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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Look Out Tully Blanchard, Magnum TA Is Coming For You

    Magnum T.A. is one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time, combining good looks, great skills on the microphone and impressive skills in the ring.  He was a rising star who feuded with all of the greats in the mid-Atlantic area.  His battles with Tully Blanchard were legendary, culminating in an infamous “I Quit” […]

  • RINGKAMPF Debuts in the EVOLVE Game!

    The last names in the EVOLVE 5 8-pack are among the most feared tag teams on the independent scene today, both in North America and in Europe! RINGKAMPF is a group formed in Germany and headed by the Austrian bruiser WALTER.  WALTER is a multi-time singles champion in his own right and has challenged WWN […]

  • Tully Blanchard Is Here…And He’s Not Alone!

    Tully Blanchard has had an amazing career in pro wrestling! He began his career in a tag team with his father, Joe Blanchard. He quickly gained notoriety as a rule breaker on his way to a number of singles titles, famously holding one organization’s Television Title for nearly a full calendar year. He later turned […]