PSI Heralds GWF Upheaval in Future Shock 2131!

Welcome to the first Champions of the Galaxy sneak preview in two years!

Last year’s FUTURE SHOCK 2130 was clouded in secrecy and 2131 will be also, but maybe a little less.

And don’t look now, but you’re surrounded! PSI is making a bold move in FUTURE SHOCK 2131 as he bolts from the FDF to a new team—a daring new team called DOOM. PSI’s powers are growing and developing as demonstrated by his new move, Mind Sweep. Can GWF wrestlers defend themselves against it?

But why is PSI going off the deep end and leaving his former partner, HelSin? And who is the leader of DOOM? The answers are coming when FUTURE SHOCK 2131 is released on July 24!

FUTURE SHOCK 2131 will feature 12 cards with three main themes (4 cards each). PSI will be part of a mini-pack called  GWF UPHEAVAL. Who else is in this mini-pack? What other upheavals are on the way?

Keep watching, we may be in a generous mood and share more sneak previews in the weeks ahead!


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