Officer Warren Barksdale Brings Law and Order to Chikara KOT Pack!

The 8th and final card for the brand new Chikara King of Trios game pack that was released this past weekend at the 2016 King of Trios event is a newcomer to the Chikara roster— Officer Warren Barksdale!

Although he recently made his debut, he originally trained at the Wrestle Factory nearly a decade ago, but left to enter the Police Academy and become an officer of the law.  Now he is back to bring law and order to the Chikara ring!  He debuted at the Young Lion’s Cup and has since worked his way to become a respected member of the roster.

Officer Warren Barksdale gets his first Chikara card as part of the Chikara King of Trios 8-pack. The Chikara King of Trios game pack begins mailing this week!  To order the game now click here!