The Last Name for 80’s Mania Wrestling Part III is Enormous!

Attention all 80s Maniacs!

The 8MW 8-Pack PART III is not only ready order but begins shipping this week!

As if that’s not a huge enough news scoop, here’s something else that’s enormous…PIERRE THE ENORMOUS!

The gigantic Bad Guy has arrived and he’s looking to slam Good Guys (and beers) on his way to the top!

Along with two 8MW tag teams featured in Promoter Prime there are now a total of 28 super awesome wrestlers along with managers, commissioners, interviewers and more available for fans looking to play 80s MANIA WRESTLING in tabletop form!

Order PART III now and get your PDF handbook emailed to you immediately! Included are bios and move descriptions for each wrestler!

BONUS: Also included in the handbook are manager charts for The Thinker and Gothica!

Missing out? No problem! Get caught up with all 3 80s MANIA game editions now!

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