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Universe Shatters Big Time When REGIME CHANGE 2133 Arrives!

Champions of the Galaxy is on a roll. After 40+ expansions more exciting and popular than ever!

Epic meta-story arc (“A Universe Shattered”) began with BLACK DEATH 2127 and continues with REGIME CHANGE 2133 coming in July! After the disruptions of Black Death and Future Shock things got even more unpredictable when Sly Drury returned in 2132 to regain his throne as commissioner of the GWF.

But there are so many questions still lingering. Who is Iron Hand this time? Who are the Dominion and what is the goal of the Castilex team? Will Monolith re-join forces with the Dark Menace? Will 2133 be the end of the line for Probation and if so who replaces him? What new members will be added to Sly Drury’s Martial Law team? Speaking of Martial Law, can Sly Drury keep peace with Shayne?

All this and more will be answered on July 7 in Jamestown NY when REGIME CHANGE 2133 is exclusively released at GalactiCon! Make your plans to attend and discuss the GWF (and all our games) with fellow promoters at the original home of GalactiCon (Jamestown)! It’s a reunion worth attending!

And get psyched—sneak previews for REGIME CHANGE 2133 begin on June 12.

Tom, Darryl, and Werner are working hard to bring you the BEST CotG expansion of all time. They always work hard (of course) and they’re not stopping now! REGIME CHANGE 2133 is on the way!

GalactiCon Returns to Jamestown on July 7-9!

Who says you can’t go home again?

GalactiCon will return with a bang on July 7-9 to the place of it’s birth—Jamestown, New York! It’ll be a major reunion and party for all loyal promoters and anyone else that attends this hallowed event!

Make your plans now. This will be too cool to miss.

Plan on the traditional festivities. An event will be planned on Friday night featuring the EXCLUSIVE early release of REGIME CHANGE 2133!

Saturday the action will take place at Jamestown Community College in the cyber cafe (right next to the student union where the cons were always held, same building) from 11 am – 7 pm. More fun on Sunday morning from 11 am – 2 pm.

Watch for updates in the days and weeks ahead about special releases and guests. Game creator Tom Filsinger is planning to be there. Everybody is going to want to be in on this historic event!


Duke Plans to Bring Destruction to Exo-King in 2-Card Set!

You saw Duke of Destruction in his cool black & white throwback card over the summer. Now he’s back in full-bursting color along with Red Talon!

Oh, the choices you’ll have. You can add Duke and Red Talon to your 2087 color roster or bring them forward in time to the GWF in 2132. It’s up to you!

The first cards for Duke and Red Talon were drawn by classic artist Chuck Carter. These new color updates are by Darryl Banks.

Duke originally feuded with Exo-King for control of the Evil Ones (in 2087) and now you can play those matches! Who will win?

Be sure to order Duke and Red Talon this holiday so they can have a big impact in YOUR CotG fed!

Red Talon Soars into Champions of the Galaxy Color Series!

“Newcomer” Red Talon is soaring from his classic nostalgia B & W card released this past summer, to full color status this holiday!

Red Talon (and upcoming Duke of Destruction, watch for his sneak preview card coming soon!) can be used alongside the cards in the full color version of the Champions of the Galaxy starter set. Or bring him into the future in 2132, whatever you want! The new card features art by Darryl “take it to the” Banks. Isn’t it cool to see Darryl’s version of Chuck’s original art! Plus coloring by wondrous Werner Mueck.

Champions of the Galaxy is celebrating 30 years in high style with our amazing releases this past summer and now 2 more collectible cards! Wahoo!


Iron Hand is Back! But Who is He This Time?

Iron Hand, the mysterious masked man, is back on the scene in the GWF. Years ago his identity was revealed as Sly Drury. But he CAN’T be Sly Drury this time, not with Drury and Iron Hand appearing together many times. Then who is he? An unknown newcomer or a surprising secret identity? The mystery deepens in REGIME CHANGE 2132! If you aren’t caught up with cialis free coupon Champions of the Galaxy then get caught up! Mystery and thrills await you!

Skiver and Patch Return to GWF to Claim Tag Gold!

Among the many surprises in REGIME CHANGE 2132 is the unexpected return of Skiver and Patch to the GWF!

Patch is returning with his long-time friend Sly Drury, who is claiming the role of GWF commissioner and taking over.

Skiver and Patch form a nasty brawling tag team called Mean Streets. Their goal is to win the tag belts. Can the Ultimate Fighters or Titan Samurai stop them?

Don’t hesitate! Get caught up with Champions of the Galaxy and play our latest smash, REGIME CHANGE 2132! The GWF is hotter than ever!

Shayne Heel Turn Shocks Fans in REGIME CHANGE 2132!

  It’s SHOWDOWN time for GWF superstars! Fan favorite Shayne has turned his back on the FDF and the Hero Team to join forces with none other than Sly Drury and REGIME CHANGE in 2132! No one saw this partnership coming. Will it be a more powerful team than when the original Star Warrior and Thantos joined forces? Shayne is getting more violent and out-of-control with his weapon, the bullwhip. And Shayne’s Fury is still as strong as ever! Can anyone stop the infamous team of Sly Drury and Shayne in REGIME CHANGE 2132? You’ll find out when you order and PLAY!  

REGIME CHANGE 2132 Shocker! Sly Drury Joins Forces with Shayne!

The cat is finally out of the bag!

After months of speculation the latest Champions of the Galaxy expansion has been released and it’s big! REGIME CHANGE 2132 features the shocking return of SLY DRURY as he teams up with current legend, SHAYNE! These two tough hombres are aiming to take over the GWF.

Wait till you hear the story of Drury’s return. Drury is not returning alone. He’s bringing along PATCH, SKIVER, and IRON HAND. Yes, IRON HAND!

More surprises await you when you order REGIME CHANGE 2132. Don’t hesitate. Champions of the Galaxy is hotter than ever in our big 30th Anniversary year!   Go here to order!

Burning Man Joins Hot New REGIME CHANGE 2132!

It’s here!

Not only Burning Man but also REGIME CHANGE 2132 is now available! So what are you waiting for? Order now!

Burning Man has an interesting history. Born on Omicron. Defected to Brymstone. Captured by the Dominion and imprisoned on Castilex. This man brings a wild background to the GWF and he’ll have some problems with folks like PSI and Eydilon, to say nothing of a few more.

But the BIG SECRET remains! What is the big story of REGIME CHANGE 2132? Best way to find out is order the game and PLAY! If you’re not caught up just do it! This is one of the most exciting eras in Champions of the Galaxy history!

So order now before Burning Man gets steamed up about it! A galaxy of excitement awaits you.



Part 6 of Universe Shattered Story Brings New Shockers!

The groundbreaking epic called “A Universe Shattered” continues with REGIME CHANGE 2132, the latest installment of the Champions of the Galaxy game series.

New shockers will await game fans following on the heels of BLACK DEATH and FUTURE SHOCK.

Three cards have been announced including NECROS, SINFUL, and WITNESS.

REGIME CHANGE 2132 is scheduled to start mailing on August 29. Be sure to PRE-ORDER so you receive your game as soon as possible! There’s never a dull moment in the GWF!

To pre-order go here!