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We Are Not Horsing Around…Jet Set Strutter is in 80’s Mania Part II

The time has finally come! You can now PRE-ORDER 80s Mania Wrestling 8-pack PART II!

Looking for some main event level talent? You got it! Now lower the lights, hit the music and turn your attention towards the curtain because here comes JET SET STRUTTER! With a level of arrogance eclipsed only by in-ring talent and a superb sense of style, this Bad Guy is ready to steal your fed’s gold! And with that announcement, this totally awesome expansion edition just became a must have Filsinger Games set!

So what are you waiting for? PRE-ORDER the 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-pack PART II NOW! You can order the game as part of the 2016 Spring Fever Package Deal with EVOLVE 3 and CAC Reunion 2016 HERE! Also you can order it on its own HERE, as well as the original

80’s Mania Wrestling 8-pack HERE.

Your 80s Mania Wrestling fed is now ready to take off! With 16 wrestlers you’re on the move!

Warhawk Makes A Heroic Addition to 80’s Mania Wrestling Part II

It’s almost April and that means the release of 80s Mania Wrestling 8-pack PART II is right around the corner!

Let’s introduce another totally radical wrestler that will be included…

Making his way to your collection is the one and only WARHAWK!
All Bad Guys better buckle up because this real American hero has seen his share of battles around the globe and is ready to test his hand-to-hand combat skills and military tactics in the ring!
Can your 8MW fed handle all the awesomeness of the PART II expansion pack? You’ll find out soon enough!
Coming in April!

Bug Buster and Tennis Pro are Ready to Jerk the Curtain in 80’s Mania Part II!


You might have already heard that the big cat MIGHTY LEO and dastardly SKULLGORE will be included in the upcoming 8MW expansion edition.

Now how about a couple of curtain jerkers to round things out?

First up is the most agitated athlete in all of sports…TENNIS PRO! He may take a beating in most fights but nobody argues with the ref or screams at the crowd quite like the Pro. Come to think of it, no one smashes a tennis racket (sometimes over an opponent’s head) quite like him either!

And then there’s New York City’s

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favorite exterminator…BUG BUSTER! Maybe he’s not the most intimidating wrestler, but he certainly strikes fear into the tiny hearts of insects everywhere! Not to mention, the crowd simply loves the guy! Must be the gimmick.

So that’s four names down with four more still to go! Get your retro-tastic 80s Mania feds revved up and ready because the 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-pack PART II is coming in April!

Skullgore is Coming to 80’s Mania Wrestling!

Have you heard? 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-pack PART II is coming next month!

Last week we let you know that MIGHTY LEO would be joining the ranks of the Good Guys. That means it’s only natural we tell you which Bad Guy

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is on his way to your 8MW fed!

As you can see it’s a really bad one this time. It’s SKULLGORE! Dastardly and conniving are the nicest words we could come up with to describe this maniacal creep. Throw in the fact that he’s uniting with fellow villain COBALT COMMANDER as the tag team known as the MASTER MINDS and it’s a really great day for the heels!

Just wait until next week when we fill you in on two more wrestlers that will be a part of this totally radical expansion edition! Get caught up! First 80s Mania pack is right here!

80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-pack PART II Coming in April!

Mighty Leo Roars Into 80’s Mania Wrestling Part II

You demand a sequel? You got it! It’s time to get totally stoked for… 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-pack PART

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II! Kicking things off this time around is the masked man(?) who hails from the Plains Down in Africa and brings a ferocious set of skills into the ring. Here comes MIGHTY LEO! Things in your 8MW fed just got better for the Good Guys with the long-anticipated arrival of this popular hero! Keep watching this space every Monday night as we unveil more of the radical roster of wrestlers included in this awesome expansion pack! 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-pack PART II Coming in April!

“A Universe Shattered” is Longest Story Arc in CotG History

This may be the 30th anniversary of Champions of the Galaxy but the current story arc will run even beyond that! I guess you could call it several story arcs all encompassed by a larger one. The saga began with Black Death 2127-2129, when beings from a higher plane (The Three) invaded galaxies by possessing the bodies of billions of beings throughout the cosmos. The effects are still being felt today as Sur, Bex, and Ghena struggle to find their place in the GWF post-Black Death. This bizarre breach of universal laws was followed by the even more unpredictable Future Shock 2130-2131, where wrestlers from a parallel universe circa 2109 entered the GWF. Suddenly Chaos, Mandrill, and Vengeance (or reasonable facsimiles thereof) were back on the scene, to say nothing of alternate versions of Wolf (Lope) and Star Warrior (Star Slayer). More weirdness followed in the CotG spin-off card pack called FTR, which was released at the end of 2015. Suddenly a new star system was revealed that was previously hidden, including the mysterious Kingdom of Castilex. Who or what is the Dominion? Go here for more. The epic story will continue in GWF 2132 (as yet, untitled). Today I decided that this overarching story arc that encompasses several other story arcs (Black Death, Future Shock, and what’s coming next) deserves an uber-title of its own. And thus it is ordained. This unprecedented CotG epic shall henceforth be called— —A Universe Shattered! Dramatic enough for you? CotG: A Universe Shattered will encompass game years 2127 to 2134 (or perhaps 2135, or perhaps even longer!). There has never been a time to play like NOW! Be sure to get caught up, things are changing fast, and anything—and I do mean ANYTHING—can happen! GWF 2132 will be released this summer in July or August, just in time for our 30th anniversary celebration! The first game ad for Champions of the

