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Filsinger Games Will Participate in Tabletop Game Day on April 30!

It’ll be one of the coolest game days of all time!

International Tabletop Game Day is coming on April 30 and Filsinger Games fans can play along! You can visit your local game or comic book store and play our games, or invite some friends over and have a tournament! We will all be linked together via social networking and spreading Filsinger Games madness!

Events will include online tournaments, Google Hangouts, satellite conventions, and more! You can send us photos of your game table or tournament action and we will post on twitter and elsewhere!

Put aside April 30 on your calendar! Tell your friends, family, children, pets, that you will be unavailable that day because International Tabletop Day is a sacred holiday for game fans!

We’ll provide more info about events as we get closer! Plan your event, whether it involves others or solo. Please contact Todd ( if you have a cool idea for a Filsinger Games event for that day! We will share game fan ideas in the days ahead!


Filsinger Games Posts Near Record Sales in 2015!


We’re hotter than ever and the last few years have been our best! Industry observers have noted that tabletop games and card cialis coupon games have been selling great and Filsinger Games is no exception. Our top sales year was 2013 and now we’re back nearly as strong in 2015! The last three years have been the best years in the 30-year history of our company. You know what that means? You got it: We’re going for a new record in 2016! Our game fans are the greatest around and we’re thrilled to add new fans every year. There’s no stopping us because Filsinger Games isn’t about corporate hype or mindless entertainment. We are game fans producing games for game fans! Expect more of the same for as long as you’ve got the energy to roll those red and blue dice! We want to thank our amazing staff and our outstanding partners for our continued growth. Onward, the best is yet ahead!


Who is This Imposing Figure and What Does He Find So Disturbing? You’ll Find Out With 80s Mania Wrestling!

It was the 1980s. Pro wrestling and pop culture were at their peaks. And a man named Tom Filsinger started his own game company.

Fast forward to the present day.

Filsinger Games teams up with Checkmate Creative to present the 80s Mania Wrestling 8-pack!

Based on the colorful world of characters and concepts featured in the mobile game “80s Mania Wrestling,” the 8MW 8-pack allows Champions of the Galaxy and Legends of Wrestling fans alike to take a nostalgic trip back to the 1980s and run their own federations inspired by pop culture’s greatest decade!

Just wait until you see what’s in store for this totally awesome new game pack!

You’ll receive 8 wrestler cards featuring a mix of popular 8MW characters! Each wrestler has it’s own Filsinger Games style move set as well as an additional 80s Mania Wrestling inspired MIC rating and POP rating!

How will these new ratings work? You’ll find out when you also receive the MIC SPOT chart and SKIT chart! And yes, you can use these new cards and charts with any of your other Filsinger Games cards and charts! Everything is compatible!

As  if that weren’t cool enough, with the 8MW 8-pack you’ll also get PDFs of the original Filsinger Games charts! Of course you’ll also receive a PDF handbook that includes character bios, move descriptions and more 80s Mania madness!

Please note that all wrestler cards will be mailed to buyers while the new charts and handbook will be sent via email in PDF form.

How will Dark Invader fare against Champions of the Galaxy legends like Wolf and Star Warrior? You’ll find out!

End of January 2016


Filsinger Games Holiday Specials!

Its holiday shopping time and of course the greatest gifts in the galaxy come from Filsinger Games. Now is the perfect time to get a friend started or just get something for yourself! Here is the rundown of all of our specials.


Get a Special deal on all our newest holiday releases, save $4 when you order ROH Glory by Honor, Chikara Immortals, Legends Final Chapter and Champions of the Galaxy FTR all together. Preorder now and get your games first when they are released by December 14.



To celebrate the last black and white Legends of Wrestling game edition, get a special deal on all older Legends of Wrestling game editions. Now through November 30th take an extra 30% off all Black and White Legends cards including Printed cards, Online game editions and Online PDFs. When you check out, use the coupon code BLACKANDWHITE




Now through the end of 2015 when you order the Best of Filsinger Games starter set, you also get the color cards for the Dream Team of Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake for free. Its the perfect Christmas gift for any wrestling fan!



Filsinger Games Featured in Latest CAC Newsletter

by Eric Chmeil

(This article is from the October, 2015 issue of the official newsletter of the Cauliflower Alley Club called “The Ear.”)

