Paganax is Unleashed in Black Death 2129 as Pre-Orders Begin!

The Heathen Chief is back, long live the king!

Paganax has totally returned to his senses after a “cloud of confusion” came over him when he switched dimensions after coming to the GWF from Primus in 2125. And he’s not happy! The Aethran Overmaster tried to recruit Paganax for his Council of War but dissed the Heathen Chief for his “erratic behavior.” Paganax has not forgotten as a major feud between two titans looms in 2129!

The enemies of Paganax have a lot to fear: his two finishers will be crippling maneuvers and aptly named: ASCENT OF THE KING  and BOW TO THE HEATHEN CHIEF! Can he make the Overmaster “bow” to his will?

Paganax is on the fast track to become a big fan favorite in 2129. But what team will he join? Will he also be feuding with former partner Thraxx? The surprises in store for BLACK DEATH 2129 will astound you!

BLACK DEATH 2129 will be released exclusively at GalactiCon in Jamestown, NY on July 13 and begins mailing on July 16! Pre-order NOW to get it as soon as you can!