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Summer Release Presale Now Available!

We are proud to announce that the spectacular summer releases from Filsinger Games are now available to preorder!

First up is the highly anticipated newest chapter in the Champion of the Galaxy universe, Regime Change 2133! In 2132 Sly Drury made a shocking return to the GWF.  What changes are in store for Sly and his team?  What new challenges are set to face the man who Runs This Fed?  Lots of mysteries will continue until the reveal at GalactiCon weekend in Jamestown on July 7th.  Unable to join us in Jamestown?  Don’t worry, a PDF of the 2133 handbook will be made available to purchase on July 7 to those that can’t be there.  Stay tuned to the site for details.

Also, in a tribute to the original Legends of Wrestling card release in 2001, we are releasing a Limited Edition King Kong Bundy color card!  This updated card will be the perfect addition to your color Legends of Wrestling fed.  Those that are attending GalactiCon will receive this card for free!

Games begin shipping on Monday July 10th!  Preorder Regime Change 2133 HERE and the King Kong Bundy LE Card HERE.

GalactiCon Returns to Jamestown on July 8!

A Filsinger Games tradition started in 1990 with its annual summer convention GalactiCon. Now after 2 years away from its traditional home after stops in Cleveland and Philadelpha, GalactiCon returns to Jamestown! The convention will be held on Saturday July 8 at Jamestown Community College (525 Falconer Street, Jamestown, NY) from 11AM to 7PM, with activities throughout the weekend. Here is the rundown:


5:00 PM – Chautauqua Comics: 214 Fairmount Avenue, Jamestown.

The first chance to play against fellow promoters before the main convention begins. This tournament will feature wrestlers from Broc Atkinson’s New Dimensions Wrestling! Winner gets a special prize.

6:00 PM – Brazil Craft Beer and Wine Lounge: 10 E 4th St, Jamestown

Grab some food and drinks with fellow promoters and Tom Filsinger himself. This is also your first chance to get a copy of the latest and greatest Champions of the Galaxy expansion: REGIME CHANGE 2133.


11:00 AM to 7:00 PM – Jamestown Community College: 525 Falconer Street, Jamestown

The main event of the weekend! The convention will feature a number of game tournaments including the grand championship, the GalactiCon Cup! Also featured will be a Trivia Contest, charity auction and special Q&A with Tom Filsinger. Your convention fee will also cover lunch, snacks and drinks on Saturday afternoon. Wrestling guests Black Sheep Bennett Cole and announcer Ken Kingsley will be in attendance.


10:00 AM – Friendly’s: 10 S Main St, Jamestown.

Grab a last meal with friends and maybe roll one last tournament too.

We hope all Filsinger Games fans old and new can join us for this great galactic family reunion!

EVOLVE 4 and Promoter Prime Ready to Order

Two big game editions are available for preorder right now from Filsinger Games!

First up is the incredible 4th edition of the EVOLVE Wrestling game. This set features 8 wrestlers and a digital handbook. Already announced have been Ethan Page, Darby Allin, Peter Kaasa, Jeff Cobb and Jason Kincaid. Add to the list one of the bigger competitors in EVOLVE and the newest signee to the promotion, Keith Lee! This Texas standout has made a big name for himself in the past year and has made an immediate splash in EVOLVE, even beating current champion Zack Sabre, Jr.!

Also available for presale is the 2017 Promoter Prime set. This diverse game edition provides 2 cards each month from the Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling and Independent Wrestling games that Filsinger Games produces. The printed set is available now with the first 3 months worth of characters, with more cards to be sent quarterly (in June, September and December). Subscribers will also get the PDF and Online versions included once available. The first 6 cards include:

January: Scott Taylor, Redd Dogg (Legends)

February: Massage NV (Beyond Wrestling)

March: Pegasus, Mensar (COTG Eternal Champions)

Both game editions will begin mailing by April 7th.

To order the printed version of EVOLVE 4 click here:…/evolve-wrestling…/evolve-4-pack/

To order the printed version of Promoter Prime 2017 click here:…/promoter-prime-2017-w-printed-…/

2016 Anniversary Year Breaks All-Time Sales Record!

We celebrated our 30th anniversary with a bang. 2016 marked our top year all-time in total game sales!