It’s not something you see every day: respected professor of psychology at a renowned university by day, revered king of the world’s greatest table top pro wrestling gaming empire by night. But such is the unusual life of the CAC’s Tom Filsinger. When he’s not busy lecturing students, Filsinger creates fantasy dice games that allow players to pit the biggest ring stars in existence against each other in matches that are often as exciting as the real thing. You just roll the dice, follow the information on the back of Tom’s spectacularly-illustrated game cards (courtesy of Werner Mueck and Darryl Banks) and enjoy the action. It’s that easy.

“I just recently started teaching at Northern Arizona University after many years in New York, so I haven’t spoken to my students yet about my company because I don’t want to confuse them this early in the semester,” Filsinger says with a smile. “But I have the soul of a wrestler when I present lectures and they enjoy the energy.”

Filsinger, a CAC member for 10 years, started Filsinger Games three decades ago with an offering called “Champions of the Galaxy,” which employed make-believe wrestlers of Filsinger’s own creation. Champions, now a Filsinger company staple, took off in a big way among both wrestling fans and gaming fans and helped establish Tom as THE wrestling game card creator.

“At first I wasn’t sure anyone would buy it,” he recalls. “It was 1986 and no one had combined wrestling with super heroes before. But eventually that combination became commonplace in the WWF. I was thrilled that ‘Champions of the Galaxy’ did so well, but I wanted more. I knew it could grow. I saw the game as an on-going story, not a one-shot deal. And it’s still around, 30 years later, including a movie script that’s currently in revision.”

Since that first groundbreaking dice game, Filsinger’s business has exploded and now offers games featuring wrestlers from promotions like Ring of Honor, Shimmer and Chikara Pro Wrestling, as well as legends from past eras and fantasy-based wrestlers. But it’s not just table top gaming that Filsinger has mastered; he’s also collaborated with no less than comic book legend Stan Lee on the political humor book, Election Daze, and wrote a memoir on creativity called The Dark Menace of the Universe. Filsinger also offers calendars, CDs and more.

In 2015, Filsinger honored the CAC with a special six-card game set called “The CAC Reunion Pack” with club luminaries Ron Hutchison, Bill White, Malia Hosaka, Diamond Dallas Page, Larry “The Ax” Hennig and the Ear’s own Dr. Mike Lano all getting their own game cards. As Filsinger explains, “I love the history of wrestling and I’m grateful for the support I receive from the CAC. My goal was to shed light on some of our CAC stars by immortalizing them with game cards that will live on as long as people play my games.”

If you didn’t get the CAC game cards at the reunion this past year, they are still available by going to Tom’s great website, where you can also see all the other excellent card sets his company makes.


Tom Talks In-Depth With the Gang at IndyKast!

In a very far-ranging interview, Tom talked with hosts Chad, Zac, and Luna for IndyKast, one of the greatest indy wrestling podcasts in the galaxy! According to Tom, “We dug a little deeper than usual, which is a great credit to the hosts. Very enjoyable.”

Topics included the early days of trying to market the game to the WWF in the 1980s, Tom’s favorite and least favorite game storylines, updates on the Champions of the Galaxy movie script, more inside stories working with Stan Lee, upcoming holiday game releases, and other cool tidbits!

You can listen here and be sure to leave a supportive comment thanking the hosts!

New Starter Set Showcases BEST OF Filsinger Games!

Rock bands and popular artists release their BEST OF and GREATEST HITS collections. Why not Filsinger Games?

Our new BEST OF Starter Set is an amazing sampler of the best wrestlers from our wrestling partnerships. It’s simply the BEST OF indie wrestling but also much more.

