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Chris Dickinson and Jaka Fill Out the EVOLVE 4 Roster

The last two names to be included in the EVOLVE 4 8-pack are the most dominant tag team in EVOLVE and have yet to be defeated in the promotion. They are Catch Point members Chris Dickinson and Jaka , also known as Doom Patrol! Dickinson was on the first 4 EVOLVE shows, but went on a long hiatus from the promotion until recently returning with his Beyond Wrestling tag team partner, Jaka. The duo won contracts in Massachusetts in a match against Darby Allin and Peter Kaasa, and later in the night went on to join the Catch Point faction.

Can this duo continue to be unstoppable in the EVOLVE tag team ranks and go on to capture the tag team titles? They will get the chance on April 22nd in their home town of New York City against their Catch Point team mates Fred Yehi and Tracy Williams!

Chris Dickinson and Jaka join Ethan Page, Keith Lee, Jason Kincaid, Darby Allin, Peter Kaasa and Jeff Cobb in the EVOLVE 4 8-pack. To order the printed version of EVOLVE 4 click here:…/evolve-wrestling…/evolve-4-pack/

Preorders will ship by April 7th. The online version will be available soon.

EVOLVE 4 and Promoter Prime Ready to Order

Two big game editions are available for preorder right now from Filsinger Games!

First up is the incredible 4th edition of the EVOLVE Wrestling game. This set features 8 wrestlers and a digital handbook. Already announced have been Ethan Page, Darby Allin, Peter Kaasa, Jeff Cobb and Jason Kincaid. Add to the list one of the bigger competitors in EVOLVE and the newest signee to the promotion, Keith Lee! This Texas standout has made a big name for himself in the past year and has made an immediate splash in EVOLVE, even beating current champion Zack Sabre, Jr.!

Also available for presale is the 2017 Promoter Prime set. This diverse game edition provides 2 cards each month from the Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling and Independent Wrestling games that Filsinger Games produces. The printed set is available now with the first 3 months worth of characters, with more cards to be sent quarterly (in June, September and December). Subscribers will also get the PDF and Online versions included once available. The first 6 cards include:

January: Scott Taylor, Redd Dogg (Legends)

February: Massage NV (Beyond Wrestling)

March: Pegasus, Mensar (COTG Eternal Champions)

Both game editions will begin mailing by April 7th.

To order the printed version of EVOLVE 4 click here:…/evolve-wrestling…/evolve-4-pack/

To order the printed version of Promoter Prime 2017 click here:…/promoter-prime-2017-w-printed-…/

Jason Kincaid Flys Into the EVOLVE 4 Set

One of the newest wrestlers to join the EVOLVE roster is also the latest addition to the EVOLVE 4 game pack in the form of Jason Kincaid!

Kincaid is known for his laid back and positive attitude. But don’t mistake his peaceful demeanor as a him being a pushover in the ring. This West Virginia native has an impressive arsenal of kicks, high-flying maneuvers and technical knowledge that have helped him win accolades throughout the Midwest and Southern promotions he made his name in. Now Kincaid looks to prove himself on the EVOLVE Wrestling stage, where he is winning over new fans quickly.

Jason Kincaid joins Ethan Page, Darby Allin, Peter Kaasa and Jeff Cobb in the EVOLVE 4 8-pack, with more names coming each week in March. The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in Orlando, with preorders beginning April 1 and mailing beginning April 7th!

Get psyched EVOLVE fans! This expansion rocks.

Peter Kaasa Continues to Battle in the EVOLVE Wrestling Game

EVOLVE Wrestling had some sad news this week, as one of its most dynamic performers is set to miss significant time due to a recent injury. While fans will unfortunately not be able to watch Peter Kaasa wrestle in an EVOLVE ring in the near future, Filsinger Games fans will be able to continue his career without interruption as we are happy to announce his inclusion in the EVOLVE 4 game edition!

Growing up in South Carolina, Peter Kaasa was a state submission wrestling champion. His pro wrestling style was also influenced by his background in gymnastics and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, as he was able to keep pace with high flyers, while also maintaining a solid catch wrestling and submission repertoire. After working for years in the southern independents, Peter Kaasa made his EVOLVE debut in 2015. He impressed officials enough to take part in the 2016 Style Battle tournament, and has continued making regular appearances in EVOLVE between tours of Japan.

Peter Kaasa joins Ethan Page, Darby Allin and Jeff Cobb in the EVOLVE 4 8-pack, with more names coming each week in March. The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in Orlando and will begin mailing by April 7th!

“All Ego” Comes to the EVOLVE Wrestling Game

The third name in the EVOLVE 4 game edition will be happy to let you know that he is EVOLVE’s biggest star!

Its “All Ego” Ethan Page. Page is an accomplished wrestler, who started his career in Canada, but has taken the US indies by storm the past few years. But it’s on the mic where Ethan Page truly shines, as he is consistently one of the most entertaining parts of the EVOLVE show each time out. With the massive Gatekeepers acting as his ringside muscle, its a matter of time before he earns Evolve Wrestling gold.

