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“Cowboy” Scott Casey Rustles Up First Spot in CAC Reunion 2016 Pack!

2006 Cauliflower Alley Club Men’s Award winner “Cowboy” Scott Casey is the first wrestler announced for the upcoming CAC REUNION 2016 pack! 

Casey is a veteran of the southwest ring wars, who has also appeared on the national wrestling scene.  During his career, he has battled LOW stars like the Midnight Express, Greg Valentine, and the Iron Sheik.  He has teamed with other LOW greats like SD Jones and Lanny Poffo. A tag team reunion with another cowboy, Sam Houston, seems like a natural pairing.  What course will Casey’s career take in your federation? 

CAC REUNION 2016 honors the great roster of stars affiliated with the Cauliflower Alley Club.  The CAC will have their annual reunion April 11-13 in Las Vegas, NV, at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino.  The CAC REUNION 2016 pack will be released on April 11 at the CAC reunion, with mail orders to begin soon after.  For more information on the CAC, please go to  

Get caught up! CAC Reunion 2015 is right here!

SPRING FEVER is Coming on April 20 With 3 Game Releases!

Did you think our holiday releases were great? THEY WERE! But how about celebrating game releases again this spring! 2016 is a big year for Filsinger Games with the 30th anniversary of Champions of the Galaxy coming this summer. But the party starts early in April with the release of our Spring Fever package! We have 3 new releases that Filsinger Games fans will be excited to see! First is EVOLVE 3, the latest expansion set for the great independent promotion and also one of our most popular games. This 8-card set will feature some of the best technical fighters on the international wrestling scene today! As if that’s not good enough, there’s CAC REUNION 2016, our second game edition honoring the Cauliflower Alley Club, the Fraternal Order of Professional Wrestling! 6 CAC luminaries will be immortalized in this game edition and the game pack will see cialis and viagra reviews its official release on April 11 at CAC Reunion 2016 in buy pain pills online pharmacy Las Vegas! It’ll truly be a blazing spring with the release of the second 80s MANIA WRESTLING game pack, based on the popular app from Checkmate Creative. 8 more wild and wacky 80’s pop culture influenced wrestlers are on the way to add to your growing 80s Mania Wrestling fed! generic cialis canada Totally radical! All 3 games will be available for preorder on March 28, with games mailing by April 20. Filsinger Games Spring Fever. pharmacy tech degree online it’s infectious! Watch for sneak previews on Twitter and Facebook leading up to release! BEST GAMING SPRING EVER!  

Lord Zoltan Dishes Evil in Upcoming Legends Pack!


Legends: Final Chapter will be a historic game pack, so we are adding a historic independent wrestler to help celebrate!

Lord Zoltan has an amazing career spanning five decades and is one of the longest-running and most unique independent stars of all time. He has wrestled in too many federations to count, including the WWE, and won numerous titles. He claims to be undefeated in his matches with Andre the Giant and it’s true! He wasn’t pinned in his battle with Andre (in a handicap match, Andre pinned a different wrestler!). The “Madman from Burbon Street” once lost a Junior Heavyweight Belt to Sam Houston. When Final Chapter comes out, he’ll have his chance for revenge!


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for a big sneak preview next week for Legends: Final Chapter and get psyched! We’re bringing the mad men of wrestling to help celebrate our End of an Era!


Filsinger Games Featured in Latest CAC Newsletter

by Eric Chmeil

(This article is from the October, 2015 issue of the official newsletter of the Cauliflower Alley Club called “The Ear.”)

It’s not something you see every day: respected professor of psychology at a renowned university by day, revered king of the world’s greatest table top pro wrestling gaming empire by night. But such is the unusual life of the CAC’s Tom Filsinger. When he’s not busy lecturing students, Filsinger creates fantasy dice games that allow players to pit the biggest ring stars in existence against each other in matches that are often as exciting as the real thing. You just roll the dice, follow the information on the back of Tom’s spectacularly-illustrated game cards (courtesy of Werner Mueck and Darryl Banks) and enjoy the action. It’s that easy.

“I just recently started teaching at Northern Arizona University after many years in New York, so I haven’t spoken to my students yet about my company because I don’t want to confuse them this early in the semester,” Filsinger says with a smile. “But I have the soul of a wrestler when I present lectures and they enjoy the energy.”

Filsinger, a CAC member for 10 years, started Filsinger Games three decades ago with an offering called “Champions of the Galaxy,” which employed make-believe wrestlers of Filsinger’s own creation. Champions, now a Filsinger company staple, took off in a big way among both wrestling fans and gaming fans and helped establish Tom as THE wrestling game card creator.

“At first I wasn’t sure anyone would buy it,” he recalls. “It was 1986 and no one had combined wrestling with super heroes before. But eventually that combination became commonplace in the WWF. I was thrilled that ‘Champions of the Galaxy’ did so well, but I wanted more. I knew it could grow. I saw the game as an on-going story, not a one-shot deal. And it’s still around, 30 years later, including a movie script that’s currently in revision.”

Since that first groundbreaking dice game, Filsinger’s business has exploded and now offers games featuring wrestlers from promotions like Ring of Honor, Shimmer and Chikara Pro Wrestling, as well as legends from past eras and fantasy-based wrestlers. But it’s not just table top gaming that Filsinger has mastered; he’s also collaborated with no less than comic book legend Stan Lee on the political humor book, Election Daze, and wrote a memoir on creativity called The Dark Menace of the Universe. Filsinger also offers calendars, CDs and more.

In 2015, Filsinger honored the CAC with a special six-card game set called “The CAC Reunion Pack” with club luminaries Ron Hutchison,

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Bill White, Malia Hosaka, Diamond Dallas Page, Larry “The Ax” Hennig and the Ear’s own Dr. Mike Lano all getting their own game cards. As Filsinger explains, “I love the history of wrestling and I’m grateful for the support I receive from the CAC. My goal was to shed light on some

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of our CAC stars by immortalizing them with game cards that will live on as long as people play my games.”

If you didn’t get the CAC game cards at the reunion this past year, they are still available by going to Tom’s great website, where you can also see all the other excellent card sets his company makes.


Dr. Mike Lano is Picture Perfect for CAC Reunion Pack!

Dr. Mike Lano, the world-famous wrestling photojournalist, joins the landscape of the LWF in the upcoming CAC Reunion pack! Lano is a long-time photographer whose photos have appeared in wrestling publications around the globe, everyone has seen them. He is a fixture at Cauliflower Alley Club reunions, capturing the Legends of Wrestling in all their glory!

What will happen during a match when Lano is at ringside taking pictures? Things could get wild! Lano has also been a manager during his long career, working with legends like the Sheik and Sabu. Will you use him to manage a stable in your game fed?

Dr. Mike Lano is fully deserving of this great tribute game card as he’s provided photos for many of our Legends of Wrestling game handbooks. He’s an honored member of the Filsinger Games team.

The CAC Reunion pack will be released exclusively at the Cauliflower Alley Club 50th anniversary reunion coming on April 13-15 in Las Vegas. Game creator Tom Filsinger will be at this big event and he’ll have the CAC Reunion pack with him, so find him to get your copy! It’ll be a collectible!

The CAC Reunion pack begins mailing on April 15 (along with the new EVOLVE 2 expansion pack), so be sure to order both by going here!