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FTR Teaser #2: VACANT

Last week we met MAYHAM, the first of four promoter creations, brought to life by FTR Madness winner Broc Atkinson. This week we’re introduced to the first of four Filsinger Games staff creations – VACANT!

Vacant is rumored to be one of Cannibal’s many illegitimate children growing up and running wild in the dark jungles of Neptune. He is a savage fighter, raised among beasts, untamed and void of normal human behavior. Named for his primitive nature and wild eyed thousand yard stare, Vacant is a fearless hardcore rookie!
But the fans aren’t sure what to think of the Neptunian newcomer. Is Vacant a heroic Space Cropper? Or is his destiny to follow in the sadistic footsteps of his villainous father?
In the ring, Vacant uses SPINE CRACKER – a familiar finisher used by Renegade at the start of his career.
Check back next week for another incredible promoter creation when the second of four FTR Madness winning characters is revealed!

FTR Teaser #1: MAYHAM

The first FTR teaser of the season is MAYHAM! Mayham is an Animan who also happens to be a cowardly Aethran sympathizer. Mayham believes that the Gladiators of Aethra are going to take over the galaxy and wants to be seen as an ally when they do. Mayham’s main goal in FTR is to be noticed by the Aethran Overmaster and be invited to join the Gladiator team. How could this plan possibly go wrong for Mayham?

Mayham is created by Broc Atkinson, and is the first of four incredible fan created game cards in FTR 2. Great work, Broc! Mayham joins four staff created characters (including one by Tom!) for a total of 8 fun new jobbers for your GWF fed. Check back next week for another teaser!

FTR Fan Creation Contest Winners Announced!

This holiday season Filsinger Games will release its 2nd Champions of the Galaxy FTR game edition featuring developmental talent for the GWF.  As part of this 8-card set Filsinger Games fans were asked to submit their creative ideas for new charters that would join the FTR.

This year we expanded the number of fan-created entries from 1 in the first FTR set to 4 in this new set.  The excitement among Champions of the Galaxy fans was infectious and we got an even larger number of entries than in the last contest!  There were so many fantastic characters submitted that it was really difficult for Tom Filsinger to choose his favorites.
In the end Tom and the Filsinger Games staff narrowed down the field to 4 winners and they are:
Broc Atkinson – Mayham
Pete Beck – Legacy of Astarte
Richie Newman – Captain Crossbones
Shane Sullivan – Moonlight
Congratulations to those who had their character selected and thank you to everyone who submitted a character in this contest.  The creativity of our fan base is always astounding!
Keep an eye out in November and December as we announce these 4 characters, along with 4 other unique characters from the Filsinger Games staff that will be sure to spice up your FTR and GWF feds!

The Natives Enter FTR from the Mysterious Kingdom of Castilex

There’s a new danger entering the GWF-verse. Hitherto unknown, here comes the first of a new race from a new planet.

And we do mean a NEW planet. In fact a whole new star system which prior to this time has been hidden from the rest of the galaxy by a matter warping shield, basically a technologically-induced black hole. This amazing discovery has taken place in 2131 and shocked astronomers galaxy-wide.

There is an aura of mystery surrounding this new star system and it centers on a planet called Castilex. Not much is known, other than it is ruled by a rigid caste system. At the top is the Dominion, a secret society that no one knows anything about other than their name. The Dominion rules over the Kingdom of Castilex and its neighboring moons. Apparently there are four “classes” and the lowest is the Native class with the highest being the Dominion itself.

Then there’s Krud and Ygorr. They are unpolished fighters from the Native class. The purpose of their coming to FTR in unknown, but for them it’s an escape from their rigid, slave-status existence on Castilex. Of the two, Krud is the leader. He is cunning and hopes to make a successful career in FTR to escape the confines of Castilex. Ygorr is like a slave to Krud, doing his bidding, scared and disoriented by his new surroundings.

NATIVES ARE RESTLESS is the tag finisher for Krud and Ygorr and it is always initiated by Krud. The move is simple, a double bulldog that works pretty well as a finisher.

Will the Natives be successful in FTR? You’ll find out when you order the amazing 8-pack! Go to New Releases now to pre-order!

Blue Chip From Cetus Commits to FTR

Blue Chip is a highly decorated high school level athlete making waves on his home star, Cetus, by forgoing college-level athletics to sign a prospects deal with FTR.

A natural athlete, Blue Chip will be a popular new fighter, but the young and naive wrestler will have his hands full taking his game to the next level in FTR. Only time will tell if his decision was the right one. Sometimes FTR recruits wrestle on the undercard of major federations like the GWF. How will Blue Chip and Swerve fare?

In the ring, Blue Chip uses his athletic background to test his opponents, trying for wrestling take downs, tackles, and various pinning combinations. His finisher, CETUS SUPLEX, is Blue Chip’s attempt to master a classic maneuver from his home star.

FTR is going to add new blood and new excitement to your Champions of the Galaxy game and it’s coming in December!

Create a Wrestler for FTR!

It’s contest time!

The FTR of Wrestling is here! FTR is a brand new developmental fed for undercard wrestlers around the galaxy with dreams of making it big somewhere out there in the vast wrestling galaxy. We’re giving one lucky fan the chance to be part of this historic COTG spin-off game pack.

FTR will be an 8-card set where the winning promoter will create an undercard wrestler that will be released as one of the eight game cards. By undercard we REALLY mean undercard. These wrestlers are prelim wrestlers (jobbers) who are just beginning in the business.

Tom will be directly involved with FTR so look for some new creations by the Dark Menace himself.

The deadline for all entries is midnight on November 9 and the winning entry will be announced on Filsinger Games twitter on November 16!

For ALL the info you need about creating a character for FTR go here.