Steve’O Reno Will Bring Junior Crown Championship to Inspire Pro!

The upcoming Inspire Pro Wrestling game pack will certainly feature some gold!

One of the holders of the gold in Inspire Pro is the current Junior Crown champion Just Steve’O Reno.  Reno was originally a tag team wrestler, but after an intense feud with former Hollywood Knives partner Bradley Axel Dawson, the two settled the score in a Loser Leaves Town match, won by Reno.  Since that point he has gone on to a promising singles career, winning gold throughout the state of Texas, most notably the Junior Crown championship that he won in a Gauntlet match earlier this year.

Will Steve’O be able to retain the Junior Crown against challengers like Ricochet, his opponent at In Their Blood 2015?  It’ll be up to you, promoter, to find out when you receive the Inspire Pro 8-pack in June!