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Lanny Poffo: “I’m Not Standing in the Way of Randy Going Into the Hall of Fame.”

The View #5 is coming on August 14 and it’s going to be special!

The Filsinger Games podcasts are attracting more and more listeners and this show will be one of the biggest because of two special guests: Wrestler Lanny Poffo and Champions of the Galaxy artist Darryl Banks.

Lanny Poffo, brother of legendary wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage, spoke with Tom and Wiggy about how excited he is to have his family immortalized with three playing cards in the Poffo Madness 3-Pack. “There was no bureaucracy at all. I said go ahead.” He also likes Steve Stanley’s card art. “I saw some of the art and I’m very impressed.”

Lanny spoke about the controversial issue of whether the Poffo family will be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. “I predict it never happens,” he said. Later he added, “I’m not standing in the way of Randy going into the Hall of Fame. All I ask is leave me out of it because I knew what his wishes were.”

“The Genius” also spoke about several legendary wrestlers (all of which are represented in the Legends game) including Jimmy Hart, Curt Hennig, and Bobby Heenan.

Lanny went on to display his incredible genius memory skills by reciting no fewer than seven poems by heart on a variety of topics from wrestling to sports to dogs and even a great poem about the Macho King Randy Savage! Game fans will want to use this poem to introduce The Genius and Macho Man in their promotions! The poem also name checks Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Sherrie Martel.

In addition to talking about a book he wrote for children on the dangers of smoking and his love of baseball, The Genius even grabbed the host reigns and interviewed co-host Wiggy!

Darryl Banks, game artist for Champions of the Galaxy for over ten years, also provided memorable moments during his interview. This is the first time that GWF fans can hear Darryl talk about the game (short of seeing him at a convention) and what it’s like working with Tom.

Darryl discussed what he considered some of the easiest characters to draw in the game (can you guess the easiest?) as well as the challenges of redrawing classic characters like Wolf and Star Warrior for the Originals packs. He talked about his favorite story arc (can you guess that also?) and the future of the GWF.

Also known for his work in the comic book field, Darryl talked about his classic eight-year run on Green Lantern in the 1990s. This is an interview you won’t want to miss!


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fact the whole show is classic! Be sure to catch The View #5 as Filsinger Games soars to greater heights of glory! It will be posted on August 14 at 8 pm at “”.

CWF Hollywood Act II in the Spotlight Soon!

Coming at the end of May — Championship Wrestling from Hollywood – ACT II! ACT II is the 12 card expansion set for our popular CWFH game edition which featured stars like Adam Pearce, Willie

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Mack, Joey Ryan, the Tribe and more! ACT II will be available in three formats: standard color cards, printable PDF, and digital cards Online! Don’t forget the Limited Edition PERCY PRINGLE III card that will be available along with the CWFH ACT II edition. It’s our special tribute to a true Legend of Wrestling! Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to stay up to date as we reveal a new wrestler card every Monday and Friday night! Get excited! Championship Wrestling from Hollywood ACT II is coming soon!

Diamond Dallas Page will be Special Guest on The View!

Wrestling superstar Diamond Dallas Page will be the special guest on our hit podcast “The View from Filsinger Headquarters” joining popular game artist Werner Mueck. Page has been promoting healthy lifestyles with his DDP Yoga program. He is working successfully with wrestling legends Jake the Snake Roberts and Scott Hall. Werner Mueck will be on the third mic on the show and he is currently working on card art for the upcoming expansion for Championship Wrestling from

Hollywood. He has also drawn card art for our Ring of Honor, Chikara, and Shimmer games. “The View” will air on Wednesday, May 15. Listen to our first show here.

Bryce Remsburg: “It’s like being on the first Saturday Night Live!”

The first Filsinger Games podcast is under our belt and it was a great success! Our guest Bryce Remsburg was impressed and he quipped: “It’s like being on the first Saturday Night Live!”

The show featured fan questions for Tom about the history of the games as well as updates on current releases. Featured guest Bryce Remsburg talked about CHIKARA and SHIMMER as well as WrestleCon. While Bryce was being interviewed a game match was being played with Larry Sweeney scoring a victory over Eddie Kingston with Bryce as special referee!

Tom formally announced that a PERCY PRINGLE playing card will be released in late May and exclusive sneak preview card art is coming to Filsinger Games twitter on April 19!

To listen to our groundbreaking premiere podcast go here.

The second installment of THE VIEW FROM FILSINGER GAMES HEADQUARTERS is coming in May. Watch for announcements about guests!

The Dark Menace in Action With Criminal Justice!

Filsinger Games owner Tom Filsinger was active on the Indy scene once again on April 12 in Jamestown, New York. His tag team, Criminal Justice, retained the Pro Wrestling Rampage Tag Team Belts!

