Sidney Bakabella’s Devastation Corporation is ready to hit Chikara’s pay window!

Here are the first big names set for our May Chikara double release…and we mean BIG! Headlining the Chikara Wrecking Crew pack, is the infamous manager Sidney Bakabella and his enormous trio the Devastation Corporation! Sidney Bakabella is a throwback to the great managers of the territorial era, an era he remembers fondly. He represents the imposing group consisting of Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive and Flex Rumblecrunch. This group cares only about hurting the competition, and just how big of a pay day they get. This trio has had some incredible battles with the Colony, but is there anyone else brave enough to step up and try to take down the Devastation Corporation?

The Chikara Wrecking Crew 6-pack and the Ashes of Chikara 6-pack will both be available on May 25th at Chikara’s return show in Easton, PA. The games will begin mailing on May 27th. Stay tuned

for info on pre-ordering these great expansion sets and all hail the return of Chikara!