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The seer is here!  ORACLE is coming to the CWF.

The citizens of Centra ignore his predictions at their own peril.  ORACLE may be the most controversial member of the CWF roster.  He leads a group of followers that will command your attention.  Who are they?  How did ORACLE get there?  Why has he called out Lance At-Las?  Find out when Future Shock:  Centra Wrestling Federation 2115 ships this May.  Preorders start next week!

Coast 2 Coast Joins the Ring of Honor Tag Ranks in the latest game pack!

On the heels of announcing Villain Enterprises, another Ring of Honor tag team will debut in the new Supercard of Honor set, Coast 2 Coast!  This exciting young tag team is comprised of “The Human Rocket” Leon St. Giovanni (LSG) and Shaheem Ali.  The team combines LSG’s spectacular aerial maneuvers which Ali’s deceptive speed and strength. This duo both graduated from the world renowned Monster Factory and debuted in ROH in 2015.  While they had some success early on, it took until the end of 2017 for their breakthrough match, a win in a do or die match against the War Machine, in which Coast 2 Coast came out on top.  After that match they went on an impressive winning streak and earned a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Titles.  While they haven’t yet achieved gold in Ring of Honor yet, given their talents its only a matter of time before they get another opportunity.

Coast 2 Coast join Brody King, PCO and 4 other first-time ROH cards in the Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 8-pack.  This game edition will be available for preorder next Monday and will begin mailing in late May.

The Most Shocking CWF Revelation Yet

This really is a different Centra than we knew before. SABOTEUR is coming this spring. Why has he joined the CWF? What is his agenda?

Things are never what they seem when Saboteur is around. He is patient and willing to take a beating while getting his opponent just where he wants him. Wait until you hear about his finisher, TRIPWIRE. Opponents never see it coming…. And then the match is over.

Future Shock: Centra Wrestling Federation 2115 ships in May. Be ready to preorder early next month.

Villain Enterprises is Complete with the Addition of Brody King!

Last week we announced PCO was the first card in the Supercard of Honor pack, and this week we are thrilled to announce his tag team partner in Villain Enterprises, Brody King, will also be part of this star studded game pack! King started his career in Southern California in 2015, but quickly became a standout and started appearing throughout the country and winning prestigious championships.  Brody lives the hardcore punk lifestyle, and while at first glance may just seem like a brawler, after a closer look you can see the agility and pure wrestling technique he possess.  He has seen immediate success in Ring of Honor once joining Villain Enterprises, quickly winning the ROH Tag Team and 6-Man Tag team titles.  While still young in his wrestling tenure, there is no telling how far he can go under the guidance of his veteran teammates PCO and Marty Scurll.

Brody King, PCO and 6 other first-time ROH cards will comprise the roster for the Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 8-pack.  This game edition will begin mailing in late May.

Mister Centra Aims to Be the Top Star in Centra

Mister Centra comes to the CWF by way of Dimension X.  Why is he here?  More importantly, why does he call himself Mister Centra?

Mister Centra has incredible speed and quickness mixed with exceptional technical ability.  He might be the most talented competitor in the CWF- and he knows it.  He covets titles above everything else and will stop at nothing to keep them once he has them.  What other former Dimension X wrestler does Mister Centra have in his sights?  Find out when Future Shock:  Centra Wrestling Federation 2115 ships in May.

Centra Wrestling Federation Founder Lance At-Las Leads Off the new FUTURE SHOCK Game Edition!

The Future Shock group may have made it to Dimension Y, but they didn’t find everything to be as they expected. This is NOT the same timeline that they left. What major differences are there in this timeline? What familiar faces will be on Centra in 2115?

Lance At-Las is the founder and commissioner of the Centra Wrestling Federation. He is also one of its top stars. Why does he look concerned? What could have caused him to assemble a new group of Federation Defense Fighters? FUTURE SHOCK: Centra Wrestling Federation 2115 answers these questions.