While this is not Ethan Page’s first Filsinger Games card, it is his first EVOLVE Wrestling card and the stats reflect the growth that Page has had in his career. This just goes to show how cool it is to collect our game cards! Page is destined for greatness in his future in the wrestling business, and getting to the top of the EVOLVE roster proves just how talented he really is.

Ethan Page joins Darby Allin and Jeff Cobb in the EVOLVE 4 8-pack, with more names coming each week in March. The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in Orlando and will begin mailing by April 7th! Pre-order begins next week!

Darby Allin Falls into the EVOLVE 4 Pack

The newest name in the Evolve Wrestling 4 game edition is a wrestler who has made a big name for himself over the past year in the EVOLVE ring. Darby Allin has become one of the most popular wrestlers on the EVOLVE roster with his never say die attitude and willingness to take the highest risks to win a match.

Allin has been known to make some incredible dives onto his opponent, including his finisher the COFFIN DROP, where he drops himself backwards off the turnbuckle or sometimes even off the steel support structures of the building! Darby just recently finished an emotional feud with Ethan Page, where he proved to fans just what limits he is willing to go to vanquish his foes.

Darby Allin joins Jeff Cobb in the EVOLVE 4 8-pack, with more names coming each coming week. The game will be released at the WWNLive Experience in Orlando and will begin mailing at the beginning of April!

EVOLVE Wrestling 4 Coming in April! Set fatures “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb!

One of the most popular independent wrestling promotions has gotten even bigger!

Evolve Wrestling is now reaching more fans with all of its Live Events being broadcast on FloSlam, including this past week’s landmark EVOLVE 78 and EVOLVE 79 events. Filsinger games is thrilled to continue its relationship with EVOLVE Wrestling by releasing a 4th game expansion in this very popular series.

The new 8-card set will feature 4 brand new wrestlers to the Filsinger Games universe, as well as 4 wrestlers from our other game lines that are receiving their first EVOLVE game cards. Let the speculation begin!

Leading off the set is one of the most requested game cards from Filsinger Games fans, Mr. Athletic Jeff Cobb. Cobb has been tearing up the West Coast independent scene and now has gotten a chance to wow fans on a national stage in EVOLVE with his blend of power and agility. Cobb in a short time worked his way to the top of the promotion, already garnering shots at the EVOLVE title and EVOLVE tag team titles.

Stay tuned over the course of the next few weeks as we announce more of the wrestlers that will be a part of this anticipated game edition. The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in Orlando and will begin mailing at the beginning of April!

Matt Riddle Leads the Evolve Roster

Coming this April will be the very anticipated 3rd game pack for the EVOLVE

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Wrestling Series. Leading the charge is the current #1 contender to the EVOLVE championship Matt Riddle! Riddle is a former professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor on the highest level, before he moved over to professional wrestling. Riddle trained at the World Famous Monster Factory before he caught the eye of a number of wrestling officials, including EVOLVE Promoter Gabe Sapolski.

Since arriving on the scene at EVOLVE Riddle has taken the promotion by storm. He is undefeated, even picking up a win over Evolve veteran Drew Gulak. Gulak was so impressed he asked Riddle to join his Catch Point group. Riddle has most recently won the 2016 Style Battle, defeating Peter Kaasa, Fred Yehi and Tracy Williams. After the big win, he confronted EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher at EVOLVE 55. Riddle was named top contender for the title and the two will face off at EVOLVE 56.

Will Riddle be able to capture the EVOLVE title in your fed? Find out, when EVOLVE 3 is released on April 20 as part of our incredible SPRING FEVER game releases!

SPRING FEVER is Coming on April 20 With 3 Game Releases!

Did you think our holiday releases were great? THEY WERE! But how about celebrating game releases again this spring! 2016 is a big year for Filsinger Games with the 30th anniversary of Champions of the Galaxy coming this summer. But the party starts early in April with the release of our Spring Fever package! We have 3 new releases that Filsinger Games fans will be excited to see! First is EVOLVE 3, the latest expansion set for the great independent promotion and also one of our most popular games. This 8-card set will feature some of the best technical fighters on the international wrestling scene today! As if that’s not good enough, there’s CAC REUNION 2016, our second game edition honoring the Cauliflower Alley Club, the Fraternal Order of Professional Wrestling! 6 CAC luminaries will be immortalized in this game edition and the game pack will see cialis and viagra reviews its official release on April 11 at CAC Reunion 2016 in buy pain pills online pharmacy Las Vegas! It’ll truly be a blazing spring with the release of the second 80s MANIA WRESTLING game pack, based on the popular app from Checkmate Creative. 8 more wild and wacky 80’s pop culture influenced wrestlers are on the way to add to your growing 80s Mania Wrestling fed! generic cialis canada Totally radical! All 3 games will be available for preorder on March 28, with games mailing by April 20. Filsinger Games Spring Fever. pharmacy tech degree online it’s infectious! Watch for sneak previews on Twitter and Facebook leading up to release! BEST GAMING SPRING EVER!