From the Lone Star State its Susan Green!

Susan “Tex” Green would not be denied her dream of becoming a professional wrestler, and it led her to a Legendary career that spanned the 1970s to the 90s. She was determined and unrelenting in asking fellow Legend Joe Blanchard to train her. Green’s first match took place on her 15th birthday and after high school began traveling the world to wrestle.  She became a top women’s star holding various singles and tag team titles. Green was known for leaping over the top rope into the ring before matches, and then winning them with her Texas bulldog finisher. Anyone that climbs in the squared circle with her is in for a fight!

Susan Green joins Candi Divine and Beverly Shade in the Legends Ladies 2 8-pack.  This set will debut in March along with Best of Mexico and Future Shock 2116.

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