Questions Will be Answered in Kingdom Come 2134!

The moment is here. The hour has arrived.

Or very nearly. The latest game expansion in the Champions of the Galaxy pantheon, KINGDOM COME 2134, will arrive this weekend at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh and shortly thereafter for everyone else!

Here are some questions to ponder as the big day approaches…

The Gladiators are fighting mad! What’s the reason? Who is their “new” team member?

Who is the mysterious new woman wrestler that’s coming to the GWF and why is she so controversial?

A wild and dramatic new match will be introduced in 2134 with action never  before seen. What will it be?

Eydilon has disappeared as the leader of the Doom team. Where is he and how will Tharkas respond?

In fact, six people are leaving the GWF in 2134. Who are they and why?

There are some questions to tantalize you until Kingdom Come 2134 is released! Get psyched because everything comes to a head very soon!