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The FDF Gets a Powerhouse!

What’s big like Massif, strong like Massif and from Ceres like Massif? Meet EARTHQUAKE! Together he and Massif form the new hero tag team Powerhouse, the strongest tag team in the GWF!

Find out soon even more 2089 teasers continue each Wednesday for the next several weeks!  Preorders begin Black Friday November 29th!

Bodyguard Mr. Hughes is Here to Protect the Legends!

When it comes to intimidating bodyguards, there are few that compare to Mr. Hughes.  Hughes has wrestled in all the major US promotions in the 90’s and was the protector for many Legends including Harley race and Shane Douglas.    Later in his career he moved on to train many top independent wrestling stars, including AR Fox.  Who will enlist the services of Mr. Hughes in your fed?  Or will you have him recruit some of his trainees and start his own group?

Mr. Hughes joins The James Gang and Disco Inferno in Legends Expansion Pack V! Keep watching for more names in this exciting set as we lead up to preorders on November 29th!

Darkos Appears on the GWF Scene with Lots of Money!

A mysterious masked manager has entered the GWF with lots of money and uses it to assemble a deadly new super villain team! What’s the common theme between its members and how are Splatter, Executioner and Death Knight and Pit Viper all involved?
The entire hero team in the GWF is officially on notice! DARKOS, THE HEAD ASSASSIN has arrived!
INVASION 2089 introduces managers and valets to the GWF for the first time! You’ve met Reynard B. Guile and now Darkos! How will the hero team counter these two incredible villain masterminds? Find out soon even more 2089 teasers drop in the weeks ahead!  Preorders begin Black Friday November 29th!

Oh You Didn’t Know?


B.G. James and Kip James dominated the tag team scene in the late 90s, climbing their way to the top by whatever means necessary. While each had career success before they teamed up with one another, it was together as part of one of the most notorious factions in wrestling history that they achieved their greatest success.

The James Gang looks to “steal” the show (along with the tag team belts) in your Legends of Wresting fed this December as part of Legends Expansion Pack V! Keep watching for more names in this exciting set as we lead up to preorders on November 29th!

Intergalactic Big Game Hunters Enter the GWF!

The Animen of Andromeda are in big trouble! Intergalactic big game trophy collector REYNARD B. GUILE and his BOUNTY HUNTER are here! Will the Bounty Hunter add Wolf’s head to Guile’s creepy trophy room? Find out when you play INVASION 2089 in full color! Keep watching for art reveals for INVASION 2089 as we lead up to preorders on November 29th!

Disco Inferno Dances His Way Into the Legends Lineup

Disco Inferno was a notable presence in one of the Major Leagues of wrestling in the 1990s and early 2000s.  His dancing to the ring brought him to prominence, but he won championship gold in both singles and tag team wrestling.

Disco Inferno looks to bring “the hustle” into the cruiserweight division of your Legends of Wresting fed this December as the first name announced for Legends Expansion Pack V!  Keep watching for more names in this exciting set as we lead up to preorders on November 29th!

The Newest Legendary Tag Team Always Get Their Man!

The second Legendary duo in our Special Edition 4 Pack is the championship team from Quebec Jacques Rougeau and Pierre Carl Ouellet.  This pair of dastardly Mounties are sure to make some quick enemies in your Legends promotion.  They join the Texas Hangmen Psycho and Killer in this tag team 4 Pack.

Legends and Champions of the Galaxy fans can now also order the Special edition color card for Avalance, the clone version of King Kong Bundy in the COTG Universe.

This cards are now available to preorder and will ship by October 31st.  To preorder now click HERE.

Texas Hangmen Coming to the Special Legends Tag Team 4-pack


Coming out later this month is a special Legends 4-pack featuring two colorful tag teams from wrestling’s past.  Up first is the infamous Texas Hangmen, Psycho and Killer!  This masked, noose carrying duo terrorized wrestlers and crowds alike in the Midwest.  However, they saw their greatest success in Puerto Rico where their violent wrestling style was on full display.  Who will the Hangmen target in your Legends promotion?

Stay tuned next Monday when we reveal the 2nd tag team and information on how to order this set.

Legends Fans and Online Players Will Get Some Special Treats This October!


Before the big holiday releases coming at the end of the year, we have a few special releases coming this fall.

  • For the Legends game we are releasing a special edition 4-pack of 2 tag teams.  These 2 tag teams will provide some interesting characters to help spice up your tag team division.
  • For Filsinger Games Online players, the next 2 chapters in the GWF saga will be released, The End 2111 and Takeover 2112.
  • Champions of the Galaxy players will be able to order the Special Edition Avalanche card that was first made available at GalactiCon.

Indies players, we didn’t forget about you.  Starting October 1st you can vote on which tag team will be included in Indies Prime during Quarter 4.  Check out the Official Message Board for more information.

Stay tuned the next few weeks for previews and details on all the upcoming releases.

GalactiCon Auction to Benefit the Family of Lyle C Williams

Each year at the Filsinger Games annual convention GalactiCon there is an auction of unique game items and wrestling memorabilia and this year is no different!  The money collected at the auction each year is donated to a cause that is near and dear to the Filsinger Games community.  This year the auction will benefit the family of the late Lyle C. Williams, a great friend to wrestling and the Filsinger Games community.

Lyle was a prolific wrestling photographer, best known for his work with CZW.  Filsinger Games fans may remember him from GalactiCon in 2016 in Philadelphia where he attended and photographed the event.  The same weekend as GalactiCon CZW will be holding a Lyle C. Williams benefit show in Voorhees, NJ.  For more information go here.

Stay tuned for a list of items available for auction.  If you are unable to attend and want to bid remotely, please contact Todd at

For a full sneak peak on everything happening GalactiCon weekend check out the Galacticon 2019 Program or visit the Official GalactiCon Website.