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Tauran Lives!

The fate of Tauran unfolds on Kronos.

Tauran was last seen in 2132 reverse aging at a rapid pace and approaching his age 20. Driven by the will to live while dying in his youthful decline, the reverse ager from Equuleus begrudgingly approaches the vampires on Draco and submits himself to them in exchange for eternal life. He is bitten and transformed into a vampire in exchange for his eternal loyalty and services during a mysterious Draco ritual.

Tauran lives! But with eternal life comes new problems for Tauran. A hero his entire career, he fights new urges to shred and maim opponents as warm vampire blood flows through his veins. Can Tauran control his new found rage or will it consume him?

Struggling with intense emotions about his decision Tauran quietly leaves Draco and heads to Kronos where he banishes himself as he battles feelings of guilt. Will Tauran live with eternal shame and doubt or grow to fully accept his new vampire self?

Tauran joins Infinity and Infinity-Plex as COTG Prime releases in December to close out the 2019 subscription.

The Biggest Superstar in the Year 3000 is Infinity!

And now Infinity is the biggest superstar on Kronos!

Infinity has ruled over the star of Regulus for 150 years and during that time the planet has thrived under his leadership. He is an awesome warrior, leader and hero. Infinity is the total package!

Infinity vs Infinity-Plex immediately becomes the biggest feud on Kronos!

“The war vs Infinity-Plex and his army of monsters has not gone on for over 75 years because it’s an even battle – because it is not. I will win on Kronos just like I win in the year 3000. Our war can rage on for another 75 years and nothing will change. I am Infinity. Infinity-Plex loses because he is a loser, never forget it.”

Infinity and Infinity-Plex are part of 2019 COTG Prime, which will be sent to subscribers in December along with a 3rd card announced next week.

Infinity-Plex vs. Infinity Erupts on Kronos!

The long awaited war from the year 3000 in the GWF finally has arrived at the Crossroads of the Galaxy!

Infinity-Plex is Infinity from an alternate universe!  He is the “anti” Infinity. He hails from Regulus in a mirror dimension, an antimatter universe. And he has been carrying on a war with Infinity for nearly 80 years.  Infinity-Plex has ruled over Regulus in an alternate dimension for 150 years, and in that 150 years the planet has suffered tremendously under his heel. Now Infinity fights to keep his home planet from suffering the same fate!  Infinity-Plex has a master plan to destroy Infinity, take his place on Regulus in Infinity’s universe and start the destruction all over again. It’s Infinity vs Infinity-Plex on Kronos and the fate of Regulus hangs in the balance!

Infinity-Plex is the most powerful new villain on Kronos, and one of the toughest wrestlers in any universe! Infinity better be ready!

INFINITY-PLEX joins previously released recolored Classics 3000 playing cards on Kronos for Sixth Law, Rhea and Milky Way Galaxy. His card is part of the 4th quarter of COTG Prime.  Coming next week is the biggest one of them all – INFINITY!

First Born Son of Janus Leads the Overmen Into Kronos!

The mighty Jupiter is the first born son of Janus, and the pride and joy of the pack. He is multi-time WGX champion, and an Olympic legend in Dimension X. He arrives on Kronos with big expectations to win the Tournament of the Immortals.
Jupiter leads the Overmen in trios action. Wait until you see GORDIAN KNOT – one of the most feared trios finishers ever! In singles matches the giant Jupiter crushes his enemies with CHAMPION SUPER DROP!
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Cupid is the third oldest son of Janus and one of three awesome new Overmen entering the Tournament of the Immortals on Kronos!
Cupid is a ladies man who has no problem finding the attention he desires. It’s not uncommon for women to follow Cupid around as if they are under some kind of love spell. This mysterious behavior leads Cupid into intense and personal feuds with other wrestlers when their female valets, managers and teammates begin to feel the power of Cupid’s arrow. Cupid loves the attention!
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Three new faces enter the Tournament of the Immortals, called to Kronos from the WGX in Dimension X – JUPITER, HONOS, and CUPID! They are sons of GWF legend Janus, and arrive on Kronos bristling with accolades. Together they are known as the Overmen – the greatest trios group in the WGX, and the only unit to hold the three man tag team titles in all three vectors!
Honos is the wildest and most unruly of the Janus boys. He is also the second youngest son, and sole protector of Uranus, always looking out for his only little brother. Honos sends a warning to everybody –  “Anybody who messes with Uranus answers to Honos! Never forget it!”
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