Star Slayer Puts the Shock in Future Shock

The name is Star Slayer, but his former name was Star Warrior. He changed it several years ago in his home universe. Star Slayer is a far cry from Star Warrior, more like Avenging Warrior, who he’s never heard of.

Star Slayer is coming to the GWF to clean house. His goal is to do what he couldn’t do where he came from. He’s a man possessed by the need for a second chance, to get revenge on his terms.

His finisher, THE APOCALYPSE, is a snap DDT where the opponent is buried head first on the top of his rifle (provided the referee doesn’t see it!). But this man is no fool: he has plans for the referee NOT to see it. His other finisher, MAD MAT, is a high-risk move off the turnbuckle.

He has even bigger plans. He will enter the GWF announcing that he’s the new leader of the FDF, the natural man for the job. What will Paganax and Shayne have to say about it? Or even Lord Nexus?

This sets up major feuds with Thantos

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and Star Warrior in the GWF, to say nothing of a feud with someone who actually accompanied Star Slayer to the GWF. Things are going to get crazy in 2131!

This is the first card to be announced in the final mini-set which is called SECOND COMING. More wrestlers will be arriving from the parallel universe that brought the first escapees in FUTURE SHOCK 2130! That’s three themes in all: GWF Upheaval, Gladiator Ascension, and Second Coming. Who are the rest of the wrestlers?

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