COTG: Genesis

COTG: Genesis graphic novel.
Includes LIMITED EDITION playing card for Jack Hood.

Could it have really happened? Kris Osk and Jeff Gutherz have created an incredible landscape for the early years of the GWF focusing on the dark and gritty days of P.O.W. (Pleiades Outlaw Wrestling). Finally the story can be told!

You'll receive this incredible 64-page graphic novel which includes drawings by Werner Mueck and a full-color cover by Hannibal King! SPECIAL BONUS---You'll also receive a playing card for the notorious JACK HOOD! Wait till you read why he's the most controversial wrestler in P.O.W.  Then there's his finisher, THE RIPPER!

Story synopsis:

In 2050 there are cataclysmic forces at work across the cosmos! The United Federation of Stars and Planets faces the task of eliminating all violent sports.

A cruel dictator flexes his oppressive muscles, but there are some that oppose him. Can a lone dissident escape certain death and help lead the charge of the gathering forces on Titan?

There is also a heavy burden on the Aethran Minister of War as the dark clouds of the Galactic Wars first begin to gather. Will an uprising from within the Gladiator ranks deter the Minister from making the biggest decision of his life? And while the galaxies brace themselves for battle, how does one man create the most notorious wrestling federation of all time?

These questions and more are answered in COTG: Genesis, an Alternative Universe title that will blow you away!

Alternative Universe titles feature possibilities in the GWF universe which are heartily approved (and edited) by Tom Filsinger.

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Price: $10.00

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