Who says an indie game can’t have longevity and be successful?

We have the greatest team of artists, writers, and contributors that is possible. That’s to say nothing of the best fans in the game industry.

We’re prejudiced of course, but why shouldn’t we be!

Despite our success we aren’t stopping—we’re having too much fun! Here’s to 2017 breaking the record again!




Filsinger Games to Partner With New England’s Beyond Wrestling

In the past few years Filsinger Games has partnered with indie wrestling companies throughout the United States. Now Filsinger Games branches into the New England wrestling scene for the first time with an exciting new partnership with Beyond Wrestling!

Beyond Wrestling started in 2009 and for a while was known as the wrestling company with no fans. Wrestlers would showcase their talents in front of the other wrestlers and matches would broadcast on Beyond Wrestling’s popular YouTube channel. In recent years, Beyond Wrestling has expanded and now regularly packs buildings with enthusiastic fans. Beyond Wrestling still has a heavy focus on its YouTube channel which has the biggest following in U.S. indie wrestling due to its free weekly matches. What a deal!

Check out Beyond Wrestling to see wrestlers you already love and new wrestlers that will be part of the new game edition.  Beyond Wrestling will also be part of the WWN Live More Than Mania Experience in Orlando on March 20 – April 2, along with Evolve Wrestling, Shimmer and Chikara.  Get ready— Beyond Wrestling’s card pack will be released late February!

The Perfect Gaming Gift—The Best of Filsinger Games Just Got Better!

Our Best of Filsinger Games Starter Set features 16 playing cards from a variety of our game editions and is the perfect gift for anyone who loves pro wrestling.  It features all the charts, dice and instructions needed to play.  Now as a bonus for the holiday season for just $5 more you can add on 1 of more than 20 expansion sets. Choose from:

ROH Future of Honor 6-PACK

ROH Legends of Honor 6-PACK

ROH Tradition of Honor 7-PACK

ROH Celebration of Honor (singles) 6-PACK

ROH Celebration of Honor (tag team) 6-PACK

Chikara Collectors 4-PACK

Chikara Tribute 4-PACK

Chikara Rudos 5-PACK

Chikara Unmasked 5-PACK

Chikara Gekido 6-PACK

Chikara Tecnicos 6-PACK

Chikara Chikarmy 1 6-PACK

Chikara Chikarmy 2 6-PACK

Chikara Ashes of Chikara 6-PACK

Chikara Wrecking Crew 6-PACK

Tier 1 Wrestling 6-PACK

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment 6-PACK

Inspire Pro Wrestling 8-PACK

Olde Wrestling 4-PACK

Olde Wrestling 2 8-PACK

Dark Menace Foreces 6-PACK

National Pro Wrestling Day 6-PACK

Wrestlecon 4-PACK

Order the Best of Filsinger Games Starter Set for just $15.

Order the Best of Filsinger Games Bonus for just $20.  Make sure to tell us at checkout what bonus set you would like to receive. What a deal!

Happy Holidays from Filsinger Games!

Filsinger Games Summer Convention 2016 Coming to Philly!

For the 27th year in a row Filsinger Games will be holding a summer game convention and this year it is coming to Philadelphia!  The convention will be held July 16th, with activities throughout the weekend!  The convention itself will feature all your favorite GalactiCon tournaments, along with new game releases and other fun surprises.  The night of the convention promoters will head over to the one and only ECW arena to see Ring of Honor Wrestling in action!  Its going to be a exciting weekend.

Here is a rundown of the events planned:

Friday 7/15 2:00 – Tour of Philadelphia for Out of Towners – see all the best sights in Philly including the Liberty Bell, The Rocky Steps and get an authentic Philly Cheesesteak.

Friday 7/15 7:00 – Get together at Barcade Philadelphia, featuring the best retro video games.

Saturday 7/16 10:00 – 4:00 – The convention itself at the Hampton Inn Philadelphia Airport.  Convention fee includes lunch!

Saturday 7/16 6:00 – Ring of Honor TV Taping at 2300 Arena.  Tickets not included in convention fee.

