Ox Baker to Unleash the Heart Punch in the Newest Legends Expansion

The next name for Legends Expansion Set 4 is the “Great Heart Puncher” himself, Ox Baker!  One of the most feared wrestlers of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Baker traveled all throughout the territories punishing opponents and frightening fans everywhere he went.  What Baker is known best for is his devastating move, which was banned in multiple states and even said to kill more than one competitor.  Who will he unleash the Heart Punch on first in your Legends promotion?

Ox Baker joins Sandman in the 10 card Legends Expansion Set 4 debuting July 13th at GalactiCon in the Philadelphia area!  For more information on attending GalactiCon visit the GalactiCon page on our website.  The game will begin mailing to other customers shortly after.

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