The BEST OF Starter Set is a perfect gift for a wrestling fan and the best way to introduce game fans to Filsinger Games. BEST OF includes all four game charts, dice, instruction book, game roster, and 16 amazing game cards! They are:

Kevin Steen (ROH game card) currently wrestling as Kevin Owens.
Macho Man Randy Savage (Limited Edition card)
Bryan Danielson (ROH game card) currently wrestling as Daniel Bryan.
Claudio Castagnoli (Chikara game card) currently wrestling as Cesaro.
Diamond Dallas Page (Cauliflower Alley Club game card)
2 Cold Scorpio (National Pro Wrestling Day game card)
Jay Lethal (ROH game card)
AJ Styles (ROH card)
Cheerleader Melissa (Shimmer game card)
Lance Hoyt (Inspire Pro Wrestling game card)
Adam Pearce (Championship Wrestling from Hollywood game card)
Sami Callihan (Combat Zone Wrestling game card)
Johnny Gargano (Evolve game card)
Kimber Lee (Combat Zone Wrestling game card)
Marion Fontaine (Olde Wrestling game card)
Matt Cross (Absolute Intense Wrestling game card)

All this for the low price of only $15! If you don’t have all these game cards you’ll want this awesome BEST OF collection to fill the gaps. Better yet, this is a great gift for your friends or family that love wrestling! There’s no better place to start playing our games. Don’t hesitate—GO HERE to order!

Filsinger Games Joins Forces with Checkmate Creative on 80s Mania Wrestling Game!

Filsinger Games, producers of cards and dice wrestling games for 30 years, has announced a partnership with Checkmate Creative, producers of the 80s Mania Wrestling game app.

Checkmate Creative is a digital production company owned by Kris Osk. “Kris has been part of the Filsinger Games team for years and I’m delighted to partner with him on his exciting game venture,” said owner Tom Filsinger.

Checkmate Creative has recently launched 80s Mania Wrestling, which is a pro wrestling business/booker sim and collectible card game, set in pop culture’s greatest decade.

80s Mania Wrestling is available now for free at the App Store and Google Play store.

Regarding a partnership with Filsinger Games, owner and game creator Kris Osk said, “To know that 80s Mania Wrestling has Filsinger Game’s stamp of approval is thrilling, especially considering their longstanding reputation and vast reach throughout the wrestling game space.”

Filsinger Games has released cards and dice games since 1986 as well as expanding into the digital game market. In addition to their original game, Champions of the Galaxy, the company releases licensed games for professional wrestling promotions including Ring of Honor, Evolve, Shimmer, and Chikara.

“There is a natural connection between Filsinger Games products and 80s Mania Wrestling,” Tom Filsinger said. “Kris and I believe there are other cross-over opportunities for both brands. So keep an eye on things in the upcoming months!”

For more information about Filsinger Games go to: and for more information about 80s Mania Wrestling go to:


Tom Talks Growth of Filsinger Games, Wrestlers That Play the Games, WWE, More, with WrestleZone Radio

Recently, Tom Filsinger was interviewed by Nick Hausman and Ross Berman of WrestleZone Radio during the amazing Filsinger Games sponsored Wrestling Geek Fest convention in Strongsville, Ohio on August 14-16.

The interview covered a lot of territory including the 30-year growth of Filsinger Games, wrestlers that play the games, how the game cards are created, and preliminary explorations of a partnership with WWE.

You won’t want to miss it and you can hear the exclusive interview by going here!

First Wrestling Geek Fest a Big Success!

We came, we saw, we conquered.

Filsinger Games sponsored their first convention last weekend (Aug 14-16) called Wrestling Geek Fest, an event that combined professional wrestling, games, and popular culture. It was an action-packed convention and if you weren’t there you missed some wild unscripted moments!

Wrestling Geek Fest included live matches, comedy, music, and movies to say nothing of unpredictable improv events and live podcast interviews. Live matches featured a ladies tag team where the talented women were dressed as their favorite wrestling legends. The Absolute Intense Wrestling show on Friday night featured exciting mixed gender matches of men vs. women. The live matches on Saturday night featured carnival era fisticuffs (Olde Wrestling) and even alien wrestlers from the future (Champions of the Galaxy) to say nothing of hardcore action (Combat Zone Wrestling).

Wrestling Geek Fest featured a diverse lineup of entertainment including stars from Comedy Central, Destination America, and the WWE Network. Geek Fest also included an emotional moment about wrestler Tim Donst’s battle with cancer, which was depicted in a documentary called Wrestle Donst Wrestle, that debuted at the convention. Donst also wrestled at the event in a live classic match against former WWE tag champion Paul London.

If you weren’t at Wrestling Geek Fest, the DVD and downloads showcasing two nights of live matches will be available soon from Smart Mark Video. Keep watching for updates!

The first Wrestling Geek Fest was a historic event! What will happen at Geek Fest 2?