GWF Special Packages

COTG 2127-2031 Bonus Package!

Here’s your chance to get caught up on the incredible happenings in recent GWF history! This package deal will get you classic expansions BLACK DEATH 2127-2129 and FUTURE SHOCK 2130-2131. BONUS: For FREE you will also receive FTR 8-pack and Black Death 6-pack. Save $34! Game cards from these bonus sets are a big part of current GWF history! DON’T WAIT! Get caught up so you can play our latest triumph, REGIME CHANGE 2132!

Price: $104.00

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GWF Modern Era – Extra Color Cards

Do you already have GWF LEGENDS 2125, COUNCIL OF WAR 2126, and BLACK DEATH 2127 and need the rest of the GWF roster in color? We’ll, here it is! You’ll receive 44 playing cards for superstars like Endgame, Tauran, Nosfera, Hector the Holy Brown Bear, and more! A New Era of GWF Greatness is upon us!

Price: $39.00

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