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From the Mushroom Kingdom in Canada come the Super Smash Brothers!

When you think of Canadian independent tag teams of the past 10 years, there is one duo that immediately springs to mind as one of the most prolific…the Super Smash Brothers.  Player Uno and Player Dos (often also known as Stupefied) are a unique duo with a fun offense that often plays homage to popular video games.  Although they like to have fun, they are serious about winning, and with Uno’s strength and Dos’ high flying, they have certainly done plenty of that.  In addition to winning accolades in Canada, the duo has also won tag team titles in the US, including the Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas.  Although the duo has undergone a darker change to their personalities in recent years, fans still remember the classic tag team fondly and can now include them in their Filsinger Games Indie promotion!

Player Uno and Player Dos join Davey Boy Smith Jr., Teddy Hart, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, RJ City, Tyson Dux and Brent Banks in the Best of Canada 8 Pack.  The set is available now HERE and has already begun shipping!

Veteran Canadian Duo Joins the Best of Canada Lineup!

Joining the Best of Canada set is a pair of veteran Canadian Indie wrestlers who have recently formed a partnership, Tyson Dux and Brent Banks. Tyson Dux is a 20 year veteran, with plenty of accolades on the Canadian indie scene, as well as some notable appearances in major US promotions including Ring of Honor and a prestigious international Cruiserweight tournament. Brent Banks is a 13-year vet of the Canadian indies and is one of Ontario’s best kept secrets. The charismatic and athletic Banks has won a number of titles throughout Ontario, including a recent tag team title reign with Tyson Dux.

Tyson Dux and Brent Banks join Davey Boy Smith Jr., Teddy Hart, RJ City and 3 other wrestlers in the Best of Canada 8 Pack.  The set is available to preorder HERE and will begin shipping on March 30th.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. Headlines the Best of Canada set

The latest name in the Best of Canada set is not only a part of Canadian wrestling’s most storied family, but is also the son of one of the most popular British wrestlers of all time.  That’s right Davey Boy Smith Jr. will be getting his first Filsinger Games playing card.  This big man has wrestled for all of the top wrestling promotions in the world, and while he has many singles accolades, as a tag wrestler he has acheived gold in all of the top promotions he worked for.  How will you book Davey Boy Smith Jr.?  Will you tag him with his cousin Teddy Hart or perhaps with the obnoxious Lance Hoyt?  Regardless he is sure to make a major impact on your Indie fed.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. joins Teddy Hart, RJ City and 5 other wrestlers in the Best of Canada 8 Pack.  The set is available to preorder HERE and will begin shipping on March 30th.

From the TV screen to your Indie Fed…its RJ City!

The wrestler in the best of Canada set, may be getting as much publicity from TMZ as he is from the Indie wrestling world, its the handsome and charismatic RJ City.  RJ has never shied away from a TV camera, being on kids TV shows as a youngster and now having his wrestling performances syndicated in over 100 countries.  He gained some recent notoriety as an opponent and reluctant tag team partner of Hollywood’s David Arquette.  RJ is fond of Hollywood, but less so the stars of today vs. the stars of 40 years ago.  Regardless he will make a fun addition to anyone’s indie fed.

RJ City joins Teddy Hart in the Best of Canada 8-pack coming in late March.

GalactiCon Returns to Eastern Pennsylvania!

Get ready Filsinger Games fans, our annual summer game convention is coming up in 4 short months and we have all the details!  GalactiCon 2019 will be coming to Malven, PA on July 13-14 at P.J. Whelihan’s Pub & Restaurant.  We have a whole weekend of fun planned you won’t want to miss out on!

It all kicks off Friday night July 12 at First Energy Stadium in Reading, PA.  Not only will fans be in for a great night of baseball and fireworks, but after the game Chikara will be running a show right in the stadium!  We have a section reserved for the game, so make sure to join us for an awesome kickoff to the weekend.  Check out the convention page for details on getting tickets for our section.

That Friday night at Midnight at the GCon hotel its the release of GWF Sudden Death 2135!  Join Tom and be the first to pick up the new game edition and see what Godsend has in store for your favorite GWF wrestlers.

The convention itself will take place at P.J. Whelihan’s in their private party room on both Saturday July 13 11-5 and Sunday July 14 11-2.  We will have a buffet lunch set up on Saturday, which is included in the price of the convention. All your favorite GalactiCon activities will take place including the Q&A with Tom, the trivia contest, auction and of course tons of tournaments.  The best part is that the convention site is right next door to the hotel.

For more details on the convention, including how to get a special room rate and reserving tickets for the baseball game and wrestling show, go to the official GalactiCon home page.

The king has spoken!

Godsend has declared SUDDEN DEATH is coming  back to the GWF in 2135! But what will be the “rules according to Godsend?”

