The Sniper of the Skies Robbie Eagles Leads off the Best of the Indies 2019 Roster

The first man in the Best of the Indies 2019 8-pack is the high-flying phenom Robbie Eagles!  Long considered one of the best wrestlers on the Australian wrestling scene, Eagles has made a name for himself globally now with outstanding performances in the US, UK and particularly in Japan.  Robbie was trained by his brother Ryan Eagles and Sister-In-Law Madison Eagles.  He has built on that solid wrestling knowledge from his family with a impressive arsenal of aerial maneuvers that earned him the nickname “Sniper of the Skies”.  Now after about a decade of wrestling his is finally getting the global recognition he deserves and from here on out the sky’s the limit for his potential.

The Best of the Indies 2019 8-Pack will debut in September alongside the Women of the Indies 2019 8-Pack which features 8 of the top female indie wrestlers of today.  Promoter Prime subscribers can vote of which indie cards that are not in these sets that they will receive in August by voting HERE.

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