The Heathen Chief Awakens!

That’s right, Promoters, PAGANAX is coming to your CWF!  Wait until you hear about his journey to get there!

Why did medical professionals almost prevented PAGANAX from joining the federation?  What CWF wrestler personally intervened to get him medically cleared?  Who will Paganax have in his sights?  Find out who will step into the PAGAN VOID when FUTURE SHOCK:  Centra Wrestling Federation 2116 ships at the end of March.

FUTURE SHOCK:  Centra Wrestling Federation 2116 includes PRINCE OF THE ROSE, GENERAL AEGIS, WARFARE, MURDOK and PAGANAX.  Preorders are now available for Future Shock: Centra Wrestling Federation 2116, Legends Ladies Expansion II and Best of Mexico Indies set!  To preorder now, CLICK HERE.

Also, Promoter Prime for 2020 is now available to preorder. Q1 2020 for COTG Prime features 3 bonus Centra cards to use in your CWF.  To preorder any Promoter prime product, CLICK HERE.

Preorders for all game editions will begin mailing by March 31st!

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