmaster and be invited to join the Gladiator team. How could this plan possibly go wrong for Mayham?

Mayham is created by Broc Atkinson, and is the first of four incredible fan created game cards in FTR 2. Great work, Broc! Mayham joins four staff created characters (including one by Tom!) for a total of 8 fun new jobbers for your GWF fed. Check back next week for another teaser!

Holiday Explosion is Coming Next Month!

We’re on the move and this holiday will be one of our best ever! Ready to hear about our releases? Santa Wolf is preparing for a savage holiday! Here they are:

  1.  LEGENDS: Our first color Legends of Wrestling expansion set will feature 12 new playing cards and not only remakes of superstars that have previous black and white cards but some NEW SIGNINGS also! Keep watching this web site in the days ahead for sneak previews!
  2. RING OF HONOR: Our popular Ring of Honor series continues with an 8-card release featuring stars from one of the most popular wrestling promotions in the world! Watch for sneak previews of new characters and updates of popular ROH stars.
  3. CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY: Our second FTR game set will feature 8 cards including 4 fan contest winners and an exclusive new game card from Tom! You’ll have some enjoyable undercard (read: jobber) talent to include in your GWF fed along with the Natives and Faller! All this as we await the amazing 2134 game expansion coming in July 2018.

Pre-orders for Holiday Explosion begin on November 24, so prepare for the wonderment to begin! Games will start mailing on December 12, so your game-playing future looks bright!

Watch for sneak previews in the days ahead and prepare your home for Santa Wolf’s arrival in December. You know how he hates not having warm milk and bones for a snack…

FTR Fan Creation Contest Winners Announced!

This holiday season Filsinger Games will release its 2nd Champions of the Galaxy FTR game edition featuring developmental talent for the GWF.  As part of this 8-card set Filsinger Games fans were asked to submit their creative ideas for new charters that would join the FTR.

This year we expanded the number of fan-created entries from 1 in the first FTR set to 4 in this new set.  The excitement among Champions of the Galaxy fans was infectious and we got an even larger number of entries than in the last contest!  There were so many fantastic characters submitted that it was really difficult for Tom Filsinger to choose his favorites.
In the end Tom and the Filsinger Games staff narrowed down the field to 4 winners and they are:
Broc Atkinson – Mayham
Pete Beck – Legacy of Astarte
Richie Newman – Captain Crossbones
Shane Sullivan – Moonlight
Congratulations to those who had their character selected and thank you to everyone who submitted a character in this contest.  The creativity of our fan base is always astounding!
Keep an eye out in November and December as we announce these 4 characters, along with 4 other unique characters from the Filsinger Games staff that will be sure to spice up your FTR and GWF feds!