Meanwhile Nightmare and Maramus are leading a revolution against the Kingdom of Castilex. Who will they add to their team of insurgents in 2135? Can they be successful against not just Godsend, but GODSEND?

You’ll get all the answers in July when SUDDEN DEATH 2135 is released exclusively at GalactiCon (watch for info on that too!) and then mails to loyal game fans throughout the galaxy.

Get psyched! Your favorite team of Tom, Darryl, and Werner will be working overtime to bring YOU another amazing chapter in GWF history. Then there’s NEXT YEAR – the 50th anniversary game edition for CotG!

It’ll be a cosmic spectacle beyond words and it starts this summer with SUDDEN DEATH 2135. Can Godsend survive?





Oh Canada! The Newest Best of the Indies Set is Coming Soon!

Last summer Filsinger Games started its Best of the Indies series with the Best of the UK set.  After the success of that game we are following up with another highly requested Indie Wrestling destination….Canada!

What better way to kick off the Best of Canada set, than with a member of the most famous wrestling family, the Harts!  Teddy Hart was born into wrestling and has always had tons of talent and charisma.  Although he has never performed consistently in the major leagues, in recent years he has made a major splash on the indie scene popping up in a number of promotions.  His unique offensive maneuvers and high flying moves make his matches a spectacle to witness.

The Best of Canada 8-card expansion will be released in late March.  Stay tuned for more names over the coming weeks!

Some Big Name Close Out the Year for Indies Prime!

Three big names in indie wrestling are included in the final quarter of 2018.

First up is the former underground fighter Killer Kross.  Billed from Sin City, this vicious wrestler has begun to make a name for himself on both the US Indies and Mexican Lucha Libre promotions. TICK TOCK.

Next is the charismatic high flyer from Texas Sammy Guevara.  Guevara has started to pop up all over the US Indie scene in recent years and is beginning to be seen more on the national stage as well as throughout the world.

Lastly, its the in ring voice of Ring of Honor, ring announcer Bobby Cruise.  Although he started as the personal announcer for Steve Corino, Cruise is now the main man to introduce ROH talent.  This card is a great way to spice up the start of a big feud in your ROH promotion.

Order the 2018 Indies Prime and the entire 2018 COTG Prime set HERE.

Brothers In Arms Called to Kronos From the 3000 Era!

Meet the latest and greatest Kronos faction – Brothers In Arms! How did this incredible partnership between Milky Way Galaxy and Swarm come to pass? Learn the secret story of SWARM traveling to the future to wrestle in the 3000 era! Who helped him get there?
Swarm continues his legendary career on Kronos, bringing the pain with an offensive arsenal featuring the most controversial new finisher on Kronos – the SWARM! Look out!

ACTAGON is the leader of Brothers in Arms and and the most experienced fighter on Kronos.

He is the ultimate galactic warrior – combining traditional Greek war tactics with futuristic battle moves. Wait until you learn about the phenomenal new trios finisher – PHALANX ATTACK!

Finally reintroduce yourself to RUNE LARRS!
In a parallel universe not too distant from our own, Rune Larrs has ascended to High Chief of the Iapetus Tribe on Saturn. He is a fierce warrior and loyal ally to the hero team.
Refusing to be left out of the hype, Rune Larrs unleashes the most dangerous new tag finisher to his enemies on Kronos – MEGA DRIVE CLUSTER! The finisher rating is dependent on how well Rune softens up the opponent with Cluster Takedown! Get those dice warned up and ready to fire. Brothers In Arms are locked and loaded for war!
These 3 cards are the Q4 cards for Champions of the Galaxy Prime 2018.  Order the entire 2018 COTG Prime set HERE.

The Bruiserweight Completes the Best of the UK Set!

Completing the incredible Best of the UK set is perhaps the biggest name on the United Kingdom wrestling scene today, “The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne.  Dunne is known for his brutal wrestling style and sour attitude that earned him the Bruiserweight nickname. An extremely accomplished wrestler, he has won titles throughout the UK as both a singles and tag team wrestler.  But in the past year he has finally achieved world-wide acclaim under the banner of the largest wrestling promotion in the world, and now everyone can appreciate the talent that Pete Dunne possesses.  Game fans will be eager to match up Dunne with Trent Seven and Tyler Bate both as partners and opponents and recreate some of the epic encounters they have had in recent times.

Pete Dunne joins Zack Sabre Jr., Mark Andrews, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Travis Banks, Mark Haskins, and Flash Morgan Webster as part of the 8-card Best of UK Wrestling game pack.  The set will debut on July 14th at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh, and begin mailing worldwide July 20th. Get ready to add the best of the UK scene in your indie promotion!  Order this set and our other summer releases HERE.