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THEY’RE BACK! Headbangers Brute & Massacre Return to Action on August 15!

You can’t keep headbangers like Brute and Massacre down!

Nor also Sage Strong and Malta the Damager! The two big men will return as the Gladiators of Aethra on August 15 at Wrestling Geek Fest for a big tag bout on Saturday night! In their debut match last year in Jamestown, NY, Brute and Massacre suffered a double disqualification against the Greek Gods due to their extreme headbanging ways. What mayhem will ensue on August 15 in Cleveland?

You’ll find out when you attend Wrestling Geek Fest, the greatest new wrestling convention of the year. Get your tickets now, it’s going to be a big show! For all the information you need go to:

But be careful. There will be Aethran militants in the streets of Cleveland…and they mean business!

Legendary Strongmen Will Test Their Power in Upcoming Olde Wrestling Pack

The legendary strongmen duo, Clean and Jerk, better known as the Jollyville Jeepers, are set to do battle in the Olde Wrestling ring.  The duo has performed at the Olde Wrestling Extravaganza before, where besides wrestling they attempted to set the tandem bar ball lifting record.  This duo may not have the grappling experience that other wrestlers do, but their unbridled strength is sure to give them an advantage!

The new Olde Wrestling Extravaganza pack will be available at Wrestling Geek Fest on August 14 in Strongsville, OH and at Yet Another Extravaganza of Wrestling on August 31 in Norwalk, OH. Games will be made available for sale online following the convention, along with our other incredible release, Absolute Intense Wrestling game.

Get psyched! Some of the very best in independent wrestling is coming YOUR way this month!


Tim Donst Returns to Wrestling and Joins AIW Game!

Tim Donst won the AIW championship in 2014, but unfortunately his reign ended early when it looked like his career would be cut short due to a kidney tumor. However, this year at the JT Lightning Invitational, Tim announced his return to wrestling and AIW at Absolution. He won his return match and now has his eyes set on reclaiming the AIW Absolute Championship for a third time.

Tim Donst will be part of Wrestling Geek Fest. Not only will he face off against Paul London in a first time ever encounter, but Wrestling Geek Fest will have the debut of the documentary Wrestle Donst Wrestle by Kenny Johnson, which chronicles his return to the AIW ring.

The Absolute Intense Wrestling game will be available August 14 at AIW’s Battle of the Sexes 2, and will be available for online preorder after the convention. Try to be patient, we know it’s great but you’ll have it in your hands by the end of August (if you want it badly enough before that book a flight to Cleveland for Geek Fest!).

Harbinger Reveals he is Eydilon in Future Shock 2131!

Finally we are being introduced to the man Harbinger was BEFORE he was possessed by Black Death. The name is EYDILON and he’s going all out!

It turns out Eydilon now claims he hails from the darkest planet in the cosmos, Brymstone. Eydilon is forming a deadly new GWF team called DOOM. Who are the members and what are his goals?

Eydilon sports a powerful finisher called MISTS OF EYDILON, which gets stronger the more he wears down his opponent. Who is his shocking right-hand man?

You’ll get the whole story when you order FUTURE SHOCK 2131, the newest and more dramatic chapter of GWF history! Go here to order!

Jock Samson Leads the Moonshine Revolution in Upcoming Olde Wrestling Pack!

what causes cialis not to work The Appalachian Outlaw himself, Jock Samson, is coming to the Olde Wrestling game to ensure all the fans have plenty of hooch to celebrate with! While Jock is beloved by fans, he has caught sildenafil over the counter the ire of the Legislators of Anti Saloon Land, who are looking to hold up the Prohibition Laws of the day viagra-vs-cialis-best and put moonshiners like Samson and his friend in jail. Who will prevail in the Battle of the Booze? The new best sildenafil tablet Olde Wrestling Extravaganza pack will be available at Wrestling Geek Fest on August 14-16 in Strongsville, OH and at Olde Wrestling’s Yet Another Extravaganza on does viagra give you a bigger hard on August 30 in Norwalk, OH. Olde Wrestling gives you all kinds of interesting story angles to run in YOUR game federation. Don’t miss it! It’ll be ready to order online after Geek Fest!

Tag Team Champions are Ready to go To Infinity and Beyond in AIW Pack!

The reigning AIW tag team champions Cheech and Colin Delaney, better known as To Infinity and Beyond, are the latest duo to join the Absolute Intense Wrestling game.  They join Absolute Champion Rickey Shane Page and Intense Champion Davey Vega to round out the roster of champions in the set.

Colin and Cheech are both upstate New York boys, but their careers have taken them all over the world.  But now in AIW they are having some of their best and most fun matches to date.  Since winning the titles in March, they have successfully defended them against a litany of teams including the Young Bucks.  Who will be the next wrestlers to step up to challenge them?

