Plethador Pilates Health Craze Rocks the Galaxy Upon His Return!

You can’t keep a good amphibian down. DDP, eat your heart out.

Diamond Dallas Page may be bringing DDP Yoga to health fanatics in the early 21st century, but the story in 2129 will be the health craze popularized by Plethador called Plethador Pilates!

You’ll see the benefits of Plethador Pilates on the GWF’s most noteworthy amphibian. For one thing he no longer gets dehydrated. Also his skin color is shinier reflecting his better health. And he’ll be more competitive in the ring, a walking (or slithering) advertisement for his popular health kick!

Plethador’s Pilates-inspired moves will make him deadly, or at least he hopes they will. His finisher POWERHOUSE SUCTION CLAW could have him slithering to a title shot!

So now you know what Plethador has been doing since he departed the GWF. Now he wants to prove his health system is the best by winning belts in the GWF! But has he improved that much?

The Black Death years have brought much darkness and tragedy to the GWF, so fans will enjoy that Plethador, willingly or not, is providing some comic relief. Can he embarrass Black Death wrestlers by beating them? Plethador has openly challenged Abroz saying, “His EYES OF DEATH don’t scare me! My eye muscles are too strong for that to work. I can beat anyone on Black Death due to my superior training system. I rule!”

Plethador’s new game card will be released with the BLACK DEATH 6-pack which begins mailing on December 16 and can be pre-ordered (appropriately) on Black Friday (Nov 29). Watch for more sneak previews in the weeks ahead!