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Blind Rage to Join Nightmare Warriors in Chikara Immortals Pack!

Blind Rage has a long history with Chikara dating back to the very first show.  In the early days he formed a faction with the Nightshift, Hallowicked and Ichabod Slayne.  After an on and off Chikara career he finds himself partners once again with Hallowicked on the Nightmare Warriors team that is taking part in Challenge of the Immortals!

The Forgotten Monster, was resurrected a few years ago by his sometimes rival and sometimes partner UltraMantis Black.  Hallowicked, in his war against Mantis, has turned Blind Rage against him again.  Will the undead monster help the Nightmare Warriors gain immortality?

The big Chikara Immortals 8-pack will begin mailing on December 14 and you can pre-order on November 22! This holiday season will be a game-playing dream…with some nightmares thrown in!

Heavy Metal Rookies Mad Maxus Will Rock FTR!

Mad Maxus (Totally Awesome and the Electric Axe) are two reckless youths from the wastelands of Maxus (same as GWF legends Mace and Dreggs, the New Order). What they lack in experience and skill, they make up for with their wild head banging ways! For starters, their ring entrance is completely wild! Totally Awesome comes to the ring equipped with armor making him a living boom box, while the Electric Axe plays their heavy metal theme music with his incredible flame throwing guitar! It’s a totally awesome spectacle!

Totally Awesome is the muscle, and the Electric Axe is the speed maniac on the team. Totally Awesome throws his weight around with moves like Monster Machine, Mass Effect, and his self-described finisher, AWESOME FINISHER! Totally

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Awesome is a confident young man with impressive power, but he’s also a giant green lunk in the ring as he learns the ropes in FTR.

The Electric Axe is a maniac on the guitar, and in the ring! Lacking the skill for an effective wrestling finisher, he instead turns to his trademark flame throwing guitar when desperate for a victory. Once per match, the Electric Axe can try to KO his opponent with SMASH WITH GUITAR! For a team learning the ropes and looking to make waves, it may be a risk worth taking!

Mad Maxus is the first of two fun and innovative jobber tag teams coming your way this December in the new FTR game! Get psyched! Don’t forget to enter the FTR Create-a-character contest by November 10 and be part of FTR history! All our new games, including FTR, will be ready to pre-order on November 22! They begin mailing on December 14.

Blue Chip From Cetus Commits to FTR

Blue Chip is a highly decorated high school level athlete making waves on his home star, Cetus, by forgoing college-level athletics to sign a prospects deal with FTR.

A natural athlete, Blue Chip will be a popular new fighter, but the young and naive wrestler will have his hands full taking his game to the next level in FTR. Only time will tell if his decision was the right one. Sometimes FTR recruits wrestle on the undercard of major federations like the GWF. How will Blue Chip and Swerve fare?

In the ring, Blue Chip uses his athletic background to test his opponents, trying for wrestling take downs, tackles, and various pinning combinations. His finisher, CETUS SUPLEX, is Blue Chip’s attempt to master a classic maneuver from his home star.

FTR is going to add new blood and new excitement to your Champions of the Galaxy game and it’s coming in December!

Chikara Returns With Immortals Pack!

Finally Chikara is back! It’s been over a

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year since the last expansion pack but the Chikara release this December will more than make up for it! The expansion pack is called Chikara Immortals, named after the season long Challenge of the Immortals team tournament that is happening this year. Many of the wrestlers from the tournament who do not have game cards will be represented in this thrilling 8-pack! There are lots of new faces in the fun-filled Lucha Superparty that are going to invade your Chikara promotion! Save your shekels, this holiday season is going to rock! We’ll have four major releases. Three have been announced, one to go!

Create a Wrestler for FTR!

It’s contest time!

The FTR of Wrestling is here! FTR is a brand new developmental fed for undercard wrestlers around the galaxy with dreams of making it big somewhere out there in the vast wrestling galaxy. We’re giving one lucky fan the chance to be part of this historic COTG spin-off game pack.

FTR will be an 8-card set where the winning promoter will create an undercard wrestler that will be released as one of the eight game cards. By undercard we REALLY mean undercard. These wrestlers are prelim wrestlers (jobbers) who are just beginning in the business.