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Galaxy appeared in the pages of Pro Wrestling Illustrated in the summer of 1986! I have cooked up some surprises to celebrate the big anniversary…and that’s IN ADDITION to GWF 2132! So strap in! We’ve going to be having fun like never before. CotG: A Universe Shattered will be part of your life for around eight years, my goal is to keep you rolling those dice and never bored. Until the universe becomes unbreakable… TOM

The Natives Enter FTR from the Mysterious Kingdom of Castilex

There’s a new danger entering the GWF-verse. Hitherto unknown, here comes the first of a new race from a new planet.

And we do mean a NEW planet. In fact a whole new star system which prior to this time has been hidden from the rest of the galaxy by a matter warping shield, basically a technologically-induced black hole. This amazing discovery has taken place in 2131 and shocked astronomers galaxy-wide.

There is an aura of mystery surrounding this new star system and it centers on a planet called Castilex. Not much is known, other than it is ruled by a rigid caste system. At the top is the Dominion, a secret society that no one knows anything about other than their name. The Dominion rules over the Kingdom of Castilex and its neighboring moons. Apparently there are four “classes” and the lowest is the Native class with the highest being the Dominion itself.

Then there’s Krud and Ygorr. They are unpolished fighters from the Native class. The purpose of their coming to FTR in unknown, but for them it’s an escape from their rigid, slave-status existence on Castilex. Of the two, Krud is the leader. He is cunning and hopes to make a successful career in FTR to escape the confines of Castilex. Ygorr is like a slave to Krud, doing his bidding, scared and disoriented by his new surroundings.

NATIVES ARE RESTLESS is the tag finisher for Krud and Ygorr and it is always initiated by Krud. The move is simple, a double bulldog that works pretty well as a finisher.

Will the Natives be successful in FTR? You’ll find out when you order the amazing 8-pack! Go to New Releases now to pre-order!

Swamp Monster Joins the Gentleman’s Club in Chikara Pack!

In  the world of CHIKARA, it’s quite the accomplishment to call yourself the oddest member of the roster, but one could argue that Gentleman’s Club member the Swamp Monster is just that. The Swamp Monster is just that: a walking (and wrestling) pile of swamp sludge!

Up until 2015, the Swamp Monster had only a few appearances in Chikara. However, Chuck Taylor drafted him as the final member of the Gentleman’s Club team for Challenge of the Immortals. That is a decision that Taylor seems to have regretted, as he blames the Swamp Monster for all of his team’s failures and treats him like garbage (which Swamp Monster does smell like). Despite the threats of Chuck Taylor, Swamp Monster is always a team player and a favorite of the Chikarmy.

The Swamp Monster is ready to shimmy his way into your Chikara fed as part of the Chikara Immortals 8-pack. Pre-order the game this weekend, and get ready to have slimy fun when the game ships in December!


Faller Plans to Cut Opponents Down to Size in FTR!


That’s the name of the finisher for Faller, a powerhouse from Hydra who is coming to FTR in the hopes of following in the footsteps of his hero, former GWF legend Chopper Mattock!

Faller is just starting his training to become a professional wrestler. At nearly 300 pounds, the friendly giant will be an intimidating sight in the ring. And one of his moves, Axe Smash, will be popular with the fans! Faller is a big man, but can he learn to use his power to his advantage?

You’ll find out when you order FTR, the new game pack that focuses on a developmental wrestling promotion of the future called (appropriately) FTR! The fun never ends and you can pre-order all our great holiday releases beginning on November 22. They will begin mailing on December 14!

The Bloc Party is Ready to Invade Chikara!

The newest trio to enter the Chikara game is the infamous Eastern European Bloc Party made up of the Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Mr. Azerbaijan and Prakash Sabar. Proloteriat Boar of Moldova is the large and imposing Gorelord of Eastern Europe. Mr. Azerbaijan is a talented mat wrestler, also voted Azerbaijan’s sexist man annually for more than a decade. Prakash Sabar is an Ex-Pakistani now living in the Republic of Georgia, who has a fondness for a certain 90’s wrestler.

These combatants entered the Chikara universe to feud with the fan favorite Baltic Siege. But after the demise of the Baltic Siege, this trio has remained in Chikara to continue

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to wreck havoc on the tecnicos. They joined forces with Juan Francisco de Coronado to form the United Nations team in the Challenge of the Immortals. Despite not making the finals, they did have a successful run in the tournament, and look forward to more successes in the future.

The Bloc Party are 3 of the 8 cards in the Chikara Immortals pack. The game is available for preorder on November 22 and will be mailed on December 14! Look out, the Bloc Party is taking over YOUR fed!