BEST OF Filsinger Games – BONUS Starter Set

FOR FIRST-TIME BUYERS! Get our popular entry game BEST OF and a BONUS game pack for for the indie promotion of your choice!  A great deal! You'll get everything you need to play including charts, dice, and instructions, along with 16 fantastic game cards in our BEST OF Starter Set. In addition you'll receive the BONUS game pack for only $5! When checking out please note which set you would like to recieve.

Choose from:

ROH Future of Honor 6-PACK

ROH Legends of Honor 6-PACK

ROH Tradition of Honor 7-PACK

ROH Celebration of Honor (singles) 6-PACK

ROH Celebration of Honor (tag team) 6-PACK

Chikara Collectors 4-PACK

Chikara Tribute 4-PACK

Chikara Rudos 5-PACK

Chikara Unmasked 5-PACK

Chikara Gekido 6-PACK

Chikara Tecnicos 6-PACK

Chikara Chikarmy 1 6-PACK

Chikara Chikarmy 2 6-PACK

Chikara Ashes of Chikara 6-PACK

Chikara Wrecking Crew 6-PACK

Tier 1 Wrestling 6-PACK

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment 6-PACK

Inspire Pro Wrestling 8-PACK

Olde Wrestling 4-PACK

Olde Wrestling 2 8-PACK

Dark Menace Foreces 6-PACK

National Pro Wrestling Day 6-PACK

Wrestlecon 4-PACK


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Price: $20.00

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