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First Born Son of Janus Leads the Overmen Into Kronos!

The mighty Jupiter is the first born son of Janus, and the pride and joy of the pack. He is multi-time WGX champion, and an Olympic legend in Dimension X. He arrives on Kronos with big expectations to win the Tournament of the Immortals.
Jupiter leads the Overmen in trios action. Wait until you see GORDIAN KNOT – one of the most feared trios finishers ever! In singles matches the giant Jupiter crushes his enemies with CHAMPION SUPER DROP!
The Overmen are here! Get COTG Promoter Prime now and enter them into your Tournament of the Immortals on Kronos today! Click here for subscription options.

ENDGAME Makes his Glorious Return in Sudden Death 2135!

The Legend is Back!

ENDGAME has returned from his self-imposed exile to shake things up in SUDDEN DEATH 2135! Godsend will surely not be pleased as ENDGAME returns with a deadly finisher called THIS ENDS NOW! Wait till you see how ENDGAME returns and the drama ahead in 2135.

SUDDEN DEATH 2135 is jam-packed with surprises and controversies! The GWF is rising to new heights of glory.

Order now and don’t forget the collectible alternate handbook cover featuring a worn and well-read version of vintage classic Crime Stoppers comics #1. What does this old, worn comic book have to do with the GWF? The answers will startle you!

Cosmic Woman Brings New Mysteries to Sudden Death 2135

What are the secrets of Cosmic Woman? And what if even she doesn’t know the answers?

What isn’t a secret is how Cosmic Woman will shake the women’s ranks in the GWF like they’ve never been shaken before! Her finisher, VORTEX UNLEASHED, will have them running for the hills (or stars, or whatever!). Can anyone, including Lady Godsend, Elina, or Sinful, stop her?

Cosmic Woman will be joining forces with a new team called the Crime Stoppers. But why is this group coming to the GWF? What is their incredible story?

The amazing Crime Stoppers card art (by the venerable Darryl Banks with colors by wondrous Werner Mueck) will be six interlocking cards that form an image that tells a fantastic and far-reaching tale. What can it be?

The answers (some of them anyway) are coming shortly in SUDDEN DEATH 2135, the latest installment in the maxi-drama that is “A Universe Shattered.” Champions of the Galaxy is soaring to new heights of glory!

Order now and don’t forget the collectible alternate handbook cover featuring a worn and well-read version of vintage classic Crime Stoppers comics #1. What does this old, worn comic book have to do with the GWF? The answers will startle you!

The game will be released at Midnight Friday July 12th at GalactiCon.  For those unable to attend the convention a special digital PDF copy will be available Saturday morning in the store to purchase.

HelSin’s Warning to His Enemies – Beware the EQUALIZER!

HelSin has had enough.

Crossfire has broken away from the FDF and is targeting HelSin in SUDDEN DEATH 2135. But there’s more to this story and wait until you hear why and how it all happened!

But the bottom line is HelSin is fed up. He’s had enough of demons and vampires terrorizing the GWF, to say nothing of rule-breakers in general. HelSin has decided if he has to fight fire with fire, he’ll do it.

HelSin will be introducing one of the most talked-about finishers in GWF history— the EQUALIZER. Take our word for it, wrestlers like Coven Black, Bishop Hell, and the Code Destroyer are not going to like it! The EQUALIZER will give promoters unique opportunities for in-match strategy in utilizing this deadly new move.

With Double Cross turning on him, HelSin will now be going into singles action with a vengeance. And he’s bringing EQUALIZER with him (along with another tandem finishing move, BURIAL). Wait until you see the conditions when EQUALIZER happens and how HelSin is sending a no-nonsense signal to all rule-breakers in the GWF that there is going to be hell to pay!

SUDDEN DEATH 2135 is upon us! It will be one of the most talked-about expansions in Champions of the Galaxy history. Be sure to pre-order and also get the Limited Edition alternate cover version. We aren’t printing many alternate covers, so you don’t want to miss out!  And very soon you’ll see what Godsend hath wrought!

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Sneak Preview: Sudden Death 2135 Handbook Cover Plus Bonus Alternate Cover!

What does this old comic book have to do with SUDDEN DEATH 2135?

The answer will astound you.

It’s only a few short weeks until the release of SUDDEN DEATH 2135 and the suspense is building!

Who are the CRIME STOPPERS and what do they have to do with the GWF? Where are they from? What is their purpose? Are they even real?

To celebrate this milestone in GWF history SUDDEN DEATH 2135 will be released with an official handbook cover (“mint condition” CRIME STOPPERS comic book cover, pictured above) and a Limited Edition cover (“fair condition,” limited copies will be printed depicting a worn, comic book “collectible,” CRIME STOPPERS cover). The back cover is also different on the two versions, but in the case of the back cover it will be totally different. What’s on the back cover? It’s wild and crazy and you’ll find out when SUDDEN DEATH 2135 is released!

