Swerve Leads Off Upcoming FTR Game Pack!

The amazing new FTR game is coming in December featuring a new developmental promotion that can be played with Champions of the Galaxy!

Swerve  is an unpredictable young man from Titan, Saturn, but he’s far from your average Titan. Instead of taking the typical Titan route to success, his goal is to make a name for himself by leaving audiences in shock and awe with cheap tricks and bizarre behavior patterns! Sometimes Swerve wrestles as a face, and sometimes he wrestles as a heel. Often times, he changes styles mid match! Then changes again!

Swerve  leaves both fans and opponents guessing with moves like Face Turn, a crowd pleasing double shin kick to the head of his opponent draped over the second rope, and Heel Turn, a dastardly low blow.

His sinister finisher, PLAY DEAD, is just like it sounds, a ploy he uses to try to trick his opponent into defeat. It won’t always work, but hey—FTR is a developmental promotion!

Swerve  is the first of 8 fun and exciting new jobber wrestlers coming your way this winter as part of the brand new GWF spin off series, FTR! Don’t forget to enter the Filsinger Games FTR Create-A-Character contest, and be part of future history. Tom himself will be picking the winner, so submit your idea!



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