Criminal Justice is a tag team featuring Luscious Rocky Reynolds and Black Sheep Benett Cole. A large crowd at Jamestown Community College jeered the champions but the tag champs taunted the crowd and emerged as winners! Fans in the crowd claim the Dark Menace illegally used his cane to batter an opponent outside the ring but the Menace denies it saying, “The lighting in the gym is weird, they saw an optical illusion. We don’t cheat. Luscious and Black Sheep are law enforcement guys.”

The Dark Menace managed Benett Cole last year in a main event battle against Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake.

Game fans can expect playing cards for Criminal Justice and more later this year in a special game pack called Dark Menace Forces. This will be the ultimate “invasion” team for any fed game fans are playing as the 6-Pack will include 4 men, 1 woman, and of course a certain dark manager!


WrestleCon 4-Pack is Ready to Pre-Order!

The supercool WrestleCon 4-Pack is available to pre-order! The cards include Nigel McGuinness (Ring of Honor game card), Green Ant (Chikara), Rob Van Dam (Legends of Wrestling Card Game) and Skiver (Champions of the Galaxy). It’s a classic sampler of some of our greatest games! And of course the cards can be used interchangeably in all our games!

The WrestleCon 4-Pack will be exclusively released at WrestleCon in Secaucus, New Jersey on April 6-7 then begins mailing on April 10. Pre-order right away, we mail games in the order that we receive them. You’ll love it!

WrestleCon 4-Pack Features New Rob Van Dam Card!

One of wrestling’s all-time most exciting performers is coming to the WrestleCon 4-Pack!

Rob Van Dam has been featured in a Legends of Wrestling playing card (as part of the Legends Originals game expansion) and here comes a new card that focuses on some of his latter day accomplishments! You’ll be able to use RVD in any of your game feds including Legends, Ring of Honor, and Chikara, or in fact any game scenario you want!

The new Rob Van Dam card will be released exclusively at WrestleCon on April 5-7 in Secaucus, New Jersey and then starts mailing on April 10.

Green Ant Represents Chikara in WrestleCon 4-Pack!

One of Chikara’s biggest heroes will get a much deserved update as part of the Wrestlecon 4-pack!  Green Ant was a rookie when he was included as part of the first Chikara game edition.  Since then he has blossomed and grown into a top contender for the Chikara Grand Championship.  This latest card, featuring superb artwork from Werner Mueck, reflects how he has grown as a wrestler in that time.  Can the submission specialist win the title with his patented CHIKARA SPECIAL: GREEN?

The new GREEN ANT game card will be released exclusively at WrestleCon on April 5-7 (Filsinger Games will be there!) as part of our awesome WRESTLECON 4-Pack. He joins SKIVER (CotG) and Nigel McGuinness (ROH)! Watch for more announcements about WRESTELCON 4-Pack playing cards in the weeks ahead!

It’s Back to Basics for GalactiCon on July 13-14!


It’s back to basics in 2013 as GalactiCon returns to its original home, the Sheldon House in Jamestown, New York.

The emphasis this year is on playing, playing, and more playing! It’s a celebration of fun times and great friends, a return to a simpler time when people got together, relaxed, and enjoyed the greatest games in the galaxy.

GalactiCon 2013 will see the release of BLACK DEATH 2129 and a new RING OF HONOR 6-Pack! There’ll be more surprises too, you can count on it! The recent tradition of meeting on Friday night for a sneak peek at the new Champions of the Galaxy release will continue at new location, the Labyrinth, located at 12 East 4th Street in Jamestown.

The Sheldon House is located at 9 Falconer Street in Jamestown, New York.

Get psyched: GalactiCon is coming home! The first GalactiCon was held in 1990 and we’re going to celebrate 23 years of fun with game tournaments, prizes, new releases, and more, all in the comfortable environment of a beautiful mansion!


Ring of Honor’s Nigel McGuinness Coming to WrestleCon Pack!

One of Ring of Honor’s greatest world champions is coming as NIGEL MCGUINNESS is the second card to be announced in our upcoming WRESTLECON 4-Pack! McGuinness holds the record for the most ROH title defenses and has retired from active competition, but game fans can use modern era McGuinness as if he never left! Can Nigel recapture his past glory and win the ROH World Title? You’ll find out!

The new NIGEL

MCGUINNESS game card will be released exclusively at WrestleCon on April 5-7 (Filsinger Games will be there!) as part of our awesome WRESTLECON 4-Pack. You’ve already heard about SKIVER from Champions of the Galaxy! Watch for more announcements about WRESTELCON 4-Pack playing cards in the weeks ahead!