Our Cool New Web Site is Here!

Well, it’s been a long time in the making, but our “new look” web site is here and I think it’s awesome!

I hope you’ll love the new look and easy navigation.  I’m very excited about the “brand” approach where you can look at our major games like Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara without having to search deep in the web site to find them.

Another neat feature is that the home pages for the major game brands also include the latest breaking news stories so you don’t have to go to another page to find news stories. And all the latest Filsinger Games news stories (for all our games) are featured on the main home page! Cool.

As a special bonus to celebrate the “grand opening” of the new site is a new video interview where I discuss BLACK DEATH 2128 and share unpublished card art by Darryl Banks, all from the back upper deck of my home, and I even manage to not fall off!

The new web page comes at an exciting and dramatic time in Filsinger Games history as we have several major releases in November and December. We’re growing by leaps and bounds so look out!

More good news: The “new look” web site is a work in progress. We’ll be making improvements and adding stuff (especially to the online store) in the days and weeks ahead. The online store is still not finished (we have SO MUCH STUFF!). But have no fear: the store link at the top of every page allows you to go to the old store until we’re finished. We’ll also be adding some of our older “news” stories in archive format so you can read them over and over and memorize them to impress friends and family!

If you see anything else we missed let us know! Our goal is to please you, to make you love our web site, love our games…in fact enjoy everything about your experience with Filsinger Games!

Many thanks to Jonathan Bell and Paul Schermerhorn for all their work on this project. They are heroes both!

Tell everyone you know (especially game fans and wrestling fans) to visit our web site and start playing our games. They’ll love them…we’re taking over!

Until the takeover is complete…