The handbook cover art is by Wondrous Werner Mueck. Superb work as always!

You can order the alternate cover by going here. It’ll be a GWF collectible for years to come!  For those that have already pre-ordered, you will not be charged extra shipping when you add this alternate handbook to your order.

Order now and prepare yourself for wonders beyond compare when SUDDEN DEATH 2135 is released!

The Loyalist Will Join Godsend’s Kingdom in Sudden Death!

The Natives have some company!
One of their own, THE LOYALIST, will enter the GWF in the most dramatic way possible. He has proved his worth to Godsend himself and is set to join the Castilex team in SUDDEN DEATH 2135.
But who is this guy? What exactly did he do to prove himself to Godsend?
Two of his moves will strike fear in the hearts of his opponents. First is the Native Spear and then his finisher, I STRIKE FOR KINGDOM.
SUDDEN DEATH 2135 will have more surprises than you can shake a spear at! Get ready for some HUGE FIREWORKS on Thursday, July 4 as we unveil more about SUDDEN DEATH 2135. Don’t try to figure out what it will be. It’s impossible. Just tune in!
In the mean time preorder SUDDEN DEATH 2135 right now!  SUDDEN DEATH 2135 and our newest Legends releases will be available for GalactiCon attendees on July 13th and will begin mailing galaxy-wide by July 22nd.


You heard that right! There will be surprises no one has ever seen before in SUDDEN DEATH 2135, the latest and greatest Champions of the Galaxy game expansion.

For one, here comes the BLUE DAZZLER, one of the most unique characters in game history. No one has ever seen a wrestler that can beat you so fast, so easily. BLUE DAZZLER is also an accomplished fighter in karate and jujitsu, so he will be a big factor in 2135! He will “dazzle” the GWF, but will fans cheer or jeer him?

And who is he? Who is the man behind the mask? Is he a newcomer or somebody returning? What is his incredible story and his shocking secret?

BLUE DAZZLER is entering the GWF on a team that is too impossible to believe. What does Godsend have to do with this?

Prepare yourself, promoter! In a little less than a month these questions and more will be answered. This is a  FIRST in GWF history, but first what?

But now is not the time for questions. Only for meditations on SUDDEN DEATH 2135. Count down the days…

SUDDEN DEATH 2135 and our newest Legends releases will be available for GalactiCon attendees on July 13th and will begin mailing galaxy-wide by July 22nd.  Preorder this game right now!

Double Cross Takes Aim at HelSin in Sudden Death 2135!

In one of the most shocking turns in GWF history, Crossfire is taking aim at his former partner, HelSin!

There are secret reasons for this rift that no one knew before, that are only now leaking out.

And there are voices behind-the-scenes that are misleading and abusing the newly named Double Cross (formerly Crossfire).

But none of that matters now. Double Cross is determined to make sure that no one ever double crosses him again!

This will be one of the most intense feuds of all time. How will HelSin respond? And just who is Double Cross associated with?

Get ready for the shocking answers in SUDDEN DEATH 2135, coming at you in a month. And stay tuned next week for another breathtaking sneak preview!

Champions of the Galaxy proudly marches to new heights of glory!



A New Team Invades the GWF in Sudden Death 2135!

Hey true believers! Have we got a treat for you next month!

If you thought Godsend had pulled some mischief before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

In SUDDEN DEATH 2135, Godsend pulls off the most shocking trick of all.

Plus more mayhem and an unexpected heel turn.

A wrestler ambushed and out for a whole year.

All this and Sudden Death too but with Godsend’s rules!

What does it all mean?

You’ll find out in SUDDEN DEATH 2135 coming in July!

A marvelous tribute to the memory of Stan Lee. Excelsior!



Nebula is Coming!

The last teaser for this set is the tag team partner of Centauri…Nebula!  What is his story and connection to Centauri?  Find out later this week when FUTURE SHOCK:  Centra Wrestling Federation 2115 is released to the universe.

FUTURE SHOCK:  Centra Wrestling Federation 2115 is a 14-card set including LANCE AT-LAS, MISTER CENTRA, SABOTEUR, ORACLE, DOOMSAYER, TOTAL ANARCHY, REVOLVER, EVOLUTION, CENTAURI, NEBULA and AGONY.  In order to play this game edition, you will need nine other previously released cards, which can be ordered separately in the Future Shock Bonus Pack for people who do not own the 2129-2131 GWF game editions.  Both the new game edition and the Bonus Pack can be ordered HERE.