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Ox Baker to Unleash the Heart Punch in the Newest Legends Expansion

The next name for Legends Expansion Set 4 is the “Great Heart Puncher” himself, Ox Baker!  One of the most feared wrestlers of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Baker traveled all throughout the territories punishing opponents and frightening fans everywhere he went.  What Baker is known best for is his devastating move, which was banned in multiple states and even said to kill more than one competitor.  Who will he unleash the Heart Punch on first in your Legends promotion?

Ox Baker joins Sandman in the 10 card Legends Expansion Set 4 debuting July 13th at GalactiCon in the Philadelphia area!  For more information on attending GalactiCon visit the GalactiCon page on our website.  The game will begin mailing to other customers shortly after.

The Sandman Enters The Next Legends Set!

Leading off the lineup of Legends Expansion Set 4 is none other than the Hardcore Icon, the Sandman!  Most well know for his escapades in the land of the extreme, the Sandman only loves one thing more than drinking a beer and that is delivering punishment to his opponents.  Brandishing his Singapore cane the Sandman is ready for a hardcore match against any opponent.

Get your music ready for his epic entrance into your Legends of Wresting fed this July when the Sandman and Legends Expansion Set 4 debut at GalactiCon in the Philadelphia area!  For more information on attending GalactiCon visit the GalactiCon page on our website.

Rockin’ Robin Rocks New Legendary Ladies Expansion!

This Legendary Ladies expansion set rocks and it’s nearly here!

Rockin’ Robin will bring her thrilling style to the new Legends expansion pack and it’ll liven up your fed! Robin is a multiple times ladies champion in several real-life promotions as well having a popular stint wrestling in Japan. She has feuded with other female wrestlers in this expansion pack such as Sherri Martel and Judy Martin. Who will be the ladies champion in YOUR fed?

Hey, as a special touch you can also take out her card, play America the Beautiful in the background, and pretend she’s singing because she opened a wrestling show by singing this song!

As if our sneak previews aren’t enough to convince you that you need this game pack the full roster is: Rockin’ Robin, Princess Victoria, Sherri Martel, Judy Martin, Leilani Kai, Tina Moretti, Jazz, and Nora Greenwald.

Legends: Ladies Expansion is now available for preorder HERE.  Also available now is a Limited Edition card for Texas Legend Johnny Mantel HERE. These items will begin shipping by the end of February so ORDER NOW!

Judy Martin Enters the Fray as Legendary Ladies Game Pack is Near!

Many times a tag team champion, Judy Martin is set to enter YOUR Legends promotion!

The new Legendary Ladies of Wrestling pack will begin mailing in two weeks and it’ll add a whole new dimension to your game fed. Judy Martin formed a successful team winning tag gold with Leilani Kai. Will Martin have success in your promotion?

Legends: Ladies Expansion is now available for preorder HERE.  Also available now is a Limited Edition card for Texas Legend Johnny Mantel HERE.


Nora Greenwald Will Bring Drama to Your Legends Fed!

There’s more drama coming your way in the amazing Legendary Ladies of Wrestling pack that’s coming at you this month!

Nora Greenwald began her career as a valet for Randy “Macho Man” Savage. That’ll create some excitement with Sherri Martel also getting a card in this pack! Add to that the fact that Nora won several Women’s Titles for several wrestling promotions and she’ll be causing all kinds of trouble in your game fed!

Watch for news about pre-ordering the Legendary Ladies of Wrestling pack, it’s coming soon! We’re going to make sure your Legends game promotion is never dull and Nora Greenwald will spice it up!

Sherri Martel Another Legend Added to Ladies Roster!

Sherri Martel, one of the best known female stars of all time, is coming to the Legendary Ladies of Wrestling pack which is due for release at the end of February!

Sherri is well known for several successful stints in major promotions, as well as close associations with Ted DiBiase and Randy Savage. Sherri is very versatile. She can be used as a singles star and tag team star as well as a manager or valet. Imagine the mayhem when you unite Sherri Martel with DiBiase or Savage in your game promotion!

Martel was a Women’s Champion several times in her career as well as winning gold as a tag wrestler. She’ll add plenty of drama to your promotion, so get psyched for the Legendary Ladies release!


Princess Victoria Kicks Off Legendary Ladies Card Pack!

Filsinger Games is starting the new year with royalty as Princess Victoria becomes the first woman announced in the upcoming Legendary Ladies of Wrestling card pack!

Princess Victoria won tag gold in two major promotions, including her first in 1984 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She was honored by the Cauliflower Alley Club in 2018 with a Women’s Wrestling Award.

Your Legends fed is about to get a lot better and adding more variety with the Legendary Ladies of Wrestling! Get psyched. The new pack is set to start mailing on February 20. Keep watching for more announcements!

More Legends from the Midwest Will Arrive in Promoter Prime Q4!


Quarter 4 Promoter Prime will see an influx of talent just in time for your holiday supercards.  Your Legends Color fed will never be the same!

With one of the best dropkicks in wrestling history, “Jumping” Jim Brunzell will leap into Legends Color!  Brunzell made his mark as a territorial wrestling star before working for a national company.  This card represents his territorial days, when he challenged Nick Bockwinkel and Brusier Brody for singles titles, and Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens for tag team championships.

Next to get the Legends color treatment is the loveable Jake “The Milkman” Milliman.  This often abused star managed to grab a few big wins in his career, much to the chagrin of Larry Zybszko.  Can he get the upset again?

Finally, another long time Midwest enhancement talent makes his LOW debut.  Known as the “Sodbuster”, Kenny Jay was a favorite of fans throughout the Midwest for his hard work ethic and never say die attitude.  That may not translate into a lot of wins, but he’ll keep you entertained!

Order 2018 Legends Prime and the entire 2018 Promoter Prime set HERE.

The Heenan Family Comes to the Legends Game!

Widely regarded as one of the greatest managers of all time, the legendary Bobby “The Brain” Heenan as a new special edition card as part of our holiday Legends releases.  There are number of wrestlers in the Legends game that have been managed by Heenan, including the Valiants, Blackjack Mulligan, King Kong Bundy and one of the stars of Legends Expansion III Nick Bockwinkel.  Who will comprise your version of the Heenan Family?

Preorder Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, Legends Expansion III and all of our holiday releases HERE! Games begin mailing December 14th.

Mr. Electricity Looks to Light Up the Legends Roster!

Former World Tag Team and Jr Heavyweight Champion Steve “Mr. Electricity” Regal will make his Legends of Wrestling debut in Legends Expansion III. Regal was a territorial star throughout the country, hearing both cheers and jeers from wrestling fans. He once formed a team that upset the Road Warriors, can he find the right partner to catch lightning in a bottle twice?

Preorder Legends Expansion III now along with all of our holiday releases HERE! Games begin mailing December 14th.