Red Talon Tests Waters for AniMen Team in 2087!

Shades of 2087 — Red Talon is here! This feisty AniMan paved the way for the famous AniMen of Andromeda team of lore that is still populating the GWF today. Red Talon had an inauspicious debut, struggling to survive in the early days of the breaking of the Galactic Code. He had minor feuds against the likes of Beast Rider and Pulsar, but found he was unable to compete and bowed out. However other AniMen, like Incredible Badger, Battering Ram, and Reptillo, learned from his mistakes. This amazing collectible game card, produced in the EXACT SAME STYLE as a 1987 card, is part of the 30th Anniversary game pack. ORDER NOW for this hitherto unknown piece of Champions of the Galaxy history!    

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