Godsend’s Greatest Nightmare is Returning in 2134 Game Pack!

There are going to be some sleepless nights ahead for Godsend! Two big enemies—MARAMUS and NIGHTMARE are making their unexpected returns in the upcoming KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING game pack!
The mysterious NIGHTMARE will arise once again from the Shadow Mist to wreak havoc in the GWF. To make matters worse for Godsend, NIGHTMARE will be led by MARAMUS and MARAMUS feels he has a score to settle with the leader of the Dominion! What does it all mean?
KINGDOM COME 2134: UPRISING will be a 4-card pack and should whet your appetite as loyal fans await the next amazing expansion, KINGDOM COME 2135, which is due in July, 2019.
Two more cards for this special 4-pack will be announced in the days ahead but for now be careful that you don’t lose any sleep tonight—NIGHTMARE will haunt everyone’s dreams and in particular, the dreams of Godsend!
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