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Filsinger Games Summer Convention Coming to Chicago in July 2020!

On July 11th Filsinger Games brings its annual summer convention, GalactiCon, to the Windy City of Chicago.  While GalactiCon has moved around the last few years, this is the farthest West the convention has ever traveled.  Chicago is a hotbed of wrestling and central to many Filsinger games fans.  The site of GalactiCon is the Holiday Inn Chicago O’Hare Area, which is super easy to get to by car, bus or plane and is right on the train line to downtown Chicago.

This year’s convention will take place on 1 day, starting at 10AM and will run to 10PM.  It will include all the GalactiCon traditions including the Trivia contest, Charity Auction, Q&A and of course lots of tournaments!  The best part is that everything takes place in the same venue where everyone is staying, with a bar and restaurant open late for post convention conversation.

For game fans in town Friday night, we will be heading to the iconic Logan Square Auditorium to see Freelance Wrestling, before coming back to the hotel for the midnight release of the 50th GWF game edition Origins 2136!  For folks still around on Sunday afternoon a group will also be attending the Chicago White Sox game.

For all the details on the convention including information on the hotel room block visit the OFFICIAL GALACTICON 2020 WEBPAGE.

See you this summer on the banks of Lake Michigan!


B Ryce Fills Out Freelance Wrestling Roster!

The last (but certainly not the least) name to announce for the Freelance Wrestling 12-pack is the man once known as Bryce Benjamin, now better known as B Ryce. He is one of the best kept secrets in Midwest wrestling, with a blend of high flying, technical and strike-based wrestling.

B Ryce is best known as one half of the former Freelance Wrestling champions The N Words, with Acid Jaz. The two came together in late 2014 and were immediate fan favorites, although they are far from squeeky clean baby faces. The duo beat the Four Star Heroes in the tournament finals to be the first Freelance tag team champions, before losing the belts to Beauty and the Beast early in 2016.

B Ryce’s card will be part of the Freelance Wrestling 12-pack that begins mailing on March 14. His tag partner Acid Jaz will have an updated card in the March Promoter Prime release, you can find his original in Chikara Tecnicos. The Promoter Prime card will be released by March 14 as a printable PDF and Online card. Those wishing to subscribe to Promoter Prime with printed cards will be able to do so later this week.

But for now the amazing Freelance Wrestling 12-pack is ready to order so don’t wait, go here!

Don’t forget to watch Freelance Wrestling’s Beautiful Disaster show this Friday March 11 at 10PM Central live for free on

Arik Cannon to Bring Anarchy to Freelance Wrestling Game Pack!

Freelance Wrestling is one of the premier wrestling organizations in the Midwest and represents the punk rock lifestyle. So it’s no surprise that the Anarchist Arik Cannon is a big part of the Freelance roster. Cannon has been a major independent wrestling talent for more than 10 years. Now he may be best known as the Official PBR Wrestler and always brings the party to any promotion he is part of. And if there’s anything the Freelance Wrestling faithful

love, its a great party! Get ready to use Arik Cannon and the entire Freelance Wrestling roster when this 12-card game edition is released! The official debut will be at a Freelance Wrestling event on March 11. The game pack begins mailing on March 14. You can preorder now by going here!

Craig Mitchell Will Try to Make a Name for Himself in Freelance Game!

Craig Mitchell  is a skilled amateur-style wrestler from Chicago that has surprising agility for a big man.  He debuted for Freelance Wrestling on their first show.  Since then he has been tied to Freelance Champions Isaias Velasquez.  First the two had mutual respect and teamed together, before Velasquez turned on Mitchell.  Eventually Mitchell realized he was better with Velaquez than against him, and helped Isaias win the Freelance Title and has been supporting him as part of Team Beta Training ever since.

How will Craig Mitchell fare in your Freelance Wrestling fed?  Will he align with Isaias Velasquez, or will he challenge him to be the top dog in Freelance?  It’ll be exciting to find out when you play!

The Freelance game pack debuts at the Freelance Wrestling show on March 11 in Chicago’s Bottom Lounge entitled “Beautiful Disaster.”  Games will begin mailing shortly after so get psyched! You are about to experience Chicago “punk rock” wrestling! How will Freelance fare against other regional promotions like Inspire Pro (Texas) and AIW (Cleveland)?


Bring in the Clowns! Brothers of Funstruction Coming to Freelance Game Pack!

We’re not clowning around!

Freelance Wrestling has some outlandish characters, but perhaps the oddest are the tag team of Yabo the Clown and Ruffo the Clown. Once a rival of Yabo the Clown, Ruff Crossing donned the clown makeup and joined forces with Yabo as Ruffo the Clown, forming the tag team of the Brothers of Funstruction.  The duo are naturally clowning around during the match, but have the skill to compete on the competitive Freelance tag team scene.

What  tricks will Yabo and Ruffo play in your promotion?  Will they challenge for the tag titles or prefer to just cause mischief?  Find out when the Freelance Wrestling game is released in March!

Robert Anthony Brings His Ego to Freelance Wrestling Game!

Freelance Wrestling brings the best wrestlers in the Chicago scene together for their punk rock wrestling shows. One wrestler who has made

a big reputation in the Chicago Indie scene is 15-year veteran of the squared circle, “The Ego” Robert Anthony. Now he is one of the top stars of Freelance Wrestling and Anthony isn’t afraid to tell everyone just that! Robert Anthony is an innovator when it comes to new moves and exotic move names, such as his finisher the Taco Pizza. Will he be serving up some Taco Pizzas for the rest of the Freelance Wrestling roster when you receive your game in March? Get psyched, Chicago punk rock wrestling is coming!

Suge D Bounces His Way into the Freelance Wrestling Game

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the Freelance Wrestling ring. Many fans know his fun loving ways, but the competition viagra online pharmacy reviews in Freelance Wrestling has brought out Viagra his vicious side, and he has responded with some great performances in the quest to be the top man in the promotion. He hasn’t tasted championship gold yet, but its only a matter of time. How will Suge D fare in viagra and pharmacy online viagra coke your cialis v viagra fed? Will he challenge Isaias Velazquez for the Freelance Title right do u need a prescription for viagra away? Or do you have different plans for the ballhog so fresh he sweats Febreze? Get ready, Freelance Wrestling game debuts in March!

Freelance Wrestling Game Debuts in March!

Haven’t we promised you exciting new game packs for cool Indie promotions? Well, look at what the windy city is blowing our way!

Filsinger Games is proud to announce its newest partner, Freelance Wrestling out of Chicago, IL.  Freelance Wrestling is a punk rock influenced Indie promotion that has made a splash in the past year with its unique presentation and rabid fanbase.  We are happy to partner with this exciting brand in one of the hotbeds of pro wrestling in the United States!

The first wrestler to be announced for this game edition is the Freelance Wrestling Champion, Isaias Velazquez. Isaias is the first and only champion the promotion has seen, winning the title in June 2015 in a 4-way match.  He continues to turn away all challengers to the title, but it’s going to be hard to hold onto the title with all the other competition in Freelance Wrestling!

The Freelance Wrestling game edition will feature 12 playing cards and will debut in March in Chicago and also be ready to ship to all Filsinger Games fanatics in Mid-March.  Keep watching for details and get psyched! Another awesome Indie promotion will be added to your game card collection!