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Wildman Demus is Looking to Brawl With All Luchadors!

Demus 3:16 is looking to brawl his way into your promotions! While only standing 5’3” tall, this wrestler known mostly for his work in the mini division, can hold his own against even the toughest of foes.  Unlike some of the other luchadors, Demus is far more comfortable brawling through the crowd than flying through the air. While he has a very technical background and can hang with almost anyone on the mat, most of his matches feature chairs, tables and anything else he might get his hands one while outside the ring.  He is also known for attempting to remove the mask of many of the luchadors he faces.  Will this practice help him or hurt him in your promotion?

Demus joins Daga, Flamita and Laredo Kid in the Best of Mexico 8-pack.  The set will debut in March along with Legends Ladies 2 and Future Shock 2116!

Daga Makes a Splash in the Best of Mexico set

A star in multiple Mexican promotions and in the US, Daga is sure to make a splash in the cruiserweight ranks. Daga started his career in the indie ranks of the lucha libre scene, but was quickly signed to one of the biggest promotions in Mexico. While Daga saw some singles success, even winning that promotion’s cruiserweight title (a title also won by Laredo Kid), he was most well known for being a member of a famous long running rudo faction. More recently, Daga brought his hard hitting lucha style to US television and has expanded his legion of fans.

Daga joins Flamita and Laredo Kid in the Best of Mexico 8-pack.  The set will debut in March along with Legends Ladies 2 and Future Shock 2116!

Laredo Kid is Looking to Make a Splash!

While still a young luchador, Laredo Kid has made his mark not only in one of the largest promotions in Mexico, but also in multiple indie promotions throughout the United States.  He is accomplished as both a singles and tag wrestler, having won gold in his home promotion multiple times as both a cruiserweight and as part of a trio of other high flying luchadors.  While Laredo Kid’s high risk style has led to multiple injuries, it has also propelled him to featured roles in many US promotions. In one famous tag match for a well-regarded California based promotion, Laredo Kid worked opposite Flamita and Bandido in a trios match that many wrestling journalists gave a five star rating.  Despite all of his promising showings, he has never won gold in the U.S. Will he do so in your promotion?

Laredo Kid joins Flamita in the Best of Mexico 8-pack.  The set will debut in March along with Legends Ladies 2 and Future Shock 2116!

Flamita Leads off the Best of Mexico Lineup!

Leading off the roster of the newest Indie game edition, The Best of Mexico is one of the hottest wrestlers on the planet, Flamita!  Starting his career on the Mexican independents when he was only 18, Flamita has fought to build a name for himself as one of the best and most exciting high flyers in the entire world. While originally slated to take on the mask and persona of a famous luchador from one of largest promotions in Mexico, he instead decided to make his own name and keep his current character. This decision allowed him to break out on an international level, competing for singles titles for promotions in Japan and taking part in TV tapings for a well-known US based lucha company.

Despite his singles success, Flamita is perhaps best known as one of the best tag specialists in the world. Teaming with ROH roster member Bandido as “Mexablood”, Flamita has won gold in companies the world over, including one of the topmanies in England and ROH in the US. Will Flamita team with his long time partner Bandido and rekindle his feud with the ROH’s Villain Enterprises? Or will he strike out on his own as an accomplished singles wrestler, competing for cruiserweight gold the world over?

Stayed tuned each Monday for another name in this exciting 8-pack that will be released this March.