Sunday 7/17 11:00 – Farewell lunch at Ruby Tuesdays next door to the Hampton Inn.

For more details, including information on hotels and tickets to Ring of Honor, check out the official Convention page on th Filsinger Games website:

Filsinger Games Tabletop Day Activities for April 30 Plus Live Stream!

April 30th will be a celebration of all tabletop games and Filsinger Games will be participating in a big way!  There will be Filsinger Games gatherings in different parts of the US, where people can learn to play and join in tournaments.  We hope if you live nearby one you will consider going and participating.  Even if you can’t we have other ways to engage with us and the Filsinger Games community.  Check out what is going on!

Social Media Interaction

Throughout the day send us your card results and pictures of you playing on Twitter.  Make sure to tag us @FilsingerGames and use the hashtag #TableTopDay to join in on the conversation.  We will retweet you and share with the rest of the community. And at the end of the day there will be a LIVE STREAM Q & A with Tom (see below)!

Official Filsinger Games Tabletop Day Gatherings

Here are all the live gaming gatherings.  Each gathering will have their own free giveaway cards.

New Haven, CT

Connecticut Festival of Indie Games
Elm City Games / The Grove
756 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06510
10-4 PM EDT

Pittsburgh, PA

New Dimension Comics – Cranberry
20550 Perry Highway
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
3-6 PM EDT

Omaha, NE

Legends Comics and Coffee
5207 Leavenworth Street
Omaha, NE 68144
12-4 PM CDT

Los Angeles, CA

Emerald Knights Comics & Games
4116 W. Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
11-3 PM PDT

Flagstaff, AZ

Cab Comics
1471 S Milton Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
11-3 PM PDT

COTGOnline Tournaments

Can’t join us for a live gathering, no problem!  Throughout the day we will have Filsinger games Online tournaments.  Here is the lineup:

9AM – GWF (All eras)

2PM – Legends/Indy

7PM – Anything Goes

For more information on  how to participate, go to the official thread on our message board here:

Youtube/Google Hangout Live Stream Video Podcast and Q&A

To cap off the day’s activities join us for a live video podcast.  Tom, Wiggy and Todd will break down all the day’s events.  They will also answer your questions live and Tom will have a special EXCLUSIVE announcement about a summer game release! It begins at 9 pm Eastern!

To view the Youtube stream go here:

To RSVP for the event and submit questions go here:

Tom Filsinger Will be at Cab Comics in Flagstaff for Tabletop Game Day!

What better way to learn how to play a game than from the creator himself!

Tom Filsinger will be at Cab Comics in Flagstaff, Arizona on Tabletop Game Day on April 30. He will be running game demos from 11:00 – 3:00.

Tabletop Game Day is a big day for Filsinger Games. There will be game events throughout the United States including Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Omaha, and New Haven. Filsinger Games fans will be communicating via Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.


For more about Filsinger Games events for Tabletop Game Day go here.

Above photo is from Verde Valley Comic Con on April 9. Tom with Arizona game master, the Chief.

JOIN US! Here are Filsinger Games Events for Tabletop Game Day April 30!

April 30th will be a celebration of all tabletop games and Filsinger Games will be participating in a big way.  There will be Filsinger Games gatherings in different parts of the US, where people can learn to play and join in tournaments.  We hope if you live nearby one of these events you will consider coming out and participating.  Even if you can’t we have other ways to engage with us and the Filsinger Games community so plan for a big day!

Here is a list of events that day:

  • Live Filsinger Games Events at gaming stores in the following cities:

Los Angeles, CA

New Haven, CT

Pittsburgh, PA

Omaha, NE

Flagstaff, AZ

Tom himself will be running game events and demos at Cab Comics in Flagstaff, AZ. Come learn from the creator!

  • Online Game Tournaments on COTGOnline

Times TBA

  • Google Hangout Live Stream Video Podcast and Q&A

Time TBA

  • Social Media Interaction Throughout the Day with Special Deals and Announcements
For more details on everything happening on April 30 and how to get free giveaway cards continue to follow Filsinger Games Twitter and the official Event page.