Poffo Madness…Ohhh Yeahhh! Randy Savage, Angelo, Lanny are Coming on August 26!

It’s historic, it’s epic! It’s a new mini-pack called POFFO MADNESS and it’s coming on August 26!

Things don’t get better than this! You’ll see playing cards for great wrestling stars from one elite family! First is the patriarch, ANGELO POFFO. He held several belts including the NWA United States Championship as well as being inducted in the WCW Hall of Fame.

Add to that LANNY POFFO! Lanny had a great run in the WWF in the 1980s as “The Genius” as well as being managed by Jimmy Hart. He also won several titles in the NWA and ICW.

Then there’s “Macho Man” RANDY SAVAGE! Randy is a wrestling legend who climbed all the way to the top with his trademark scream of “Ohhhh Yeahhh!” He became a cultural icon and is associated with many people already in our Legends game including Jimmy Hart, George Steele, Ted DiBiase, Sherri Martel, and many more!

The cards will feature the usual awesome art of Steve Stanley and they will become wrestling collector’s items!

Special thanks to Lanny Poffo for his kindness and support for producing these cards—you’re the greatest! Photos are courtesy of Mike Lano.

Watch for updates in the days ahead and get your fed ready—POFFO MADNESS is coming at you!