Storage Wars! Last Chance to Get Games Going Out of Print!

It’s amazing! Filsinger Games has been growing and putting out so many new games and card sets that our storage area is overflowing! Our only hope for survival is to clear out some of our great stuff. Here comes your last chance to get the following Champions of the Galaxy games in tabletop print form: aCe 2119, aCe 2120, Birthday Bash, Son of Bash, Classics 2074, Classics, 2084, Classics 2086, Classics 3000, CPC 2109, CPC 2112, CPC 2113, CPC 2114, CPC 2115, CPC 2116, CPC,

2117, CPC 2118, CPC 2119, CPC 2120, CPC 2121, Promoter Madness 1, Promoter Madness 2, Promoter Madness 3, GWFZ Bash. Have no fear! While these games will be out of print they will all be available as PDF files in the months ahead, so fans will be able to order the PDF versions and print them out at home. Champions of the Galaxy history must be preserved! The original print versions will only be offered until OCTOBER 31 and then discontinued. They’ll be Champions of the Galaxy collector’s items in the years ahead so make sure to get your copies or even doubles! Some are these games might sell out before October 31 so hurry!