Tom will be directly involved with FTR so look for some new creations by the Dark Menace himself.

The deadline for all entries is midnight on November 9 and the winning entry will be announced on Filsinger Games twitter on November 16!

For ALL the info you need about creating a character for FTR go here.

Harbinger Reveals he is Eydilon in Future Shock 2131!

Finally we are being introduced to the man Harbinger was BEFORE he was possessed by Black Death. The name is EYDILON and he’s going all out!

It turns out Eydilon now claims he hails from the darkest planet in the cosmos, Brymstone. Eydilon is forming a deadly new GWF team called DOOM. Who are the members and what are his goals?

Eydilon sports a powerful finisher called MISTS OF EYDILON, which gets stronger the more he wears down his opponent. Who is his shocking right-hand man?

You’ll get the whole story when you order FUTURE SHOCK 2131, the newest and more dramatic chapter of GWF history! Go here to order!

Comic Books and Professional Wrestling…Whatta Tag Team

Classic CotG Star Warrior and alternate universe Star Slayer


Over 30 years ago I had the idea to combine super heroes and professional wrestling in a tabletop card game, Champions of the Galaxy. Loving both genres, it was easy to write and produce.

The way I saw it, professional wrestling matches were like fight scenes between two comic book heroes…the Hulk and Thor battling it out. I also viewed professional wrestlers as larger-than-life superheroes, which they would later become with wrestlers like the Ultimate Warrior and the Undertaker.

A week ago I finished writing the 45th expansion in the Champions of the Galaxy series (Future Shock 2131) and I’ve plotted new story arcs through game year 2134. It’ll take at least three years to see all these ideas released and produced for game fans to enjoy, but I’ve learned by now that writing annual game editions requires patience on my part.

Combining the cultures of comic books and professional wrestling is like walking a fine line. It’s not always easy. Melding the two together is usually seamless, but sometimes they clash.

For example, Marvel and DC have been running ambitious and intricate story arcs lately, filled with cosmic themes involving time travel, parallel universes, and interstellar battles. Marvel’s current huge crossover arc is called Secret Wars (hearkening back to the 1980s series of the same name) and features amazing multiverse story angles.

By contrast, professional wrestling stories are more grounded, focused entirely on personal conflict. “I’m bigger and stronger than you!” “You cheated me in our last match…I’ll kick your ass!” “You turned on me, you backstabber, I thought you were my friend!” And on and on. Sometimes, when all else fails, wrestling turns to fundamental patriotism, like the feud between United States Champion and super patriot John Cena vs evil foreigner, Russian strongman, Rusev.

When I’m writing Champions of the Galaxy, I do a bit of both. Melding science fiction stories with down-to-earth personal conflict is a lot of fun as a storyteller, but it can be challenging. My goal is to not upset the balance too far in either direction.

The current story arc, Future Shock 2130-2131, features a science fiction scenario where wrestlers from the GWF in a different era (game year 2109) cross from one universe to another, entering the current GWF in game year 2130. This follows a three-part story called Black Death (2127-2129) where entities from a higher dimension possessed the minds of wrestlers in the GWF, making them essentially their slaves.

These stories are as comic book and sci-fi as it gets. But when it comes to writing about the characters in the game handbooks, I use standard booking scenarios seen in wrestling promotions, focusing on backstabbing, deceit, and macho posturing. Even patriotism, with one planet struggling against another for honor.

There’s one place where comic books and wrestling are very divergent and that’s with the aging of the characters. Sometimes I find this frustrating and I’ll explain why.

Comic books progress year after year as if the central characters don’t age. Bruce Wayne first saw a bat fly past his window and became Batman in 1939. He hasn’t aged a day since. Peter Parker’s Aunt May was constantly on the verge of dying of old age in the 1960s. Today, 50 years later, she’s portrayed as a healthy, hip senior citizen in tennis shoes, even though she should be about 130 years old. Peter Parker himself was a teenager in the 60s. He aged briefly, went from high school to college, and promptly stopped aging sometime in his twenties. Somebody figured out if comic book characters age in normal years they’ll be old limping men in a few decades and who wants to see Captain America fighting crime in a wheelchair?