FUTURE SHOCK: Centra Wrestling Federation 2115 ships this spring along with Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 8-pack.

Get Ready to be Shocked by the Newest Chapter in Champions of the Galaxy Lore!

Whatever happened after Magnus Colby and the Future Shock wrestlers were banished from our timeline by the UFSP at Sly Drury’s behest?  In the Epilogue of REGIME CHANGE 2132 it appeared that their ship made it to the Centra system but was hit by a missile.  What happened to the Future Shock wrestlers after the explosion? Find out what happens this spring when our newest Champions of the Galaxy supplementary set is released.

What is the CWF like in 2115?  Are there any familiar faces?  Will they welcome the Future Shock team or stand against them?  You’ll have answers to these questions this May when FUTURE SHOCK:  Centra Wrestling Federation 2115 is released.  The team of Werner Mueck and Mike Melesky are working together on their first COTG project together since Early Classics of the 2070s and 2080s fifteen years ago.  It’s a whole new chapter in Champions of the Galaxy lore that begins this spring!

Add to that the fact that SUDDEN DEATH 2135 is coming in July and this will be a BANNER YEAR for Champions of the Galaxy! And there’s more coming at the end of the year…

The Inhuman PCO Shocks the Ring of Honor Roster!

In the 1990’s French Canadian wrestler Pierre Carl Ouellet was winning gold in major international promotions.  In the 2000’s he returned back to home to wrestle in the French Canadian indies before ultimately retiring from the ring in 2010.  However, a few years ago PCO returned to wrestling, but in a very different form.  Not only had his career been resurrected, but now it appears that he himself may have been resurrected from the dead!  PCO now stands for Perfect Creation One, and the monster-like being has show inhuman strength both in the squared circle and outside of it.  Many videos have surfaced online of the mysterious figure Destro torturing PCO and demonstrating incredible feats of strength, which have only intensified his lore.  Now PCO has joined Ring of Honor as part of Marty Scurll’s Villain Enterprises, and there is no telling what kind of destruction awaits members of the ROH roster.

PCO leads off the roster for the Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 8-pack.  This game edition will begin mailing in late May.

2 New Game Editions Coming This Spring!


Before our big summer time releases, there are still 2 new game editions coming in May to tide game fans over!

First of all of Indie fans, the new Ring of Honor set is coming soon than you thought!  Hot on the heels of the Ring of Honor’s debut at the World’s Most Famous Arena, a new ROH expansion is in the works.  While the last set came out over the holidays, Ring of Honor has had some major changes to its roster and many of those new names will debut for Filsinger Games as well.  Q2 of Indies Prime will feature Ring of Honor talent as well.

There will also be a new Champions of the Galaxy game edition debuting in May and will also tie into Q2 of COTG Prime.  More details on this shocking new game edition will be coming soon.

Legends fans also have some goodness coming in Q2 of Legends Prime with 3 brand new names, and then a new Expansion set coming this summer featuring some long requested names!

The weather outside is warming up and things at Filsinger games are getting hot too!

From the Mushroom Kingdom in Canada come the Super Smash Brothers!

When you think of Canadian independent tag teams of the past 10 years, there is one duo that immediately springs to mind as one of the most prolific…the Super Smash Brothers.  Player Uno and Player Dos (often also known as Stupefied) are a unique duo with a fun offense that often plays homage to popular video games.  Although they like to have fun, they are serious about winning, and with Uno’s strength and Dos’ high flying, they have certainly done plenty of that.  In addition to winning accolades in Canada, the duo has also won tag team titles in the US, including the Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas.  Although the duo has undergone a darker change to their personalities in recent years, fans still remember the classic tag team fondly and can now include them in their Filsinger Games Indie promotion!

Player Uno and Player Dos join Davey Boy Smith Jr., Teddy Hart, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, RJ City, Tyson Dux and Brent Banks in the Best of Canada 8 Pack.  The set is available now HERE and has already begun shipping!