Colin Delaney and Cheech will both be part of the AIW Battle of the Sexes card at Wrestling Geek Fest, where the AIW card game will debut onAugust 14 in Strongsville, OH.  Games will be available for sale after the convention at

Get psyched for promotion wars! You can pit Absolute Intense Wrestling against Combat Zone Wrestling! Who’s more hardcore?

Absolute Champion Rickey Shane Page Leads Upcoming AIW Roster

The newest wrestling promotion to partner with Filsinger Games is also our partner for Wrestling Geek Fest.  Its Cleveland-based Absolute Intense Wrestling!  The AIW game will be released on August 14th during Wrestling Geek Fest, when AIW puts on the Battle of the Sexes 2 show.

What  better way to start off the wrestler announcements for the set than with the new AIW champion Rickey Shane Page.  RSP has been a mainstay with AIW since its inception 10 years ago.  Despite being a part of AIW for so long, he never reached the top of the mountain until July 10th’s huge Absolution X Megashow, where he defeated former champion Josh Alexander.

RSP  is just one of 12 cards that are part of this fantastic set highlighting some of the best wrestling talent in the Midwest.  If you can’t join us for Wrestling Geek Fest, the AIW game will begin mailing in late August.




Legislators Set to Enforce Prohibition Laws in Olde Wrestling Pack

The early 20th century-based promotion Olde Wrestling will be back in action for another big event, Yet Another Extravaganza, on August 30th. And to commemorate the occasion we are set to release another dandy Olde Wrestling game edition. This one will feature 8 characters and will be called Olde Wrestling Extravaganza. Huzzah!

Joining the Olde Wrestling game are a trio that have caught the ire of fans and moonshiners alike, The Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land. Sen. Cameron S. Sheppard, Rep. Gavin Q. Volstead and the infamous Judge Hugo Black are coming to Olde Wrestling to put an end to the fun-loving and boozing ways of scofflaws like Chuck Taylor and Jock Sampson.

Olde Wrestling Extravaganza will be available at Wrestling Geek Fest August 14-16 and at Yet Another Extravaganza on August 30. Games will begin mailing in late August.

Star Slayer Puts the Shock in Future Shock

The name is Star Slayer, but his former name was Star Warrior. He changed it several years ago in his home universe. Star Slayer is a far cry from Star Warrior, more like Avenging Warrior, who he’s never heard of.

Star Slayer is coming to the GWF to clean house. His goal is to do what he couldn’t do where he came from. He’s a man possessed by the need for a second chance, to get revenge on his terms.

His finisher, THE APOCALYPSE, is a snap DDT where the opponent is buried head first on the top of his rifle (provided the referee doesn’t see it!). But this man is no fool: he has plans for the referee NOT to see it. His other finisher, MAD MAT, is a high-risk move off the turnbuckle.

He has even bigger plans. He will enter the GWF announcing that he’s the new leader of the FDF, the natural man for the job. What will Paganax and Shayne have to say about it? Or even Lord Nexus?

This sets up major feuds with Thantos

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and Star Warrior in the GWF, to say nothing of a feud with someone who actually accompanied Star Slayer to the GWF. Things are going to get crazy in 2131!

This is the first card to be announced in the final mini-set which is called SECOND COMING. More wrestlers will be arriving from the parallel universe that brought the first escapees in FUTURE SHOCK 2130! That’s three themes in all: GWF Upheaval, Gladiator Ascension, and Second Coming. Who are the rest of the wrestlers?

Find out by ordering FUTURE SHOCK 2131 right now by going here! And add the sensational CELEBRATION OF HONOR packs to your order!

More shockers await you with FUTURE SHOCK 2131! Share your thoughts at Filsinger Games twitter or our Champions of the Galaxy message board.

Paul London and Brian Kendrick Crash the Party and Join ROH Celebration!

It had been over ten years since Paul London set foot in the ROH ring, way back at the inaugural “Death Before Dishonor” where he challenged for the ROH World Title, but the original homegrown hero is back!  From his “Epic Encounter” with Bryan Danielson to his “Night of the Grudges” classic with AJ Styles, London was one of the men who defined the face of Ring of Honor and now he is celebrated right where he belongs, in the Ring of Honor wrestling game!

But the good feelings don’t stop there!

Because  joining London is his long-time tag team partner and ROH veteran, Brian Kendrick! Kendrick is famous for his tag team championship run with Paul London. Will they capture ROH gold together in your fed? Like London, when they’re not teaming together, Kendrick also brings excitement to singles action. Kendrick will meet up with enemies like Silas Young and Christopher Daniels in the ROH game!

The two CELEBRATION OF HONOR game packs are filled with hungry, new stars, but they’ll have to get by Paul London and Brian Kendrick if they want to become legends!

The CELEBRATION OF HONOR game packs are READY TO ORDER, go here. So is FUTURE SHOCK 2131 (the latest and greatest Champions of the Galaxy game expansion). Your summer just got better! Both games begin mailing July 24, so order now!