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Are You Ready for a Hot Winter?

This guy will warm up your winter quite a bit!

It’s time for the return of BISHOP HELL, one of the most infamous villains in Champions of the Galaxy history.

BISHOP HELL debuted in 1988 in INVASION 2088 and took his rightful spot in the pantheon of dark GWF villains, joining forces with none other than Thantos! They were a formidable team and gave Star Warrior and the hero side many nightmares.

Now you can relive the drama with the coming release of INVASION 2088 in full color in our new playing card style and featuring card art by Werner Mueck!

Do you remember the famous “Are You Ready for a Hot Summer?” full-page ad for Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine? Well, this time Bishop Hell is coming during the winter months and he’s going to heat up game action in your fed!

Pre-orders begin on Black Friday (appropriately) so get psyched!

First Appearance of AniMen Team Featured in INVASION 2088!

Battering Ram. Incredible Badger. Reptillo.

They are legends all and they’ll get new game cards courtesy of Werner Mueck this December!

INVASION 2088 is the first expansion in the CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY game mythology and was originally released in 1988. Which makes this release a 30th anniversary spectacular! INVASION 2088 also marked the beginning of the classic AniMen vs Gladiators feud, which still rages on in KINGDOM COME 2134.

Finally, after 30 years, INVASION 2088 gets the full-color game treatment it deserves! This will be a big part of your CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY collection. Watch for more card art coming soon!


Halloween Wouldn’t be the Same Without the Return of Splatter!

Yes, you heard that right!

The GWF’s original wild man is stalking back into action in INVASION 2088 and with new card art by Werner Mueck.

And yes, ARSENAL is along too!

The amazing re-release of INVASION 2088 is coming this holiday season so get psyched! Or get psycho—you know, like Splatter!

Watch for more sneak previews for INVASION 2088 in the weeks ahead. Watch carefully…or Splatter may come fo you!


Norse Gods Lead the Charge in Invasion 2088!

The holiday season is going to be a smash this year with our amazing game releases!

It all starts with the sensational full color re-release of the classic first expansion in Champions of the Galaxy history—INVASION 2088! There’s playing cards for legends BISHOP HELL, SPIKE, MESMER, and many more who have gone on to be hallowed names in GWF lore.

Our first sneak peak of game art (courtesy of Werner Mueck) is the NORSE GODS, Man-Mountain and Lightning! More sneak previews in the weeks ahead so keep watching!

Also coming this December:

LEGENDS EXPANSION PACK 3 – Featuring more classic wrestling cards for your LEGENDS game promotion! Watch for previews in the days and weeks ahead.

RING OF HONOR: DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR – This game pack will add awesome new cards to your RING OF HONOR game promotion!

KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING – A new 4-pack from Tom that continues the epic Kingdom Come story arc!

PLUS another release that will be a surprise for now (but hint: you’ll love it!).

We’re so busy with so many projects that we need to delay the release of the Legends Ladies game pack until early next year. Sorry and thanks for your patience. That’s the price we pay for loving to stay busy!


Watch for sneak previews and get psyched!

In 2134 the GWF is a Helpless Captive of Godsend!

The Godsend Era is upon us!

A collective shudder is felt across the galaxies.

He who caused Black Death, the chaos of Future Shock, and the dramatic appearance of Castilex, has arrived in 2134.

GODSEND, the god of chaos and anarchy, is now ruling the GWF. How can he be stopped?

The latest Champions of the Galaxy blockbuster, KINGDOM COME 2134, has just been released. Be sure to get caught up as this epic GWF story continues!

You’ll receive playing cards for the mysterious Dominion: Godsend, Lady Godsend, and Demon Godsend.

There’s also the return of The Three, but in new forms!

The FDF have added two rookies. How far will they go in 2134?

It all unfolds in KINGDOM COME 2134. Order now and experience the drama of a universe gone wild at the whims of a mad god!


Questions Will be Answered in Kingdom Come 2134!

The moment is here. The hour has arrived.

Or very nearly. The latest game expansion in the Champions of the Galaxy pantheon, KINGDOM COME 2134, will arrive this weekend at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh and shortly thereafter for everyone else!

Here are some questions to ponder as the big day approaches…

The Gladiators are fighting mad! What’s the reason? Who is their “new” team member?

Who is the mysterious new woman wrestler that’s coming to the GWF and why is she so controversial?

A wild and dramatic new match will be introduced in 2134 with action never  before seen. What will it be?

Eydilon has disappeared as the leader of the Doom team. Where is he and how will Tharkas respond?

In fact, six people are leaving the GWF in 2134. Who are they and why?

There are some questions to tantalize you until Kingdom Come 2134 is released! Get psyched because everything comes to a head very soon!




Climber Will Risk All to Reach the Top in Kingdom Come 2134!

He’s here—one of the most fearless men in GWF history!

CLIMBER is joining the Federation Defense Fighters in 2134. His finishers, DEADMAN ANCHOR and TWO-MAN STAND (tag) reflect the high-risk moves that he brings from his mountain-climbing background. Easy-going but confident, Climber is set to defy the odds and be a sensation in 2134!

But here are the big questions:

Which GWF legend trained Climber and is bringing him to the GWF? And does that mean the legend will return in 2134?

Climber is part of a new GWF tag team. Who is his partner and how far can they go in their rookie years?

Answers coming soon in KINGDOM COME 2134!

Filsinger Games Summer Releases are Available to Pre Order!

The incredible summer releases for Filsinger Games are now available for preorder! Fans of our Champions of the Galaxy, Indie Wrestling, and Legends of Wrestling games will all have reason to celebrate.

The main event for Champions of the Galaxy fans is the release of the 48th regular GWF game edition, Kingdom Come 2134!  Some wild things will happen that completely change the landscape of the GWF.  This game edition comes with 12 playing cards, one of the largest handbooks ever, and a special bonus first of its kind game item!  Order Kingdom Come 2134 HERE.

Indie Wrestling fans will no doubt know about the resurgence of British wrestling on the indie scene today.  Now Filsinger Games is releasing a set focused on the best competitors of today’s UK wrestling scene. This set features Zack Sabre Jr., Moustache Mountain, Mark Andrews and more!  Order the Best of UK set HERE.

Finally for Legends fans we are featuring a special 2-pack of cards on the legendary Valiant Brothers!  With the passing of the great wrestler, manager and former GalactiCon guest Johnny Valiant, we thought it was time to honor him and Jimmy Valiant with color cards of the championship tag team.  Artwork for the duo will be released on July 2.  Order the Valiant Brothers HERE.

All of these games will be first released at GalactiCon on July 14th in Pittsburgh.  They will begin mailing to the rest of the galaxy on July 20th!  Get your order in now to be among the first to receive these revolutionary game releases!

Scorn Brings a New Look and Attitude to Kingdom Come 2134!

Scorn feels she is A WOMAN SCORNED. And that’s a big warning to the rest of the GWF female stars!

Scorn joined forces with Martial Law in 2133 and turned against her former partner, Elina. It’s about to get a lot worse in 2134!

But will Scorn challenge the highly controversial new female wrestler that is coming in 2134? That’s the big question!

Get psyched! KINGDOM COME 2134 is coming on July 14 in Pittsburgh and the rest of the galaxy shortly after! Pre-orders are coming soon, so pay attention! THIS IS THE BIG ONE!