Wrestling, on the other hand, has a more realistic time line for characters because the wrestlers are real people playing the roles. Hulk Hogan was at his peak in the 80s and 90s, and then it was pretty much over. The Undertaker finally lost his undefeated WrestleMania streak last year. It would have been unrealistic for a 50-year old man that was wrestling basically once a year to beat the “beast,” Brock Lesnar, so Lesnar was booked to win.

Then there’s Champions of the Galaxy, a game universe that combines super heroes and wrestling. What to do about aging? Some characters in the game look like humans, like Star Warrior and Thantos, but who’s to say they wouldn’t have a longer lifespan being born in other galaxies a hundred years in the future?

Despite the fact that much artistic license could have been taken, I adopted an approach more consistent with professional wrestling than comic books: that all these aliens age pretty much like humans on earth in our time period. Which doesn’t make the least bit of sense, but it gave me an excuse to have wrestlers decline in ability and retire, making way for new characters to be introduced. If I had used the comic book approach, the GWF would be overcrowded with hundreds of wrestlers with no one ever retiring due to getting older.

I’ll admit though, as a creator sometimes I get jealous. Marvel gets to keep using Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Thor indefinitely, as does DC with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. But not me. Star Warrior, Thantos, Brute, Massacre, and almost all the GWF characters from early game editions are absent in 2131. They disappeared from action long ago.

Champions of the Galaxy characters are aging in roughly human terms, although even the concept of “years” is human and Earth-centric. It’d be like DC saying, “Batman is old now now and retired, we’ll come up with new heroes to replace him,” and Marvel doing the same with Spider-Man and all the rest. Never gonna happen.

On the plus side, this means I’ll always have to come up with new characters to invade the GWF, and that’s no problem. I love creating characters and constantly have new ideas.

There’s only one iconic character I saved from the aging problem and that was Wolf. I wrote that Wolf was from an alien race that ages slowly, the AniMen of Andromeda. I could, however, have said this for pretty much any alien race in the game.

The current Future Shock 2130-2131 era is the exception. Games fans are now able to revisit old-time favorites like Chaos, Mandrill, Wolf, Star Warrior, Dark Justice, and more, but with a twist. Being from a parallel universe, they are sometimes similar, but sometimes radically different (Lope, Star Slayer). It’s really been a blast coming up with alternative versions of some of the characters.

For now, I hope all our loyal fans are having fun with Future Shock. It’ll be an amazing year of game-playing with 2131 and then BANG, there’ll be some new shockers in 2132! This ride will keep being crazy!

Like a good science fiction story arc, there’s something bigger and bolder being hidden. It won’t play out until 2134, making this an epic-length story (Black Death, Future Shock, etc) an 8-year project. And the best news is, we’re only about half way through it!

How many comic book story arcs and professional wrestling angles last that long? The answer is they don’t. One of the few places you’ll find these kind of epic-length stories is Champions of the Galaxy.

Until Wolf battles Batman and the Undertaker in a Triple Threat Match…


Gladiator Ascension Begins with Debut of PROBATION in Future Shock 2131

Did you expect the Gladiators to stand pat with a galaxy united against them?

Magnus Colby and his team sent “shock” waves through the GWF when Future Shock debuted in 2130,  and one of their main goals is to defeat the Gladiators. In 2131, the Aethran Overmaster is ready to fight back.

The Gladiator team suddenly disappeared from the GWF and returned to Aethra  at the end of 2130.  When they returned, it was clear changes had been made. The Overmaster has recruited some new blood…young fighting machines to battle their many enemies in the GWF.

The Aethran Overmaster is introducing the WINDs of War to the GWF. What does that mean?

One of the newcomers is PROBATION, a behemoth that has special motivation to succeed in the GWF. One of his finishers, DESPERATION MEASURES, is like nothing else in GWF history. Add to that NO SURRENDER and AETHRAN HONOR and you’ve got the makings of a new Gladiator legend!

But can he survive? Why is Probation a desperate man? You’ll be shocked at the answer.

Probation is one of 4 wrestlers in the GLADIATOR ASCENSION mini-pack, joining GWF UPHEAVAL (which was introduced last week). There’s still one mini-pack to go…

You can order FUTURE SHOCK 2131 by going here. Games are mailed in the order we receive them, so order now! The continuing saga of FUTURE SHOCK awaits you!